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Qantas upgrading meals on Perth flights "to international standard"

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, sydney, perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Airbus A330, inflight meals, Virgin Australia, Coast To Coast

Qantas will boost the quality of business class meals on flights between Perth and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – the hyper-competitive ‘coast to coast’ route – in a move which the airline’s consulting chef Neil Perry says “will blow the competition out of the water.”

Update: we've now got all the details on the new menu

The ever-passionate Perry described the new menu to Australian Business Traveller as “taking east-west dining up to international standards” and tipped the new service to begin at the end of May.

Qantas' efforts promise a 'superchef smackdown' between Perry and Virgin Australia's Luke Mangan and is the latest shot in a transcontinental turf war being fought out between the airlines.

Both are upgrading their east-west flights from Boeing 737s to Airbus A330s – the big birds of their domestic fleet, and which many airlines also use for medium-range international trips.

The A330 carries close to 300 passengers, almost 100 more than the smaller Boeing 737-800s which tend to be the domestic workhorse of Qantas and Virgin.

Virgin Australia has already dedicated all Melbourne-Perth flights exclusively to the widebody A330 planes, and is considering the same ‘A330-only’ status for the Sydney-Perth route pending the arrival of a seventh new A330 later this year.

Virgin will also upgrade two daily Brisbane-Perth A330 services to the A330 from May 15.

For its part, Qantas plans to shift all weekday Sydney-Perth and Melbourne-Perth flights to A330s next month, although the smaller Boeing 737s will run on weekends.

The aggressive A330 rollout by Qantas and Virgin will increase number of seats on the coast-to-coast route, keeping pressure on prices as the airlines compete for Australia’s transcontinental trek.

“If you look at our capacity growth, 95 per cent of that capacity growth went on Perth across the continent” says Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti.

Virgin has a clear edge in its A330 business class seats – a spacious international-grade design boasting angled lie-flat comfort, copious legroom and plenty of nooks and crannies for storing personal items.

Earlier this year Qantas CEO Alan Joyce pledged to upgrade the Red Roo’s Airbus A330s from the current and widely criticised premium economy-style recliners, with a 2-3-2 layout in which the middle seat is blocked off, to lie-flat seats based on an all-new design.

"They're very exciting, there's plenty of legroom and we're very confident that they will get an amazing reaction" Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce told Australian Business Traveller earlier this year, joking that "I certainly swim in the seats given my size!"

"They'll be the best domestic product anywhere in the world, and it leapfrogs anything our competitor's doing" Joyce continued.

However, travellers won’t see the new seats until late 2014, when Qantas will begin fitting the new seats – supplied by an as-yet-unknown manufacturer – across its entire 30-strong fleet of Airbus A330s, including those which fly to overseas ports including Singapore.

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About David Flynn

David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


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1 on 18/4/13 by KG

Good to see QF following suit, VA has been delievring in Business class on this stretch for a long time. The lunch / dinner service on VA in C is superb and (as Neil Perry states for the QF fligths) of "International Standards". Looking forward to the Red Roo new offering and trust AUSBT will do a thorough review of the new meals / service ;) .

Big winner is the comsumer obviously (more capacity thus lower prices and a better service offering)!

2 on 18/4/13 by driley28

Food offerings the moment are pretty ordinary on Qantas services.  Too much cheese and pork being served on meals.  Had to take a lactose meal due to everything having cheese on it.

1 on 18/4/13 by undertheradar

i suggest you find/order or BYO a 'requirement' meal that more suits your 'no pork/cheese' requirements... in my experience, there's at least ONE meal type on J/C trans con  that isnt 'infested' with pork/cheese...ANY airline will do  its best to accommodate MOST palettes..BUT cant please seems!!

3 on 18/4/13 by mitchimus

I do enjoy reading all the spin from the airlines. Like the big Qantas statements about the project to provide decent business seats on its 330's...terms like 'leapfrogging the competition' - oh but wait we really aren't talking soon...more like 2 years away. Not exactly a nimble response. On the whole the competition can only lead to a much better travel experience for those of us who regularly do the west-east trip.

