Accor ALL hotel loyalty scheme to get Diamond, Black status tiers

Accor ALL hotel loyalty scheme to get Diamond, Black status tiers

Accor Hotels' new ALL loyalty scheme, which replaces the LeClub rewards program later this year, will gain new Diamond and Black top-tier status levels above Platinum.

ALL Diamond will require customers to earn 26,000 status points per year, compared to the 14,000 point requirement of ALL Platinum. However, to help kick-start the Diamond tier, "status points earned in 2019 will count for qualification of Diamond status in 2020."

ALL Black will be an invitation-only tier reserved for VIPs and guests who would seemingly spend more time in Accor properties than their own homes.

Accor has yet to reveal the core perks of Diamond and Black, but the hotel company promises the benefits of Platinum and lower tier levels will not be trimmed in the transition from LeClub to ALL.

The looming launch of ALL will also see new status perks starting with 'Suite Night' upgrade certificates. The first upgrade certificate will be issued when members earn their shiny Platinum card by clocking up 14,000 platinum status points, with a second upgrade certificate following at 18,000 points.

Additional second upgrade certificates will be issued with every additional 4,000 status points thereafter.

Accor will also dramatically increase the size of the 'best price guarantee' offered when booking through direct channels, from today's 10% reduction on the lowest price to a 25% rebate – this will take effect in Q4 2019. 

ALL – which stands for Accor Live Limitless – will become the single rewards scheme across all Accor properties, replacing those of recent Accor acquisitions Raffles Ambassador, Fairmont President’s Club and Swissôtel Circle.

David Flynn
David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


  • Richard Robertson


    4 Mar, 2019 10:24 pm

    I hope they improve their website while they're at it...
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    pkg1966, gibosity, bolling

  • bolling


    6 Mar, 2019 04:44 pm

    We’ve been loyal Accor members for 23 years but their website is pathetic. Agree with other comments.
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  • Oliver


    4 Mar, 2019 11:58 pm

    Platinum Accor member here; not excited by anything they announce while the benefits are so inconsistent across properties and while the website basically is disfunctional 25% of the time.
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  • Scott Hillard


    6 Mar, 2019 03:17 pm

    I ditched them years ago - I was a Sofitel Platinum or whatever, then top tier in the disastrous A-Club scheme that was so inconsistently applied that I gave up in disgust. You shouldn't have to fight to get basic benefits granted at every property. Hilton and Hyatt all the way, thanks.

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  • Chris Brockway

    Southern Cross

    5 Mar, 2019 07:52 am

    Time to change to another loyalty scheme. The near doubling of requirements for diamond status pushes this out of reach for me...
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  • L Mck


    5 Mar, 2019 12:47 pm

    Diamond is a new status level, so nothing has been doubled?
    Being a current platinum member and earning just over 26,000 status points, looking forward to the new status level.
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    5 Mar, 2019 08:58 am

    With this group there is always the detail, exemptions here and there, properties not participating in certain things, been there done that, I will stick with IHG and Hilton.
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  • AlexTravAddict


    5 Mar, 2019 10:08 am

    So to earn 26000 status points requires a minimum spend of €10,400. However, given you don't earn points on taxes (which are typically 10-25%) or redeemed points, the typical spend is more likely to be €12-13k (about $20k). You earn half the status points for stays at Ibis which means you would need to spend €25k (about $40k) to earn Diamond if staying solely at Ibis.

    My first thought is that if you have this sort of budget then forget about the hassles of belonging to a loyalty program (especially one as inconsistent as Accor's).

    My second thought is even if you have an unlimited budget you would struggle to reach this threshold unless 99% of your travel was staying at Accor's most expensive hotels in the most expensive cities. In theory you could stay 100 nights at the So Sofitel in Bangkok (one of Accor's flagship properties) which would leave you just short of reaching Diamond. The reality is that Accor just don't offer enough high end hotels for members to realistically meet this threshold, especially if you are travelling through Asia, South America, or mid-tier European cities.
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  • PCHammond


    5 Mar, 2019 02:44 pm

    I'd challenge this. It's 1/4 Way through the year and I am at 7000 status points, so I should be able to hit 26k points by the end of the year. I travel on the company's dime around Australia. I prefer to use loyalty schemes so that I can benefit when I travel on my own dime.

