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Singapore Airlines to build new flagship lounges at Changi T3

By David Flynn     Filed under: singapore airlines, Singapore Changi

Singapore Airlines will overhaul its flagship lounges at Changi’s T3 terminal, updating the almost decade-old facility to the airline’s new design.

The sweeping make-over will extend from the business class and first class lounges through to The Private Room, as well as the KrisFlyerGold lounge for top-tier Star Alliance frequent flyers travelling in economy.

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The new lounges will also represent an evolution of the current ‘home away from home’ template (shown in photos on this page) which debuted in Sydney in December 2013.

“This ‘home’ concept has been very well received across the different new lounges have opened” said Singapore Airlines CEO, Mr Goh Choon Phong, “and along the way we have also learned what we can refine from the initial concept, because it was brand new concept.”

“The next couple of lounges in the new concept to be launched are Brisbane and Bangkok, and when you look at Brisbane for example and contrast it with Sydney you will see that it has evolved” Goh recently told Australian Business Traveller.

Goh said that the design of each new Singapore Airlines lounge will “take into account the feedback from our customers and what else they want to see, what else will make them feel comfortable and relaxed.”

“And you can count on all this learning to be incorporated in the flagship lounges in Singapore.”

The revamp will be a substantial project given the uniquely ‘nested’ layout of Terminal 3’s SilverKris lounge hub compared to more traditional layout where each lounge has its own footprint and entry.

Goh expects the T3 lounge upgrade to take place “in the next few years” but doesn’t have a timetable locked down, saying “it’s something that we are still looking at.”

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1 on 8/3/16 by elchriss0

"next few years" seems like a pointless announcement for SIA to make considering we'll be lucky to see the work completed before the end of the decade...

2 on 8/3/16 by DBPZ

Would they build restrooms for the KrisFlyer Gold "lounge"?

3 on 9/3/16 by Arza

I feel like CX does the whole home-like environment better, SQ's layout (rows and rows of seats) feels remarkably less comfortable than CX's setup (ie the Bridge at HKG).

4 on 9/3/16 by watson374

Will they finally have showers?

5 on 23/3/16 by chris p

I bet the canned bees are still going to be at near room tempreture as per current T3 lounge. Sure the draft Tiger is chilled but cans at anytime of the day or night are barely cool.

I propose that any future reviews should feature a 'chill factor' where an infrared thermometer is used to provide an accurate reading on beer temp. 


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