4 on 18/4/13 by Al

I've flown a few times to Perth on Virgin's A330 service and the meals are pretty decent. Sure, Qantas can get Perry to one-up them with better meals, but not only do I think the Virgin meals are more than good enough, but their seats are far ahead of Qantas' miserable A330 seats.

Do travellers on these long flights really want to trade a good meal and a great lie-flat seat (Virgin) for a great meal and an average seat (Qantas)?

I honestly can't see Neil Perry meals inducing Virgin's "Coast to Coast' travellers onto Qantas flights, so it seems like Qantas is doing this only to try and keep their loyal passengers a bit happier for the next 18 months until the new A330 business class seat arrives, or to minimise passenger leakage from Qantas to Virgin by saying "Sure, you'll get a much better seat but you won't get this Neil Perry meal." Sorry Qantas but that doesn't add up!

1 on 18/4/13 by Skipp

Al I agree with you sentiments. The primary aim of business class (and especially on a 4+ hr flight) is the ability to have adequate room for ALL J pax to work or rest as required. i.e. the hard product (you or your work pay big $$$$ for) is always the first and primary concern - that's how a company or individual generally justifies the purchase of a business ticket. In other words when traveling J, I first and foremost expect a wide seat and plenty of legroom. The soft products including service, catering, entertainment options and other amenities come second.

In regards to the east-west business, Virgin Australia are winning for now on the fundamental hard product, and by the looks of it will be winning till at least the end of 2014. Unfortunately for Qantas (or really their customers) they can only look forward to improved soft products between now and the end of 2014... or the odd international A330 with MK 1 business seats.

1 on 19/4/13 by Skipp

 Look what I found...

Qantas Press Release Nov 2010.

The line to watch in the article states:

"The introduction of Neil Perry designed menus means our domestic Business Class offering has been aligned to that of international Business Class - it's now one premium standard."

but now in this Ausbt article dated April 2013...

"The ever-passionate Perry described the new menu to Australian Business Traveller as “taking east-west dining up to international standards” and tipped the new service to begin at the end of May."

So was the business menu up to 'international standard' from November 2010, or is it coming in May 2013?

1 on 20/4/13 by David

LOL! Nice fine in the QF archive, Skipp! I recall that QF presser - it was one of the first we attended, as it was shortly after AusBT launched - and Qantas did boost its business-class menu with Neil Perry coming on board for domestic meals, but clearly they're going to raise the bar again on east-west, maybe including some elements from the latest international menus such as small plates... But with way, 'international standard' appears to be the go-to catchphrase in any year!

5 on 18/4/13 by SaltyJ

I just did the trans-con at Easter time with VA business. Is a great productand the crew were great. Perhaps I will write a review! I did note that I caught one of the old Emirates A330's from east to west and a newer A330 from west to east. I'm not sure if my experience of the seats was affected by the time of the flights (and my concious state) but I found the older Emirates recliner more comfortable than the newer flat-angled seat, but i didn't try and sleep on the way over to the west!

1 on 24/5/13 by gippsflyer

I'm surprised you found the ex-EK bird had more comfortable seats, I felt like a giant in them - what with the headrest being where my neck was (and I'm 5ft 7). Not to mention much narrower seat. 

Although they do recline back much further, it's a bit of a weird seat, so thankfully Virgin's normal seat is much more comfortable. 

6 on 18/4/13 by Chrisor

This will be interesting to see and experience, I'm doing a flight in early June, so will experience first hand if up and running at that time. I don't mind the food now, so should be an experience.

7 on 18/4/13 by Charles

There's loyal Qantas customers and loyal Virgin customers, but all would have to agree regardless of loyalty that everybody doing the east west trip should thank Virgin for creating competition.

Well done Virgin and well done Qantas for responding. Everyone is winning thanks to this competition.

8 on 18/4/13 by Tezza

Hi All, probally off topic, but Qantas meals has gone downhill. In Y 'zoo class' the refreshment for SYD to HKG was microwaved pizza in a box. I remember 10 years ago we had noodles. In J - HKG to SYD the meals wern't flash compared to J in cathay. Luckily I filled myself up in the wing buffet.

VA hands down for coast to coast flights.


