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Singapore Airlines premium economy for Airbus 380, Boeing 777, A350

By David Flynn     Filed under: singapore airlines, Premium Economy, Airbus A380, Boeing 777, Airbus A350

Singapore Airlines will launch its new premium economy seats from August 9 on key Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER routes including Sydney, Hong Kong, London and Paris, with a rapid roll-out to SQ's other top-tier destinations.

The double-deck superjumbo will be fitted with 36 premium economy seats while the long-range Boeing 777 will have 28 seats; in both aircraft they'll be arranged in a 2-4-2 layout.

The new seats will also appear on Singapore Airlines' first 20 Airbus A350s, which will take wing in early 2016.

First review: Singapore Airlines premium economy seats

Crafted for Singapore Airlines by JPA Design and manufactured by seat-makers Zodiac Aerospace and ZIM, the leather-clad seats will be up to 19.5 inches wide, the airline promises, with a pitch of 38 inches, compared to a 19 inch width and tighter 32 inch pitch in standard economy.

For inflight comfort there's an 8 inch recline on the seatback plus a flip-up padded legrest.

Each premium economy passenger will have access to their own AC power socket (with a universal design that'll take all common plug types) adjacent to the legrest – not the ideal position, but a familiar location even on many business class seats.

A USB plug is more conveniently located just behind the armrest, along with a socket for airline-supplied active noise-cancelling headphones for the 13.3 inch HD video screen.

A side-pocket recess will allow space to perch your tablet or a compact laptop, or indeed other carry-on items such as a book or reading glasses.

Other creature-comforts will include Singapore Airlines' popular 'Book the Cook' service to order your inflight meal in advance, champagne on the drinks menu, an amenity kit, access to priority check-in and baggage handling, with a checked luggage allowance of 35kg, up from the 30kg of economy.

Frequent flyers will also collect an extra 10% more KrisFlyer miles when travelling in premium economy.

Singapore Airlines premium economy 'Book the Cook' service

Made famous in SQ's first class and business class cabins, Book the Cook lets you choose your inflight meals before you fly, with a wider range of dishes – and, generally speaking, of superior quality – to what you'd be offered onboard.

Singapore Airlines has now released the Book the Cook menu for that first raft of destinations, with will see both the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER with premium economy from early August through to the end of September.

You'll typically be able to pre-order your main course for all meals served during the flight – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or supper.

Premium economy selections for all flights from Singapore (except those to Kuala Lumpur) will include:

  • Rosemary Beef Brisket (shown above)
  • Roasted Chicken in Garlic Cream Sauce
  • Seafood Pasta in Creamed Tomato Basil Sauce
  • Roasted Chicken Rice
  • Spiced Chicken Nasi Biryani
  • Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken
  • Assorted Dim Sum
  • Minced Pork Congee with Century Egg
  • Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Scrambled Eggs (below)

Heading out from Sydney? There's not much that's economy about this premium economy menu, with dishes like:

  • Lime Sauce Pan Fried Fish Pasta
  • Butter Chicken and Jalfrezi Vegetables
  • Seafood Thermidor Saffron Rice
  • Lamb Shank Korma with Basmati Rice
  • Roasted Chicken Thigh in Creamy Mushroom Sauce
  • Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce
  • Beef Carbonade, Fresh Mash Potato and Roasted Vegetables
  • Szechuan Beef with Vegetables
  • Stir Fried Char Siew Noodles
  • Apple and Cinnamon Crepes

And if you're leaving London, the choice is dizzying: 

  • Full English Breakfast
  • Vegetarian Breakfast
  • Vegetarian Entrée
  • Beef Fillet with Potatoes
  • Seafood Thermidor Pasta
  • Chicken Kiev
  • Chicken and Rice
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry
  • Oriental Marinated Fish with Fried Rice
  • Fish in Saffron Sauce with potatoes
  • Pad Thai

To check out the complete set of menus for all of Singapore Airlines' premium economy launch routes, click through to SQ's Book the Cook page.

Singapore Airlines A380 premium economy

On Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 the 36 premium economy will be located on the lower deck, nestled between first class suites and economy.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 premium economy

On the Boeing 777-300ER there are 28 seats behind business class and ahead of economy.

