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  • You'd think so, but that's BA for you!

    Feb 24, 2017, 09.01 PM / British Airways business class upgrade guide

  • That's interesting to hear Jack; we stayed in early February. Was the food different when you were there, or was the service/presentation/taste lacking during your stay?

    Feb 22, 2017, 07.50 AM / Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel, Darling Harbour

  • It's definitely not the Park Hyatt, although the Hyatt chain certainly doesn't do itself any favours by having so many different brands at various ends of the market with the word 'Hyatt' in them: it's very easy to mistake one for the other.

    Feb 22, 2017, 07.48 AM / Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel, Darling Harbour

  • If you pay to change your ticket to first class at the full fare price (which isn't an 'upgrade'), then absolutely: but if you upgrade using money at discounted rates, you'll earn points based on the ticket you originally booked, which is standard of most airlines.

    Feb 14, 2017, 08.47 AM / Qatar Airways first class upgrade guide

  • This usually happens at the end of February or in very early March, if you didn't re-qualify in the year before.

    Feb 03, 2017, 07.58 PM / Hilton HHonors offers extended Diamond status amid program tweaks

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  • Yes, on certain regional routes you can nab a business class seat, but expect economy service in every other respect. They're usually blocked for Gold or Platinum members (and above) until close to departure as an 'unpublished benefit', so choose one quickly before they're all snapped up! (If you...

    Feb 09, 2017, 05.52 PM / Qantas 717

  • Originally Posted by jhor :Just my experience, as the top credit card articles here never mention the app or what they're like if you have to call them. I'd rather a lower sign on bonus with better ongoing service. That's not something we could really do in a way that's fair to all banks, as we'...

    Feb 08, 2017, 07.05 PM / Best Qantas Frequent Flyer credit cards?

  • Usually May and November - the participating banks usually differ between each promotion so that it's not really predictable.

    Feb 08, 2017, 04.35 PM / 15% Transfer Bonus and 15% Discount Bonus

  • Originally Posted by henrus : Have you even bothered to pick up the phone and call Qantas?Henrus: The poster is asking a legitimate and reasonable question. While the bulk of your answer is helpful, the attitude at the beginnning is unnecessary.

    Feb 08, 2017, 12.20 AM / booking two QF classic reward seats on same flight

  • Now that Etihad can 'see' your Velocity status, Velocity Platinum (and sometimes) Gold members can be upgraded from time to time if flights are oversold. Have been bumped from business to first a couple of times myself as a Velocity flyer, so it can certainly happen!

    Feb 07, 2017, 10.55 AM / Alliance upgrades for Virgin Platinum frequent flyers

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