9 on 19/4/13 by johnnysfo

As always Qantas is playing catch-up with Virign with both innovations, products and service. Glad Virigin started it all first so Qantas can try and catch up......Champagne anyone;-)

10 on 19/4/13 by Howard

Is it just me or is the whole Neil Perry thing a joke? When I fly Qantas and read the magazine about the amazing cuisine of Mr Perry, and the FA's bring me out the usual boring meal, even in Prem Economy or Business, I always wonder how much input he really has. I think the food in the F Lounges in Sydney and Melbourne is great and normally the food ex Australia is good, but really I fail to see what influence he has had for the average punter on Qantas. Or maybe I just expect too much from airline food. I think they should just deliver better food, and have less photo's of Mr Perry and his silly ponytail in their promotions! Not sure what he is paid but I doubt it is worth it.

1 on 19/4/13 by Tezza

I agree Howard !

Qantas J - Chicken Schnitzel sandwich .... (Does Neil have this at Rockpool) ?

1 on 19/4/13 by Howard

Yes I had the Chicken Shnitzel in J from Sydney to Tokyo a few weeks ago. Actually it wasn't bad for what it was, but pretty basic. The  breakfast Tokyo - Sydney was very ordinary for J Class, no real choice and no offers of extra toast etc - more like economy single tray with a napkin thrown in.

1 on 19/4/13 by Robin

Of course we'll see none of this out of Adelaide, which Qantas hates, but I did go to and from Perth in J last week and for the first time ever experienced a hot and quite tasty soup entree.

11 on 19/4/13 by Lachlan

I will still only fly the best airline in Australia: qantas 

1 on 19/4/13 by gippsflyer

Best? Survey results suggest its Virgin, not Qantas, for best domestic airline in Australia. 

I'm happy to have Qantas care about re-gaining that title, but I don't think they've earnt it just yet....

2 on 22/4/13 by PLATY

Great stuff - but if you only fly QF you can't make a valid conmparison! Enjoy

12 on 19/4/13 by Waynec

Have to say that QF have better catering on Domestic flights in both the lounge and onboard. Virgin does have a very nice product on the Coast to Coast flights but the VA lounge offerings are pretty dismal compared to the QF J lounge or even the QF Club.

1 on 19/4/13 by gippsflyer

I couldn't agree, not from my observations anyway, as Qantas Pub food pretty dismal. Business Lounge better (pizzas, etc) but hardly fine dining. Virgin usually has more choice, more frequently refreshed, in their lounge. 

But in both cases, really notable food not so much. Domestic lounges really are just for bites on the run, not meal substitutes. 

1 on 20/4/13 by David

I'd pitch Virgin's lounges between the Qantas Club and Qantas Business Lounges when it comes to meals. Qantas Business Lounges consistently seem to have a better choice of hot meals and side dishes.

13 on 20/4/13 by Daniell

This guy must be laughing all the way to the bank!

The QF food isn't too bad, but wouldn't a change of Chef be appropriate after so long?

1 on 20/4/13 by dazzaredroo

I love the forum but seriously some of you must be joking. Virgin needs to innovate it doesn't have market share (yet, if ever), however, QANTAS has been an innovator within the airline industry since its inception so really some of you take a breath. I also wonder how many of you who wish to complain actually pay a full fare if any at all? I am unashamedly loyal to QANTAS, however, I have and do fly on other carriers from time to time. I do agree that there is always room for improvement and I have had my share of nightmares, however, overall I like the brand and am satisfied with their strategic direction at present. Like everyone else I love a great deal or fringe benefit, however, I am amazed at how much time is spent by some complaining about aspects of service that in totality aren't big deals in the scheme of things. It's relatively simple, fly with whom you like for whatever reason you like and use your well earned status to access whatever clubs you desire (when international) should you not have the choices you prefer from your host airline. You get what you pay for and at present I believe QANTAS gives me more value for my dollar.

1 on 20/4/13 by gippsflyer

Steady on dazzaredroo - some of your statements don't hold water. Virgin Australia actually eclipsed mainline Qantas for domestic pax in May 2012 (1.442m v 1.371m) so market share wise they seem to be doing pretty well (although I'm unsure how market share actually means much - given that people don't choose airlines based on it). 