In upgrading the Boeing 777-300ER to this new four-class configuration Singapore Airlines has also halved the size of the first class cabin, dropping from eight of its latest ‘next generation’ suites (show below) to four...

... but adds six more of its latest luxe business class seats.

In addition to being fitted to 19 Airbus A380s and 19 Boeing 777-300ER jets the premium economy cabin will also feature on the first 20 of Singapore Airlines' new Airbus A350-900 jets which are expected to debut in the later half of 2015.

Singapore Airlines pegs the total investment in the project as US$80 million.

While long skeptical of the value of a 'better than economy but less than business' cabin, holding that its economy class was more than good enough, the Singapore flag-carrier joins other airlines which have embraced premium economy including Qantas, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and most recently Lufthansa.

However, Cathay Pacific is now shrinking the size of its premium economy cabin on selected routes while Qantas has opted not to include premium economy on its upgraded Airbus A330s to Asia.

Sydney first for SQ premium economy

Singapore Airlines' first premium economy flights will be on the daily Airbus A380 SQ221/222 service between Singapore and Sydney starting on August 9, to be followed on August 12 on the SQ231/222 as the Boeing 777-300ER flight.

Here's the full schedule for 2015 (subject to change), which shows a fast rollout to all of SQ's major routes:

  • Sydney from August 9 (Airbus A380) and August 12 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Hong Kong and London Heathrow from August 28 (Airbus A380)
  • Hong Kong from August 31 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • London Heathrow from September 2 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Beijing and Shanghai from September 18 (Airbus A380)
  • Frankfurt from September 24 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Paris from September 28 (Airbus A380)
  • Delhi from October 13 (Airbus A380)
  • Mumbai from October 21 (Airbus A380)
  • Auckland from October 25 (Airbus A380)
  • Tokyo/Los Angeles from December 1 (Airbus A380)
  • Munich/Manchester from October 20 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Frankfurt/New York from December 14 (Airbus A380)
  • Zurich from December 27 (Airbus A380)
  • Dubai from January 5, 2016 (Boeing 777-300ER)
  • Seoul/San Francisco from January 6, 2016 (Boeing 777-300ER)

First review: Singapore Airlines premium economy seats

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About David Flynn

David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


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1 on 9/5/14 by cdinoz

Just wish Joyce would pull his finger out and confirm PE on the A330 QFi fleet. 

Or might pigs fly?

1 on 9/5/14 by watson374

About time!

2 on 9/5/14 by undertheradar

lets no forget that the TOTAL QF a330 fleet (30 aircraft..10 a333s/10 a332s) will be interchangeable between OZ domestic/international routes/destinations... you just cant compare SQ fleet which is ALL international flying/geographically the requirements of QFs a330 fleet

1 on 9/5/14 by smit0847

QF are putting a fully flat J suite into all A330s (i.e. some that will fly domestically i.e. not necessary) yet Y+ on the A330s is not necessary?!

1 on 9/5/14 by radiC00l

But don’t you think this actually wouldn’t be a bad idea (PE on domestic). It would 1up Virgin, plus have a range of potentially beneficial outcomes. Businesses and leisure travellers wanting a little more comfort on the longer domestic legs… opportunities for redemption upgrades… QF can offer comp P/P1 etc upgrades rather than business … plus it ensures their international fleet is equipped with PE, which is critical now that Cathay and SIA are onboard.

1 on 9/5/14 by watson374

Indeed. A330 PE is a no-brainer.

2 on 9/5/14 by undertheradar

WOW..just goes to prove how much this industry constantly 'changes' .... lets keep in mind SQ havent stated WHICH aircraft will have P/Y... so still a bit premature to 'bash' QF more..for not having P/Y on their a330s

1 on 9/5/14 by Jason

Yes they have. They have said it will be on the A380's and long haul A350's and B777.

3 on 9/5/14 by reeves35

I'd expect that Y class on 77Ws will move to 10 abreast at the same time as W is installed.

1 on 9/5/14 by undertheradar

let's just wait n see... what/where/how/when... a real page

1 on 9/5/14 by undertheradar

so its gonna be on their a380s.. upper deck no doubt..eerily similar to QF!! hmmmm...of course SQ will never admit that these changes have been 'forced' upon them by the travelling publics changing 'requirements'...the island nation of Singapore is slowly realizing that their 'prosperity baloon is deflating'

2 on 2/2/15 by tronixstuff

Oh don't say that, you'll jinx it.