    Hotels in Australia are stupid expensive compared to hotels in Asia. And if the company is sending me somewhere and is willing to pay for a nice hotel, why shouldn't I enjoy the benefits? The hotels I stay at are frequented by myself regularly and they all have been pretty consistent with upgrades, except when they are ridiculously packed.
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  • Jmes


    5 Mar, 2019 10:35 am

    How is this going to tie with Accor plus? I hate the current disconnect between Accor plus and Le Club
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  • Revolio


    5 Mar, 2019 12:17 pm

    I have achieved and retained Platinum by volume (100 nights plus) each year. I never quite reached 14k status points annually. Has the 60 night stay option gone? Will Diamond have a night trigger as well as a spend trigger? (I'm certainly not pretty or 5-star enough for Black)
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  • Tristan


    6 Mar, 2019 03:24 pm

    The accor rep on the flyertalk forums has said Diamond will only be achieved by earning 26,000 status points. So nights wont get you to Diamond. Platinium will still require 60 nights.
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  • Peter Green


    5 Mar, 2019 04:10 pm

    This seems to be a good set of initiatives to me...hoping Diamond and / or Black equates to IHGs Royal Ambassador level which was great for me while it lasted! As mentioned above though...please fix the website issues!!!
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  • Dan Ho


    5 Mar, 2019 04:52 pm

    They say they aren't going to devalue the lower status tiers but now Platinum is no longer top which means Platnium is now more like Gold. The suite upgrades are not enough for me to spend double, and unless they actually enforce a breakfast benefit for Platnium and above, its not going to be an improvement
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  • Tristan


    6 Mar, 2019 03:26 pm

    Breakfast is already given to all Platinum members in the Asia Pacific region. No details on the added benefits for Diamond yet. Suite upgrade will be given for getting to 14k status points.
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  • rstephenp


    5 Mar, 2019 09:15 pm

    I am an Accor Platinum - 14k Status points (around 9k AUD spend needed) and Hilton Diamond (12,000 USD spend needed per year). The Accor Platinum status had free brekkie only in Apac and not throughout the globe. Furthermore, They do not have a lifetime status to accrue all the Status points you accrue. Sadly, Hilton is not very strong in Australia ...(crappy Doubletree Melbourne). My gut feeling is they are saying they won't reduce the perks of the existing membership which I think is a lie. Marriott did the same. They don't want their loyal customers to jump ship.
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  • PCHammond


    5 Mar, 2019 10:59 pm

    The difficult thing is, if you are primarily staying in Australia, there are not any alternatives to Accor. Most towns and regional cities have an Accor (or Mantra) hotel, whereas only the big cities have a Hilton or Marriott or other. And Accor has numerous properties within the big cities too. Even if they reduce the perks, I'm stuck.
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  • 31192


    6 Mar, 2019 02:56 pm

    here, here
    I really need Mantra to merge in the program to reach Gold. :)
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  • rattlerr


    6 Mar, 2019 03:48 pm

    This is the exactly the key problem - I love Hilton honours program and the benefits I get as a diamond, but they dont even have a hotel in Canberra - and in Sydney Hilton/West Hotel can go upto north of 700$ on busy weeks. Accor has the most reach - but terrible program and return points. I now hop on and off between IHG/Hilton.

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  • Mark Ward


    6 Mar, 2019 03:48 pm

    Another Platinum Accor member here; I too am interested in how ALL will work with AccorPlus. One good thing that might be consistent is the 25% rebate for their "best price guarantee". its called "price promise" for AccorPlus and provides 1 free night; however they make it so difficult to claim (can't blame them its so generous) that they find the smallest thing to exclude your claim. So GBRGB is right, the devil will be in the detail.
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  • Jeremy Paton


    6 Mar, 2019 03:53 pm

    The website is clunky, dysfunctional, illogical and ssslllooowww...
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  • Simon Rooney


    6 Mar, 2019 04:25 pm

    The Website did not work on Apple until 2 years ago & is still bad. The customer service & attitude from Le Club is poor. As many have commented- much better choices/ treatment from other more professional brands.

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  • Paul Coniglio


    6 Mar, 2019 06:47 pm

    Have been Accor Plat for three years. I find the program to be excellent and well supported across the whole Asia Pac region. 25% member discount is appealing and a strong message to third party websites. (Hello from QT Perth.... haha)
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  • Edward Stacey


    6 Mar, 2019 06:59 pm

    I had an email offer of buy 1 room get one half price in the UK. I tried and tried to book Brandon Hall hotel on line and could not get the offer. So I booked expecting the discount to come at the last screen. So I emailed Accor Club to be told it was not available at that hotel! Then I had to cancel the booking as it was too expensive. So we went to Holiday Inn.
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  • Burnsy74


    6 Mar, 2019 10:29 pm

    I'l have enough points so far this year by the end of week for Diamond, be interested to see if a Black membership comes my way. Last year was just under 68,000 status points and this year will probably be similar.
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  • Peta Tauchmann


    7 Mar, 2019 10:50 am

    After the last “loyalty” programme update I’ve all but ditched Accor. I was one night away from Platinum prior to that change, but overnight I dropped tiers so fast I got whiplash!
    Poor maintenance at many of their hotels sealed the deal for me and I rarely use Accor these days.
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19 May, 2019 11:12 pm


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