• How travellers can save 10% on a new MacBook with the TRS rebate

    Heading online or into the shops to grab one of Apple's new iPads, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro laptops, and also heading overseas in the coming month? You can shave 10% off the cost of your iDevice by using the Tourist Refund Scheme (or TRS) to get a rebate on the GST component of the iPad's...

    POSTED 12 Jun, 2012 8 Comments

  • New 'iPad 3': what's in it for business travellers?

    Looking for a fast and hype-free update on the third-generation iPad – which Apple chose not to call the iPad 3 or even the rumoured 'iPad HD', just 'new iPad'? We love travel-friendly tech at Australian Business Traveller, and many of the team tote an iPad as their tablet of choice. But ...

    POSTED 8 Mar, 2012 3 Comments

  • Video & review: Qantas' in-flight wireless iPad system in action

    Qantas is running the world’s first trial of the iPad as an in-flight entertainment system with movies and music streamed to each device over Wi-Fi, rather than being stored on the tablet itself. The ‘Q Streaming’ system is built around Lufthansa’s BoardConnect technology...

    POSTED 6 Feb, 2012 15 Comments

  • Qantas' in-flight iPads and 'Q Streaming': behind the scenes

    Earlier this week Australian Business Traveller got hands-on with Qantas’ ‘Q Streaming’ system, which lets passengers use an iPad for in-flight entertainment. [Click here to read our review and browse a photo gallery of Qantas’ Q Streaming app]  After our flight we ...

    POSTED 3 Feb, 2012 6 Comments

  • AusBT Awards 2011: Best Technology for the Business Traveller

    Best Laptop for Australian Business Travellers: MacBook Air & Toshiba Satellite Z830 There’s no argument that thin-and-light laptops are best for frequent flyers, and at the close of 2011 that means the evolutionary notebook branch known as the ultrabook. Barely-there weights and wais...

    POSTED 20 Dec, 2011 2 Comments

  • Inside Jetstar's iPad app and long-life battery case hardware

    Jetstar new iPad in-flight entertainment system has been over a year in the making and is the world's largest such deployment of the Apple tablet. But exactly how does the Jetstar iPad system work – what lurks under the covers and behind the scenes? Australian Business Traveller talk...

    POSTED 11 Nov, 2011 0 Comments

  • Travel tech: Toshiba's $579 Android tablet touches down this week

    Toshiba Australia joins the tablet wave this week with the release of its AT100 Android tablet at a highly competitive $579 price. It's an aggressive play by Toshiba, setting the AT100 — also known overseas as the Toshiba Thrive and Regza — against Apple's iPad in price but...

    POSTED 28 Jun, 2011 0 Comments

  • Telstra launches Motorola XOOM tablet in Australia

    Telstra will start selling the Motorola XOOM tablet, based on Google Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" software, in Australia from 24th May. The $879 upfront price seems a little high against the iPad 2 16GB/Wi-Fi introductory price of $579, but a like-for-like comparison is the iPad 32GB with Wi-Fi and ...

    POSTED 6 May, 2011 0 Comments

  • How to: save passwords in Safari on the iPad/iPhone

    Is it driving you nuts having to remember all your usernames and passwords when logging in to websites on the iPad? What sort of a "magical, revolutionary" device doesn't have password autofill, you might wonder. It's one of the most common criticisms of the iPad and iPhone -- and it's an especi...

    POSTED 20 Apr, 2011 1 Comment

  • Vodafone NZ fleeces travellers: buy new SIM for iPad 2

    Planning a business trip to New Zealand, and expecting to use the Vodafone MicroSIM card from an original iPad with an iPad 2? Vodafone in New Zealand has all blocked MicroSIM cards they sold for the first generation iPad from working with the new iPad 2. Travellers will now need to buy a brand ...

    POSTED 28 Mar, 2011 1 Comment

  • Apple iPad 2 launches in Australia this Friday, prices from $579 to $949

    Apple's iPad 2 will go on sale this Friday March 25 with prices ranging from $579 for the entry-level Wi-Fi 16GB model to $729 for the cheapest 3G 16GB model, topping out at $949 for the 64GB version with 3G and Wi-Fi. (The prices are up to $100 cheaper with those for the original iPad, whi...

    POSTED 22 Mar, 2011 0 Comments


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