4 on 9/5/14 by somethingy23

Hope this doesnt come at the expense of their 9-abreast 77W seating (which is becoming sort of a rarity nowadays). It seems like many airlines are starting a transition into the Virgin Atlantic model of J,W,Y without first class. No complaints there, as long as SQ doesn't compromise on its already spectacular product.

1 on 9/5/14 by Robert

Nothing regarding seat pitch,recline,service,catering and as David did not include it in his article i suspect they made no real statement.

1 on 9/5/14 by David

Robert: quite so, SQ is understandably keeping its powder dry until next year's reveal. Which is exactly what I would do in this competitive market - why give your oppostion at least one year's notice of your plans in all their detail?

1 on 9/5/14 by Robert


2 on 9/5/14 by trevor

Tell that to AJ! lol!

5 on 9/5/14 by Chris_PER

This will net SQ a lot of money.  There are many Economy passengers out there that are willing to fork out for P.Economy, but not quite Business.

I wonder if Perth, at up to 4x daily, is one of their 'prime medium haul routes'

1 on 9/5/14 by undertheradar

only SQs  a380/a350/b777 aircraft will get P/Y

1 on 9/5/14 by JBH

Never say never, PE would be very popular and ideal on that route in my view.

1 on 9/5/14 by watson374

I agree. It's the right sort of route. I think that would be a great mid-J/high-W route.

2 on 9/5/14 by Chris_PER

Would mean an equipment change as the route is currently 772 and A333.

6 on 9/5/14 by Andy H

I think only MEL & SYD will recieve the product as both are the only 77W & A388 destinations in Australia - and I believe both are "prime medium haul routes" for SQ, hence the product differentiation to the rest of Australia.

7 on 9/5/14 by smit0847

Why do airlines bother announcing something 18 months before its ready?

1 on 9/5/14 by bmc

Good publicity is still good publicity 

2 on 9/5/14 by David

To varying degrees, for the sake of shareholders - to show the airline is not standing still and Has A Plan.

1 on 9/5/14 by eminere

But it's sort of like showing your cards prematurely, no?

1 on 9/5/14 by David

It's a halfway thing, yeah - telling shareholders/the market you will introduce a product also tells the competition, but doesn't give out the details.

8 on 9/5/14 by eminere

I wonder if this might come at the expense of F?  At least on some aircraft and/or on certain routes.

1 on 9/5/14 by moa999

My exact question - particularly on the 77W which SQ has announced they are doing a refurb on.

On the existing 77W floorplan business goes to the back of the wings.  Say take out 8 rows of Y to add 5-6 rows of P and you are down to under 20 rows of Y.

In 'historical' aircraft thinkng, something has to go (much like QF adding Y upstairs on the A380)

Then again this might be SQs plan - let SQ take all the yielding pax, and Scoot carry the rest.

1 on 10/5/14 by eminere

Of equal concern (or greater to those who travel frequently at the rear of the bus) is if SQ will also take the opportunity to reconfigure Y to ten-abreast on the B77W, as is the case with many of their contemporaries. That would be truly tragic. 

9 on 10/5/14 by AWA2602

QF needs to get PY onto its A330 fleet and do it fast, more corporate travellers a being forced into booking Y fares for Australia-Asia flights as it's just too hard to justify the price jump to J, but PY fits in perfectly in terms of space to work and rest inflight and cost of fare to make the fare difference much more palatable to the bean counters.

1 on 12/5/14 by watson374


10 on 1/2/15 by jet_setter

Great to see a PY product in Star Alliance to Asia!

11 on 1/2/15 by Serg

To be honest PE (as least in QF model) INCREDIBLY overpriced. Y MEL-LHR is about 2K, Y+ 5.7K and J 8K. I mean are you serious? Pay for economy (even premium) almost as for business, have some dubious unwanted perks and still have not got access to lounge and (most important!) slip in basically economy chair that can be pushed back extra half-inch? Seriously? IMHO it worth 20%, max 50% over economy! For 5K they should provide flat bed without business perks, basically J-. So I am not excited and not interested. YMMV.