Nor do I think valuing opinions based on class you travel in is a sound qualifier (but I do travel J at full fare for your info). The person in Y is as much entitled to share their views as I am - snobbery not required. I am glad, however, that Virgin has moved away from its budget beginnings to offer real choice to consumers in this duopoly market (Qantas v Virgin Australia and Jetstar v Tiger and even QantasLink v Skywest v Rex for our regional sectors).

No-one is knocking YOUR choice to fly Qantas, so please don't rubbish others if they have a DIFFERENT choice to yours. Feel free to say what you like and dislike about aviation, but lets leave the trash talk out of the forums, its not needed. 

I've flown extensively on both Qantas (7,000 tier credits worth) and Virgin Australia - neither are 100% perfect but both have areas they do well - in the end which one you fly comes down to personal (or your company's) choice and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

1 on 20/4/13 by hutch

I don't think VA are the 'innovators' they seem to get so much credit for. Virgin has become more like a refreshed Qantas and in turn Qantas is becoming more like Virgin. However, I am grateful for VA as without them QF would have been unlikely to make improvements.

I do get over Australia's double standards though. QF cops it for offshoring some maintenance but no one expects VA to maintain their entire fleet here. I just don't get that!

Anyway, I do dispute your figures for domestic market share in May 2012 - I think they may be inadvertently misleading. I don't believe it includes QF link? Perhaps I am wrong... But whenever I read things from CAPA QF has seems to have the greater market share (excluding Jetstar).

1 on 21/4/13 by gippsflyer

Mainline Qantas and Virgin Australia are like for like - QantasLink, which operates under a seperate AOC, is a *regional* carrier and should be compared like for like ie. vs Skywest and Rex.

If you are going to distort the argument, you might as well include international Qantas pax into the comparison - just to make you feel better!

The "disputed" figures were not only reported by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, but also reported in the SMH, so more truth, less spin please.

1 on 21/4/13 by dazzaredroo

Gippsflyer you have misinterpreted what I have said, I never referred to class of travel re-comment substantiation, however each to their own (I note your desire to include reference to lifetime QF silver and the purpose of that is?). Re your PAX comment, like for like, and spin......well marketing and life (in gerneral) is full of it and the art of persuasion defines interpretation what you think counts (re facts, figures etc) can be re-interpreted by someone else please your opinion (like mine) isn't the only point of view, if you want to argue and reason then stick to the conversation and persuade with a reasoned arguement not just your point of view.

1 on 21/4/13 by gippsflyer

Style and tone dazzaredroo - re: "seriously some of you must be joking", "Virgin... doesn't have market share", "I also wonder how many of you who wish to complain actually have paid a full fare, if any at all".

Nothing wrong at all being proud of Qantas - you just don't need to demean others to do it. As I mentioned, I've flown both carriers extensively (as my Qantas and Virgin history shows), and I've worked in the aviation industry most of my life (and no, not Qantas or Virgin, although I did enjoy a couple of years of Cat A Qantas Staff Travel when I was going out with a Qantas employee), and I am glad that we have a choice of carriers to choose from (it is a democracy after all, so choice is to be celebrated!).

You can represent your preferred brand without being comptemptous to others, and if you do make out there claims like "Virgin... doesn't have market share" (clearly they must, because they are in the market) don't be pissy if someone points out the fallacy of your statement. The numbers are what they are - you'd do we'll to follow your own advice and stick to reasoned argument, not "life... is full of it"

2 on 21/4/13 by hutch

Yep, whilst I understand QF Link has a seperate AOC, I would suspect that Virgin's turboprop operations with Skywest do too. If you want a true comparison of market share you need to combine all Kangaroo brands vs Virgin brands otherwise you're only getting half the picture. 

There is no need to include QF International figures.

I don't particulary care who has more market share, so whoever has more is not going to make me feel better and worse. I was just providing my alternate view and disputing yours.  No spin from me.


1 on 21/4/13 by gippsflyer

The figures quoted *are* mainline Virgin Australia vs Qantas mainline - neither QantasLink nor Skywest pax are included (as both operate under different AOC's to mainline). As I said in my original post, in 100% agreement with what you've just posted - market share is irrelevant when it comes to choosing who you fly with. 

