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Singapore Airlines signs up for Boeing 787-10X Dreamliner

By David Flynn     Filed under: singapore airlines, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A350

Singapore Airlines has been revealed as the launch customer for Boeing’s 787-10, the super-stretched version of the Dreamliner due in by 2020.

The Singapore flag-carrier will buy 30 of the high-capacity jets, which during its developmental stage carries the 787-10X moniker.

While the 787-10X remains on the drawing board, Boeing’s approach has always been a matter of “when” rather than “if”.

The jets will seat up to 310 passengers, compared to a minimum of 210 seats on the original 787-8 and 250-290 for the longer 787-9, but its added length is more about maximizing carrying capacity for passengers and cargo rather than extending its flight range.

Its size also makes the 787-10X likely to contain first, business and economy cabins, compared to the trend for the smaller 787s to nix first class.

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Singapore Airlines also revealed an order for an additional 30 of the Airbus A350-900, which is considered a direct competitor to the 787.

SQ already has 40 of these aircraft on order and will also take up an option for 20 more, although those may be converted into firm orders for the even larger A350-1000.

The combined deal is estimated to be worth a staggering US$17 billion based on list prices, which pegs the A350-900 at $277.7m each.

While Boeing hasn’t revealed its own pricing on the 787-10X, simple maths indicates a $289m sticker (compared to $206.8m for the 787-8 and $243.6m for the 787-9.

SQ previously held an order for 20 Boeing 787 Dreamliners but passed this down to its low-cost offshoot Scoot, which will run a mixed fleet of 787-8s and 787-9s with first deliveries due in 2014.

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1 on 30/5/13 by Jedinak K

Will be a matter of time before they order the B777Xs as well.

2 on 31/5/13 by Waynec

Qantas should seriously considering ordering these jets as they will be a nice additon to the QF International fleet and would conplement the A380s in their future fleet as the 747s and possibly the older A330s would be past their use by dates by 2020.

1 on 31/5/13 by tronixstuff

QFi won't need them by 2020.

2 on 31/5/13 by Jedinak K

First they want QF to buy the 777 now you want them to buy the 787-10X LOL how much money do you think they have hahaha? Do you know why they have a partnership with Emirates? Qantas won't be buying these jets unless they have a VAST international network which requires them to use the aircraft. 26 international destinations isn't really a sign for them to buy more aircraft and the fact of the matter is that they already have aircraft required for the big routes. It also depends on the passenger density and frequency of the flights. 

1 on 31/5/13 by gzl

Actually, they were being positive about the future when they said that QF should buy the 787/777. No matter what deal QF does with any other airline, it still have to fly its own planes and planes are depreciating assets that require replacements eventually.

2 on 15/7/15 by CityRail

Well I suppose the 787 range can serve regional (Asian) routes quite well, considering the outbound traffic from Australia is on the boom and many Chinese people are coming, it will be wise to get some fuel efficient planes for new routes before they are taken away by other foreign airlines or Virgin Australia.

3 on 31/5/13 by Charles

Interesting, looks like Singapore are hedging there bets at the moment.


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