1 on 2/2/15 by AJW

You clearly have not flow in Qants PE. The seat is essentially what 10 years ago was considered to be a business class seat. Sure some other airlines it is a standard economy seat with a bit of extra leg room, but not on Qantas.

Also the fact it is full at the higher price you mentioned shows that for some people it is what they want and are happy with said price.

1 on 2/2/15 by Serg

For such money I do not even think to! I use PE in BA only once when it was huge sale (paid 3K from memory) and decide never again – plainly p!$$!ng money on the wind. And for 5.7k it is possible to buy business to Europe by Finnair for example (BTW flight to SIN will be in QF business!) – does not matter how good you think QF’s PE is, J in AY will be better!

Basically I interested in nothing, but proper chair that can be converted into flat bed – this is what I am after when buying J, while in PE they shovel into my face everything, except of proper seat! Kinda defy purpose in my opinion.

1 on 2/2/15 by AJW

So Y+ isn't for you, no problems buy J. For others it is all they need and they are clearly happy to pay for it.

As for BA and their Y+, mistake number 1, when it comes to Y+ I reckon QF is the leader. Wins on many counts, bigger seat (same style etc as their old international J and domestic J), plus enhanced meals, etc.

1 on 2/2/15 by Serg

In current price model it is clearly not for me – as I said I would pay for space and not for meal and mythical "etc". For such difference I can visit top restaurants many times and basically do not understand why some happy to pay such price for current PE.

And BTW on side note current model PE (at right price of course!) to Asia make much more sense than to Europe. Many flight a day flight with minimal time zone difference, people do not need to sleep and would be happily just seat in oversized seats. QF does not like to introduce PE to Asia because they afraid of cannibalization of their J and not because of luck of demand. I flew few times MEL-BKK in JQ business class (aka PE in full service airline) and will do it again without smallest hesitation – on day flight it is comfy enough and price it top notch. Food can be OK (not good, just OK) and can be utter [email protected], but as I said I paying for space, not for food.

1 on 2/2/15 by AJW

It is not for me either, if I fly for work I fly J if I fly for myself it is Y. I personally would rather spend the money on a better hotel or save it.

But what you or I want isn't the point. The point is there is a market for it. Just look at the kind of people who pay for Y+. From my experiance it is older retired people on their once in a lifetime holiday to Europe (or Australia). They clearly want something better than Y but not quite J. And it is selling.

1 on 2/2/15 by Serg

"But what you or I want isn't the point."

Unfortunately I agree - our wishes are irrelevant.

2 on 3/2/15 by S

Alvin??? Is that you???

I was wondering where you went!

1 on 24/5/15 by trevor2

I too have been wondering where on earth Alvin is/went...

12 on 1/2/15 by somethingy23

We are in an era where the hard product between J and F is almost identical. The only discrepancies are in the service or in minor details (lounges, wines etc.)

I had thought SQ (in the case of the 777-300ER) would have removed F all together and opened up 2 more rows of premium economy. After all, 14 seats of PE would generate more revenue than 4 seats F, also coming at a lower cost to the airline.

13 on 2/2/15 by DB

Great news SQ.

14 on 2/2/15 by rob01

A dummy booking for SYD-SIN flights later in the year shows SQ222 returning to the A380, with 36 premium economy seats on the lower deck in a 2-4-2 layout.


15 on 3/2/15 by TheRealBabushka

2 things that make or break it for me:

  1. Prices: How competitive do they intend to be with this product?
  2. Will PE earn PPS credits?

If prices are comparable to CX and not higher than QF and PPS credits can be earned, I see this as a positive thing.

If prices are steep and not much being offered by way of loyal propostion, this could be an epic fail once the novelty runs out.

16 on 3/2/15 by sven

Interesting new typeface for the logo. And the big splashes of colour on the seats don't really jump out to me as 'classic SQ' immediately (especially that sky blue). Could a brand refresh also be on the cards with the PE launch? 

1 on 3/2/15 by David


1 on 3/2/15 by rob01

Probably too much to ask for, but a new website along with the brand refresh would be an extrememly welcome relief!!!!!

17 on 3/2/15 by edy4eva

The tray in that photo is placed the wrong way (food away from the imaginery passenger). And that orange/red colour in the arm rest yells cheap.

Just sayin'

1 on 3/2/15 by David

The wrong way? You mean you don't eat the ice-cream first?

