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Three cool new Apple Watch accessories from CES 2016

By David Flynn     Filed under: Apple, technology, travel tech, smartwatches

The annual Consumer Electronics Show techfest kicked off in Las Vegas earlier today, so the rest of this week – especially the first few days – will see a barrage of new products launched, released or teased. And as expected, there's plenty of accessorising for the Apple Watch.

Belkin's stylish Apple Watch Valet Charge Dock (US$90) features an integrated magnetic charger, a solidly weighted base and a solid chrome arm angled so that the Apple Watch is perched at an ideal viewing angle – as long as you don't want to run the WatchOS2 Nightstand mode, which is designed for use when the watch is laying on its side in 'landscape' mode.

Griffin's Travel Power Bank (US$70) is a nifty little Apple Watch charger that's small enough to be attached to your keyring.

Juice up the 800mAh battery through the supplied micro-USB cable and there's enough power to recharge your Apple Watch at least three times.

Another novel power solution is the US$20 Standzout Helix Dock: a plastic shell which turns the Apple Watch's USB charger and magnetic charging cable into a compact 'charging platform' which plugs directly into an AC outlet.

We'll file more CES 2016 updates on tech for the business traveller throughout this week.

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1 on 5/1/16 by MrT

US$900 for a charger - am I missing something? 

1 on 5/1/16 by Doubleplatinum

No you're not missing anything, they know they can get it out of the diehard apple fanboys

2 on 5/1/16 by Kogglogs

Utterly ridic. 

3 on 5/1/16 by David

Nah, we missed something – we missed hitting the right key! It's $90 not $900! :P

1 on 5/1/16 by Kogglogs

Love it. Haha.

2 on 5/1/16 by BeijingBogan

Oooh ! I want one. I've been a good girl! 

Siri says Christmas is 355 days away though :( 

3 on 5/1/16 by Kogglogs

I like the concept of the Standzout Helix Dock. But is it safe? I'm no electrician or electrical engineer, but what happens when you coil an electrical cable like that and run a current through it?

4 on 7/1/16 by Dusky

This would matter if anyone still had an Apple Watch...I jest (don't jump on me!)


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