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The best seats in business class on Virgin Australia's Boeing 777-300ER

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Travelling on Virgin Australia's flights to Los Angeles LAX or Abu Dhabi with its V Australia subsidary? We've got the lowdown on the very best seats to pick on the Boeing 777-300ER plane you'll find on the route.

The plane

V Australia flies its 777-300ER fleet on long-haul flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi. (Take a look at our Sydney-Los Angeles flight review to find out more about what you can expect on board.)

The plane is a stretched version of earlier 777s. That's especially beneficial at the pointy end, which is further away from the massive 777 engines, meaning a quieter flight.

If you're flying to Abu Dhabi on a Virgin Australia VA or DJ flight code, make sure that you're looking at the right plane here -- V Australia codeshares with Etihad from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and you might well be on one of those planes instead. (Check out our guide to the best seats in business class on Etihad's A340-600, which it uses for those flights.)

The business class cabin

There are five rows of business class at the pointy end of the plane: four in a cabin behind the pilots and the exclusive row 5 in its own special mini-cabin.

Two, three, five or seven seats in Row 5 can be booked out if you really need privacy or want to live it up like a Hollywood star. (It's $5000 per seat, so better start saving.)

The seats are laid out in a 2-3-2 configuration, which means that passengers in A, E and K seats need to clamber over the aisle seat to get out.

The way the cabin is arranged, there's no row 4 on the right hand side of the plane, so seats H and K are slightly behind seats in the same row. So if you want to sit across the aisle from a travelling companion, pick B and D seats.

V Australia's business class seats are lie-flat seats, which recline flat but aren't parallel to the floor. We've reviewed them between Sydney and Los Angeles.

The best seats on the plane

1A 1B 1J 1K: we actually prefer these seats to row 5 when travelling solo: they're further forward so there's less engine noise, and you're further away from potential screaming children immediately behind row 5 in premium economy.

Row 5: a potentially private cabin? Yes, please. If you're a high-tier Velocity Rewards member you might even be able to persuade the check-in agent to block off the seat next to you if you take 5A or 5K. Then you can draw the curtains and spend the flight in your own little world. Bear in mind that the bar can immediately in front can get reasonably loud during the flight.

The worst seats on the plane

2E 3E 4E: these middle seats require you to clamber over one of the aisle seat passengers next to you, which is a pain. If there are only middle seats left, pick rows 1 or 5 since these are bulkheads at the front of each cabin, and have a bit of extra space to maneuver yourself in.

Row 4: right in front of the bar, sitting here means you might well be disturbed, especially if in an aisle seat. Try further up the cabin instead.


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Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. Well, except when facing rearwards in business class.


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