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  • Username: traveller
  • Location: Hobart, Australia
  • Home City: Hobart, Australia
  • Travel Days Per Year: ~40
  • Occupation: Travel Agent
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    Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards
    Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

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Posted on 11/12/14 on Hi, quickest route for travelling from Osaka to Perth?

GA do it in 11hrs and 10mins via DPS

Posted on 3/12/14 on Did we ever find out where the first Virgin Galactic flights were going to?

Weren't they simply going to "space" and back to where they started? A scenic flight of sorts?

Posted on 5/1/13 on Does anyone else find it rather ridiculous that you will most likely (pending th

I flew Sydney to Hobart via Melbourne in Business class on December 22nd and only got 40 status c...


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