18 on 3/2/15 by asw

Starting August 9th?  Any co-incident this is the same day as Singapore's National Day (50th Birthday as a nation)

19 on 3/2/15 by smit0847

Is it just me or does that just look like an economy seat with a new seat cover?

1 on 3/2/15 by AJW

For some airlines that is exactly what premium economy is. And herin lies one problem with PE there is no clear definition as to what it is. Some bigger seat, more leg room. Some bigger seat more leg room. Some offer better meals some offer Y meals.

But with SQ in this case the seat is more than a recovered economy class seat. For starters each seat has it's own armrest and, the seats are 8 abreast rather than 9, but certainly not as big as say Qantas PE.

1 on 3/2/15 by smit0847

And Im guessing they'll be charging at least twice for a Y+ seat than a Y seat. I dont see the value personally. If you cant sleep sitting up you're going to feel just as wrecked when you land.

1 on 3/2/15 by Hugo

Yeah, if it were good value they'd need more than 24 seats or whatever and people would actually buy it. Instead they put in a token number of seats, charge a ridiculous price, and it's bought mostly by companies which have a "fiiiiine, you can have premium economy" travel policy (which seems to be a lot of them nowadays). 

The only PE I'm willing to pay for out of my own pocket is NZ's spaceseat (if I can find a good price). It's twice the seat for twice the price, instead of the standard premium economy which is 1.5 times the seat for twice the price.

1 on 3/2/15 by Gian

I'd say I'll be in that boat for flights to Asia, its becoming harder for some employers (including mine) to Justify J to Asia, especially for day flights.

I always get asked if there is PE on the route and always have to say no.

So I guess from August that's where I'll end up. Not really complaining though as I mostly take the day flights.

2 on 4/2/15 by wilroy

I suggest you do a dummy booking on the PE, they are only charging a 15% to 20% premium over standard economy price, i think it's very competitive pricing and i personally wouldn't mind paying the extra for it.

20 on 3/2/15 by Michael

Not sure if it's that much better than Scoot Biz....

1 on 3/2/15 by smit0847

Agreed - it looks very much Economy plus, and not Business minus. Scoot Biz looks like a much better seat and its significiantly cheaper.

2 on 3/2/15 by Hugo

Same seat pitch (38") as Scoot Biz, and both are eight-abreast on the 777. Scoot seat looks more comfortable and better padded.

Just for the record, I did some calculations and this seat should give you 33% extra floor area versus standard economy. If they sold it for 33% extra (plus an extra ten or twenty bucks for the upgraded meal) I'd definitely pay for it. I suspect it will be at least double, though.

1 on 3/2/15 by watson374

The thing is that it leverages the better schedules and other such things not part of the aircraft themselves that SQ has over Scoot.

Also, Scoot doesn't fly to London, so it's not entirely apples to apples; maybe it's Granny Smith to Red Delicious. I'd say that SQ PY will probably be able to charge more than ScootBiz given that on routes like TPE and HKG, the SQ flights are frequent and operate at hours that are humane.

21 on 3/2/15 by Dale

Looks like there will be shared toilets with Economy, my pet hate with PE. 

22 on 3/2/15 by d

it shld be called "Executive Economy" instead of Premium as it sounds nicer & more appropriate in order to distinguish from the rest of the other airliners premium class...

& also to bring back the name of Raffles Class... which had garnered impressive sense of style to the existing Business Class... 

23 on 3/2/15 by henrus

Firstly it looks impressive but Where are the PE toilets on the seatmaps?

The book the cook is also another good idea to provide that little edge on economy but it almost like Y food in the website photos

24 on 3/2/15 by mickeyg

I'm hoping there is a misprint in the seat width comparison?

1 on 4/2/15 by AJW

When you look at the layout the size seems about right. Refer to my post above where I said different airlines have very different idea as to what premium econmy is.

Do remember though that the width doesn't include the arm rests, so whilst it would appear the bum space is about the same, you do get the extra width of a dedicated arm rest and the extra leg room.