The market share figures are not quoted to say one airline is better than the other, just the silliness of stating "it [Virgin] doesn't have market share" - obviously Virgin does have market share, enough to be a serious competitor for Qantas - which I think is just the stating the obvious really.

And - also obvious - is how off-topic this has all gotten, starting with the OP and only gotten worse since, so I'm leaving it here.

2 on 22/4/13 by PLATY

BNE CNS J class on QF was $1200 before VA offered competition.

16 months on and VA is $555 and QF around $950.

QF has removed flights on the route to 2 or 3 a day whilst VA has framped up to 6 per day with J class.

As a Platinum on VA you get 10 pts per dollar.

The value paradigm is so clearly in VA's favour!

14 on 21/4/13 by Waynec

I guess most people generally expect much more from QF as the compared to VA. That could somehow explain the general level of dissatisfaction with QF.

The emergence of VA has brought about much competition and eventually led improvement from both airlines. VA is a good airline in its own right. So is QF which have constantly innovated and remained relevant over its 90 years of operating history.

We should all be grateful that competition in the Australian market brought about positive change as compared to the race to the bottom experienced in America where airlines cut back on services to outdo each other. 

1 on 21/4/13 by gippsflyer

Competition is definately a boon! 

In my assessment, Virgin does benefit from being a newer entrant to the domestic market. Less older aircraft (and hard product), less quirky internal rivalry and artificial "cliques" than Qantas (have you ever seen the looks mainline give regional or Jetstar or even international when transversing the terminal), more freedom to change things to deliver better outcomes for both the airline and its customers.

Qantas, however, benefits from long standing relationships through its Frequent Flyer program and corporate links (not to mention an established international operation).

I find customer service more friendly and genuine with Virgin, especially in Business, so that's why I changed carriers. It helps that the hard and soft product is pretty good too. And good pricing is an added bonus.

Qantas does some things well too (you only have to look at the Qantas First lounges in Sydney and Melbourne to demonstrate that)

1 on 21/4/13 by dazzaredroo

Gippsflyer You don't work for Virgin or have a commercial agreement with them by any chance do you? I do agree with you that aspects of QANTAS' staff training could address areas of customer service, however, this is an older institution therefore the exisiting ideologies of long term staff (like any large organisation)take some time to change. I do agree with your assessment of long standing partnerships, agreements and FF links etc, however, some people tend to become "stuck" and actually resist change. QF Cabin crew are on conditions that most carriers across the globe can't sustain nor offer. Virgin is a newer organisation which could and did target an employee base that would move and change with the times and would join them knowling exactly what their service "mantra" and conditions of employment were. QANTAS is being stymied by union forces (working conditions) and unfair PR campaigns, Joyce is trying to move QANTAS into the 22nd Century yet all he faces is constant criticism. Virgin isn't and never will be an Australian Icon, QANTAS is, yet we seem to want to destroy those things that are a fabric of our culture. Watch the decline of QANTAS and you'll say the same things about Virgin in the future should they be in a similar position, however, what would we have lost in cultural capital in the meantime?

2 on 21/4/13 by dazzaredroo

Well said.

15 on 21/4/13 by David

Can we all try to avoid the obvious and odious "If you support [insert name of airline] you must work for [repeat name of airline]" comment? Surely just because somebody favours A over B it needn't follow they are on A's payroll. I'm sure there's plenty to discuss, debate and refute without resorting to that cliche.

1 on 21/4/13 by Charles

I agree David, and I snapped on a previous thread which I regret and apologise again for.

These are two fantastic airlines everyone. I'll never forget my first business trip away from my young family, after two weeks get back to LAX airport, looking up and seeing that red tail with our Kangaroo on it thinking, with a tear in my eye, "your taking me home!"

And then you have Virgin, which don't forget was a budget start up airline only just over a decade ago, now taking on the business market with success, and in my opinion doing a great job.

The fact is, the Qantas business product became a little tired but now is fighting back thanks to some good and worthy competition. Stories like this prove that.

