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Qatar's first three Airbus A380s due in June

By David Flynn     Filed under: Airbus A380, Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways will take delivery of three Airbus A380s in June, with the superjumbo set to become a posterchild for the opening of the new Doha airport.

Photo gallery: Inside Qatar's Airbus A380

The novel triple-delivery will see the launch of A380 routes from Doh to London and Paris pushed back to early Q3. These will be followed by other "popular routes, especially in slot-constrained airports" the airline says.

“We will receive our first three A380s in June, which were supposed to be delivered in April, May and June,” Qatar Airways chief executive Akbar Al Baker said.

“This delay is due to the opening of Doha’s new Hamad International Airport.”

Bakar has ensured that the new Doha International Airport, which is owned by Qatar but running a year behind schedule, will include a series of A380 gates so that passengers can board the aircraft from both its upper and lower decks.

This is part of Bakar's goal to maximise each aircraft's flying time and achieve a minimum connecting time of just 30 minutes between flights.

Built on 2200 hectares of mostly reclaimed land, the $15 billion airport will include a dedicated terminal for the sole use of first class and business class passengers.

Qatar's Airbus A380: all-new first class

The upper deck of Qatar's superjumbo includes eight elegant and thankfully restrained first class suites.

Each seat converts to a fully lie-flat bed, of course, with a 26 inch (48cm) personal HD video screen, a companion dining seat and an exclusive first class lounge.

Photo gallery: Step inside Qatar Airways' Airbus A380

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1 on 11/9/13 by Alvin

Yay Qatar!

2 on 18/12/13 by Alvin

Yes! Qatar's A380 is in normal livery again!

3 on 18/12/13 by eminere

Can't wait to see what F in Qatar's A380 will look like!

1 on 19/12/13 by Alvin

I think Qatar has already revealed it (since the A380 has been running for some time) but I stand corrected.

1 on 15/2/14 by Alvin

I noticed my mistake last month - they're not running yet! Whoops...

4 on 19/12/13 by Max

Does qatar have the passenger numbers to sustain the a380? I would have thought no.

1 on 15/2/14 by Alvin

Why not? They're one of the big good airlines...

2 on 16/2/14 by Peter

They have a big European presence, and a significant one across Asia.

Sure, their Australian presence is a modest 2 daily flights (one to Melbourne, the other to Perth), but putting their A380 on their LHR route (which suffers from slot constraints) would boost their growth in that Market.

5 on 17/2/14 by Speedbird

I don't quite understand this bit of the article regarding the dedicated first and biz class terminal:


"Built on 2200 hectares of mostly reclaimed land, the $15 billion airport will include a dedicated terminal for the sole use of first class and business class passengers."

What will the planes first park at the dedicated terminal for the first and biz passangers so they can get off, then move to the cattle class terminal afterwards??

1 on 17/2/14 by Al

Speedbird: I expect it will be like Qatar's Premium Terminal at the current Doha airport, according to Wikipedia it "handles all Qatar Airways first and business class passengers. There are 6 gates in this terminal."

1 on 17/2/14 by Speedbird

I think you mean Dubai, and you are talking about Concourse A, the a380 dedicated section of terminal 3. It has an entire floor, running the full lenth of the building, dedicated to first and biz class passengers. They are able to board directly from this floor onto the plane, without having to mingle at the gate with economy.

However that is still a whole building, but with only one floor dedicated to F & J class.

In the article, it sounds like they have a whole building (terminals are generally defined as seperate buildings at an airport) just dedicated to F & J.  That just doesn't make sense logistically.  

I've heard of airports having VIP/Private Jet dedicated terminals, but never a whole, seperate terminal just for premium class passengers. 

Maybe the word terminal is being used incorrectly in the press release this article was based on? Who knows.

2 on 17/2/14 by Speedbird

Sorry, my bad, I read Qantas, not Qatar.. and I was thinking, Qantas doesn't fly to Doha.. He must mean Dubai.

Apologies again. 

I haven't been to Doha in years, but if it's anything like it was on my last trip, it doesn't have air bridges (we talking about the current airport, not the new Hamad one discussed in this article).

Then it does make sense as F & J passengers would be loaded onto one bus that would take them to their dedicated terminal. While economy passengers would be bused to theirs.

Anyways, I think still think it's the wrong use of the word terminal and that's all. If you study the picture above, it looks like one terminal building, with difference concourses, and definitely with air bridges.


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