25 on 4/2/15 by elchriss0

I'm surprised that the seat isnt 20 inches wide (as opposed to "up to" 19.5)...the aisles must be huge on the A380.  I would have preferred 2-3-2 in 77W and lose a bit on the A380 aisles by having a wider 22inch seat.  I figure the shoulder space of this design is probably 3 inches more over standard eco but without serving the food on china and dedicated toilets, I'd rather use my gold status and get an exit row in economy for less money since the lounge access makes up for the less seat width.  However, without gold, then I could see good reasons to go PE, especially on the longer flights to western EU.

1 on 5/2/15 by chewkc65

Yes, PE seats on the lower deck of A380 with 19.5" width would leave too much aisle space.  On the other hand, B777 just isn't wide enough for more than 19" (2-4-2 config).

I think the B777 witdth is a bit off.  Too wide for 3-3-3 Y config but too narrow for 3-4-3.  Also too narrow for 2-3-2 J config as widely found in many airlines.  2-3-2 would allow for only 20" seat in J Class.  21" should be a more comfortable width for J.  Don't think the new B777X width would be of any significant benefit.  Y & J seats will be wider by only a fraction of an inch, if not all allocated to wider aisle.

1 on 5/2/15 by elchriss0

So you would believe that the A350 is perfectly sized for 3-3-3 eco? After flying a multitude of airlines and aircraft (all in eco) I would say that there is no such thing as too wide...I would much prefer the wider seat on a 777 in 3-3-3 than A350.  I specifically avoid the 787 because fo the seat width issue and I tried the AirNZ 3-4-3 on their 77Ws just to see for myself but never again.

People complain about singapore airlines business class seats being too wide (current A380 seats) but those people are just being snobs.  Its better than the coffin style seats (ala EK) that have the same width as SQ eco.

Back to PE...I will try this at some point, once my gold expires.

1 on 5/2/15 by AJW

I am one who thinks the SQ business class seats are too wide, so must be a sook. But really they are too wide to the point of being uncomfortable. Unless of course your  150kg+ giant. 

What they need is to be made a little bit smaller with some storage space on the side, ala the new Qantas A330 seats.

1 on 5/2/15 by elchriss0

I really like the design of the new Etihad Business.  I'd like to try one of those rear facing's what BA business should be like instead of sharing awkward glnces with the person sitting next to you with their current (ancient) design.

In 'murica, I saw a HUGE guy who was bulging out of a domestic first I would say he needs the 30inch seat width.  SQ have reduced their seat width in their new business to 28inch and increased the bed length an inch or 2, so it doesn't look so much like a novalty chair anymore.

I reckon optimum chair width for business would be around 24 inches, that way you cater for the larger people without going overboard.

26 on 5/2/15 by Aquarius

The more I look at it, the more I like it's design. The sky blue and royal orange is a unique palette. If you look closely you can see the colors subtly sewn in the grey leather in dual lines. The pillows will be in that rich orange hue.

A nice addition to the luxury cabins of SQ.

27 on 22/5/15 by ezihose

They would be better off doing 2-2-2 and letting you buy the seat along side you!

The Leg room is ok if your 5FT2 but nothing bigger.

These should be standard economy only.

5 hours plus on these? ahh no way



1 on 22/5/15 by elchriss0

wtf are you talking about

28 on 16/9/15 by SouthOztravel

Great reviews but the reality of the provision of the service is the exact opposite. I booked a flight from LHR -ADL, Premium Economy on the LHR SIN leg in May 15 as soon as they were released for May 2016. My understanding of logistics tells me that the fitout of such a program has a minimum of a 2 year lead time. I was therefore disapointed when Singapore said the flights were not an option beacause of a delay in the fitting of the seats. I fail to understand that Singapore know in Sep 2015 thats the seats will not be available for a May 2016 flight, but didn't know this in May 2015. I suspect not. Four phone calls resulted in unkept promises of a return calls and an email. To get a good seat selection, it is commonly know that "the early bird gets the worm", so a promise of "you will be happy with what we will do for you" did not wash. I have now cancelled the flight and elected to get a full refund that will, I'm belatedly advised, will take 3-4 weeks and rebooked with Qantas. The manner in which Singapore Airlines has responded to this is not what I would have expected for an Airline with such a good track record; they are really good a losing this customer.

1 on 16/9/15 by elchriss0

I've actually always had problems with their phone customer service for many years...they've been consistently crap to deal with over the phone and i always find it extremely difficult to actually hear them when they speak.


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