• Newcastle Airport trials full body scanners for domestic flights

    Passengers travelling domestically from Newcastle Airport may now be asked to skip the traditional metal detector in favour of a full body scan as part of a new trial. But unlike those jetting abroad, domestic flyers have the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ and proceed through the metal det...

    POSTED 1 Dec, 2016 7 Comments

  • Kuwait says new airport scanners will detect gay travellers..?

    UPDATE | According to a detailed analysis in The Paper Bird, the original report is not about security scanners detecting homosexuals but medical examinations to detect transexuals. Maybe we should change our featured photo to Dr Frank N. Furter from The Rocky Horror...

    POSTED 10 Oct, 2013 19 Comments

  • Sydney, Melbourne Airports now using full body scanners

    Sydney and Melbourne Airport are now using controversial full-body scanners, with international travellers being randomly selected for screening -- and unable to opt out unless they have a solid medical reason. Passengers who are selected for a body scan  but "refuse to undergo th...

    POSTED 10 Dec, 2012 36 Comments

  • Australian airports to get millimetre-wave body scanners

    Full-body 'millimetre wave' scanners will be introduced at all eight of Australia's international gateway airports. The rollout of the scanners will commence in July as part of a $28 million security programme, according to a statement released today by Federal Minister for Infrastructure & ...

    POSTED 6 Feb, 2012 2 Comments

  • IATA's airport security checkpoint of the future gains traction

    Airport security: it's a pain. Even if you have the fast track express path card, it can be a frustrating experience, not least when the "slow track" lane moves faster than yours at key business travel times. And let's not even talk about the invasive patdowns that are spreading from the USA to i...

    POSTED 2 Nov, 2011 0 Comments

  • Melbourne Airport gets controversial body scanners

    Melbourne Airport's international terminal will trial controversial 'millimetre wave' body scanners this month. Passengers will be given the option of walking through the conventional 'arch' or using the new full-body scanner during the trial period, which starts on Monday September 5th and...

    POSTED 2 Sep, 2011 8 Comments

  • X-ray free airport body scanners tested at Sydney Airport

    Sydney and Melbourne airports have played host to a demo of new type of security scanner that claims to transmit absolutely nothing, and only receive emissions from the body. The new technology senses TeraHertz waves "emitted by all people and all things" and is capable of detecting metals, plas...

    POSTED 27 Jul, 2011 0 Comments

  • Australian airports to get x-ray body scanners for 12 month trial

    Full body scanners that penetrate to the skeletal level will be introduced into Australian airports for a year-long trial. Legislation passed in Parliament today approving the use of the scanners, however the government will only say that they will be introduced "later this year" and won't say w...

    POSTED 4 Jul, 2011 0 Comments

  • Could 'security tunnels' help frequent travellers breeze through airports?

    We could all be spending a lot less time in airport security lines in the near future if the International Air Transport Association has anything to do with it. Rather than today's approach of a single security line for all passengers, IATA head Giovanni Bisignani is advocating a more intelligen...

    POSTED 15 Dec, 2010 0 Comments

  • Pilot anger over pat-downs and scanners

    Passengers aren't the only people getting annoyed with American airport security checks. Two major pilots' unions have issued complaints about the use of full body scanners and new, more invasive pat-down techniques. Captain David Bates, president of the Allied Pilots Association, sent a letter t...

    POSTED 10 Nov, 2010 0 Comments

  • Groin no longer off-limits to US airport security

    Passengers in America who opt-out of revealing full-body scans will get a new type of pat-down, according to the Transport Security Administration (TSA).It is being reported that the physical searches will be more invasive, with security staff running their hands over the entire body, including s...

    POSTED 1 Nov, 2010 1 Comment

  • Airlines tire of tight security

    Passengers aren't the only ones getting annoyed with the strict, time-consuming security checks at American airports. Carriers, airlines and government bodies have weighed in with their own concerns that the measures are expensive in both time and money, without a proportional increase in safety....

    POSTED 29 Oct, 2010 1 Comment


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