• Flight review: Virgin Australia Economy X

    Virgin Australia’s new Economy X service allows passengers to escape the confines of regular economy with extra legroom, priority security screening, priority boarding and dedicated space in the overhead lockers. On longer journeys to Los Angeles, these flyers also enjoy priority check-in,...

    POSTED 1 Jun, 2017 29 Comments

  • Virgin Australia rolls out Economy X 'extra legroom' seats

    Virgin Australia's new Economy X 'extra legroom' seats are now flying across the airline's entire fleet – from its domestic workhorse Boeing 737s and long-range Boeing 777-300ER jets to the Airbus A330s, Embraer E190s and even the nimble Fokkers and ATR turboprops used on regional routes. ...

    POSTED 22 May, 2017 35 Comments

  • Cathay Pacific: narrow new Boeing 777 economy seat due 2018

    Cathay Pacific will fit an all-new economy seat across its Boeing 777-300 fleet as the airline moves to a tighter but more profitable 10-across layout instead of the current 3-3-3 seating. All 17 of the Oneworld airline's regional Boeing 777-300 jets along with 48 of its 53 long-range Boeing 777...

    POSTED 17 Apr, 2017 13 Comments

  • Cathay Pacific puts the squeeze on Boeing 777 economy seating

    Cathay Pacific, the premium airline that is seeking ways to revive earnings after its first annual loss in eight years, plans to cram more passengers in some aircraft to squeeze out extra revenue. 60 of its Boeing 777-300 family aircraft will have another seat in each economy-class row, shrinkin...

    POSTED 31 Mar, 2017 17 Comments

  • Virgin Australia launches Economy X 'extra legroom' seats

    Virgin Australia will offer economy class passengers more legroom, priority boarding and exclusive access to overhead locker space as part of its new Economy X service launching on domestic flights from May 2017. Other perks will include premium check-in and noise-cancelling headphones, as ...

    POSTED 30 Mar, 2017 49 Comments

  • Photos: inside Air France's new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

    Air France's new Boeing 787-9 takes flight this week, ahead of beginning commercial flights to London, Cairo and Montreal, and Australian Business Traveller can share the first official photos from inside the French flag-carrier's Dreamliner. Up front are 30 business class seats arranged in th...

    POSTED 6 Jan, 2017 13 Comments

  • When is it acceptable to recline your airplane seat?

    TALKING POINT | To recline, or not to recline… that’s a question faced by many modern-day business travellers and holidaymakers, whether on the shortest of hops between Sydney and Melbourne or a far longer trek to London or New York. It’s not only a concern of economy flyers, ...

    POSTED 25 Nov, 2016 48 Comments

  • Up close: Qantas' Boeing 787 economy seat

    Following the official launch of Qantas' Boeing 787, Australian Business Traveller had the opportunity to nestle into the new economy seat as a taster of the what many travellers will experience once the red-tailed Dreamliner takes to the skies from late 2017. The economy cabin's 166 seats wil...

    POSTED 24 Nov, 2016 65 Comments

  • Qantas revamps international economy inflight dining

    Economy passengers jetting abroad with Qantas will soon be tucking into larger meals and will have more choice, with up to four different mains available to pre-order via 'Select on Q Eat' on the Qantas website. In the mix for all travellers will be a healthy choice, a ‘comfort food’...

    POSTED 12 Nov, 2014 38 Comments

  • Qantas completes Airbus A380 revamp with more economy seats

    Qantas has completed a reconfiguration of its flagship Airbus A380 fleet, with all twelve aircraft now sporting an increased number of economy and premium economy seats. The rejigged superjumbos can carry 484 passengers, an increase of 34 from the previous headcount of 450. The o...

    POSTED 17 Jul, 2013 18 Comments

  • Japan Airlines and MOS create special inflight burger

    Japan Airlines is making the most of its connections with Japanese fast food joint Mos Burger, with a new signature sandwich served on long-haul flights from Tokyo's Narita Airport. The fantastically named "Air Mos Teriyaki Egg Burger" is at the other end of the scale from the elaborate set Japa...

    POSTED 15 Feb, 2013 4 Comments

  • Economy's real squeeze? It's elbow room, not leg room

    When travellers talk seats, especially in economy class, the conversation inevitably turns to legroom and gripes about how we're seeing less and less of it these days. But as frequent flyers can attest, the real squeeze these days isn't at your knees, it's at your elbows. The 'legroom is d...

