• US Global Entry trial for Australian citizens to start in 2019

    Australian citizens could be a step closer to fast-track entry into the USA with plans for a local trial of the Global Entry program in the second half of this year. The Global Entry program facilitates speedier clearance and entrance into the United States for pre-approved travellers, and also ...

    POSTED 11 Jun, 2019 34 Comments

  • Flying to the USA or Canada? Save your suitcase: grab a TSA lock

    Locking your luggage is a great deterrent to would-be thieves, but if you’re travelling to the USA or Canada, you’ll need to use a special type of lock to secure your bag – otherwise the TSA or CATSA can and will cut it off or even break open your checked baggage if it needs to ...

    POSTED 25 Feb, 2015 10 Comments

  • Qantas warns of UK, USA ban on powerless inflight gadgets

    Qantas travellers to London better make sure their laptops, tablets and smartphones are charged up before they leave the Emirates lounge in Dubai, with UK authorities now adopting a similar stance to the USA's ban on powerless electronic devices. Australian Business Traveller reader Andrew ...

    POSTED 14 Jul, 2014 13 Comments

  • What does 'SSSS' on your boarding pass mean?

    'SSSS'. It's a seemingly random set of letters on the boarding pass for your domestic US flight, but it means you're in for an extra security screening by the TSA agents. The letters themselves stand for Secondary Security Screening Selection, although neither the TSA nor the airlines have ...

    POSTED 28 May, 2014 17 Comments

  • US to let low-risk travellers skip some security checks

    Four US airports have begun trials of a streamlined security system which lets 'trusted travellers' zip through their own lane without removing their belt, shoes and jacket, or unpacking their laptop and toiletries from carry-on cabin baggage. The "TSA Pre ?" (as in 'Pre-Check') program is runni...

    POSTED 10 Oct, 2011 0 Comments

  • Travel tip: quickly and easily cruise through airport security

    Getting through airport security checks with a minimum of delay and hassle is one of the holy grails of business travel. Here are the top five tips of the frequent flyers. 1) Choose your line carefully  If you take one tip away with you, take this one: don't be afraid to pick the line you ...

    POSTED 4 Aug, 2011 2 Comments

  • US airports abandon 'naked' security checks

    The Transport Security Administration in the US has announced that it will modify its millimetre wave scanning technology so security screeners no longer see a 'naked' body. Instead, screeners will see a generic outline of a body with an indication of where further physical investigation might b...

    POSTED 21 Jul, 2011 0 Comments

  • Airport security: that'll be $150 for your background check

    Don't enjoy being frisked and groped, having to disgorge your bag hurriedly and be treated like a potential terrorist?  What if you could avoid it all by paying law enforcement authorities to compile a thorough background check on you for airport staff?  Given people shell out up to $...

    POSTED 11 Jul, 2011 0 Comments

  • Survey on airport security finds 75% unhappy

    A survey commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association has found that three-quarters of the travelling American public are unhappy with security procedures at airports, and are convinced that there “has to be a better way” to go about securing air travel.  Around 1,000 business an...

    POSTED 29 Dec, 2010 0 Comments

  • Australian airports get backscatter scanners this week

    The Federal Government is pushing ahead with the introduction of controversial backscatter x-ray scanners in Sydney and Melbourne airports this week. The machines were put into service in Melbourne airport two days ago, and Sydney airport will get them on Monday. Less precise millimetre wave sc...

    POSTED 26 Nov, 2010 0 Comments

  • Groin no longer off-limits to US airport security

    Passengers in America who opt-out of revealing full-body scans will get a new type of pat-down, according to the Transport Security Administration (TSA).It is being reported that the physical searches will be more invasive, with security staff running their hands over the entire body, including s...

    POSTED 1 Nov, 2010 1 Comment


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