    POSTED 4 Dec, 2012 20 Comments

  • Leg room, seat pitch & your 'personal space' on an aircraft explained

    How much legroom will you find when you reach your airline seat? What's this aircraft "seat pitch" business all about? And how is it measured on board the plane? If you're a newly minted frequent flyer, or just need a refresher on what pitch is and how it works, we've got you covered. What is s...

    POSTED 26 Nov, 2012 11 Comments

  • Cathay Pacific: all Aussie flights get new business class by January

    All Cathay Pacific flights to and from Australia will boast the airline’s new business class by January next year. Brisbane saw the debut of the new business class seats at the start of this month, joining Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth in the rollout of the highly-regarded sea...

    POSTED 16 Oct, 2012 6 Comments

  • Qantas revamps Airbus A380: less business class, more economy seats

    Qantas will boost the number of economy and premium economy seats on its Airbus A380s and shrink the high-priced business class cabin as the airline continues to face tough times on international routes. The rejigged superjumbos will gain an extra 39 economy seats, with most of those on the uppe...

    POSTED 20 Jun, 2012 19 Comments

  • Cathay Pacific premium economy (and new economy) takes flight

    Cathay Pacific’s new premium economy service makes its debut today, with the first flights between Sydney and Hong Kong. Passengers on the daily CX100/101 service will find the premium economy cabin sandwiched between the business and economy sections, with four rows of recliner seats whic...

    POSTED 2 Mar, 2012 2 Comments

  • Qantas reveals new Airbus A380 layout

    IN BRIEF | Qantas' flagship Airbus A380 fleet will get a makeover next year, with the business class cabin being pared back while 42 seats are added to the premium economy and economy sections. A Qantas spokeswoman confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that while the swanky 14-seat first cl...

    POSTED 24 Nov, 2011 11 Comments

  • What's new on board Qantas' refurbished Boeing 747 planes?

    Following Qantas' decision to delay the delivery of its next batch of Airbus A380 superjumbos, the Red Roo has finished refurbishing the first of the Boeing 747-400ER planes that it will keep. The first of the refitted planes headed on the Brisbane-Los Angeles route last week. Here's what you'll...

    POSTED 28 Oct, 2011 6 Comments

  • How to get extra legroom in economy class

    While the world's economy seems to be getting back on track after the global financial crisis, many business travellers are still flying in economy class -- especially on shorter international trips. Numerous companies that previously allowed business class travel downgraded to premium economy a...

    POSTED 19 Oct, 2011 1 Comment

  • Air New Zealand to sell Skycouch to other airlines

    Five star hotels have long been selling their exclusive pillow-top beds at whopping profit margins to well-heeled customers. Now, Air New Zealand is taking the same tack, offering its award winning Skycouch seat to other airlines ... just as long as they don't compete for the same routes. Austr...

    POSTED 15 Sep, 2011 2 Comments

  • The best seats in Economy Class on Cathay Pacific's Airbus A330

    Nobody likes to fly international economy at the best of times, but many companies mandate economy travel for 'regional' travel -- which can include trips between Sydney and most of Asia. And of course, many small businesses and the self-employed find it challenging to justify business class fare...

    POSTED 8 Aug, 2011 2 Comments

  • Cathay Pacific

     Cathay Pacific’s new business class is a winner, and its premium economy seats are taking shape… but what about the oft-criticised ‘fixed shell’ economy seats? Alex McGowan, General Manager of Product with the Hong Kong flag carrier, tells Australian Business Trave...

    POSTED 27 Jul, 2011 0 Comments

  • Is it true: Qantas cheaper than Virgin Australia for flights to Perth?

    Qantas chief Alan Joyce, a former Ryanair executive, took a swipe at Virgin Australia's roster of add-on prices in his announcement of Qantas' 747s launching on the East Coast to Perth route a couple of days ago. "Qantas is a cut above the competition when it comes to offering value for money fo...

    POSTED 1 Jun, 2011 9 Comments

  • The Best Seats in Economy Class on Emirates' Airbus A380

    Which is the best seat to pick in Economy class on Emirates' Airbus A380 superjumbo flying between Sydney and Dubai (or Sydney and Auckland)? Australian Business Traveller brings you the latest in our series revealing the best seats in the sky. The Plane The airline with the most A380s in the...

    POSTED 20 May, 2011 5 Comments


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