We all have preferences, some more passionate than others, but if you want better service, better pricing and better rewards and a better all round product then be thankful for both airlines. I would hate Virgin or Qantas to fall over  because we would all be worse off.

Daniell, I've left plenty of spelling issues jus for you.

16 on 21/4/13 by Daniell

Oh SCF, I don't comment on people's spelling faux pas, unless they are first to point out mine. Only fair :-)

Fo the record, I am a Gold FF with Qatar (their top tier). As I fund my own J travel (not a company) every month between Mel and Lhr, I found Qatar's prices to be significantly cheaper whilst still offering a flat bed, new aircraft, excellent food and good entertainment, as well a good transit lounge in Doha. I have also travelled extensively in Etihad First, Emirates J and Qantas J. My last Qatar experience two weeks ago was a disaster to be honest with downgraded aircraft, sloppy communication and poor customer service. 

I can honestly say that I have experienced far better service in QF than any of the carriers. I also like the familiarity of all things Aussie, the food, entertainment, the crew banter. Perhaps I go in with a different attitude, in that I treat the staff with courtesy and respect, and if things go wrong, I accept it in my stride and understand that sometimes things go wrong. I wonder how many contributors here 'blow their stack' at front line staff? It doesn't help. 

My last few flights on QF internationally have been outstanding, both from a product and service standing. Yep, sometimes things go wrong, but I've experienced this on EVERY airline. Yet here in Australia so many do nothing but whinge and complain about QF, even when they innovate or improve. I don't get that negativity, nor this hideous desire of many to see Qantas fail and as a subsequence see tens of thousands of staff and suppliers lose their job. Many of these people who incessantly whinge are 'captains of industry' themselves who should understand the rigours of staff, unions, unfair and unlevel work conditions and costs, etc. Just an observation.

I also travel a few times a month between Mel and either Bne or Ool, a mix of both J and Y, and use both Virgin and QF (although QF still doesnt have a Mel-Ool link). Who do I experience the better service from, particularly in the air? Have to say QF. The usually mature crew are more professional, harder working and can communicate far better in my opinion. In terms of food, entertainment and seating, they are similar, as are the lounges.

Neither airline is as hideous and deserving of failure as some people like to suggest. Fly in MANY other parts of the world and you'll appreciate just how fortunate we are.

Competition is a good thing.

17 on 22/4/13 by Howard

Not sure how this has gone from a criticism of Neil Perry's schnitzels to those plotting against the downfall of Qantas:) But yes despite their faults they are a great airline, you only have to travel n AA or BA to realise that!


18 on 22/4/13 by Daniell

It is Howard, in general, merely to highlight/discuss the double standard many contributors here have towards VA/QF. 

ANY announcement on QF product improvement is ALWAYS met with howls of negativity here. Just read the comments.

My last domestic VA J flight was a quiche! Hardly gourmet fare. Any improvement should be welcome, although a change of chef might be nice after so long :-)

1 on 22/4/13 by KG

Daniell, thanks for your lengthy reply  specifically in relation to QR. Their fares in general are great and as you I fund my travel myself so price is a major factor when choosing which flights I book (although I am waiting for QR to join OW so I can eatrn sc's).

Regarding (perceived) negativity on QF anouncements, I think the negativity on this particular post was specifically aimed at the introduction of new Business Class meals for Coast to Coast. On this leg VA has been superior in my opinion, but I am looking forward to see how QF will match (and hopefully surpass) the quality and also presentation.

Must admit that on other flights VA is pretty standard in busienss, if you are not flying at designated breakfast, lunch or dinner flights you indeed end up with a snack plate (quiche or some cheese) which is hardly something to get excited abt.

2 on 22/4/13 by PLATY

And my last QF flight in J was a pork pie!!! The flight left at 2005 and apparently that negated it as a dinner flight. Qf is $10 per minute for J class!

That said, I much enjoyed the Yering red...!!!

1 on 22/4/13 by KG

Absolutely, Can't beat Yarra Yering nor the Torbreck they sometimes have.... In general the QF wine list is fantastic, hence it often wins at Cellar in the Sky awards event.

1 on 22/4/13 by David

Love the Torbreck - discovered it at the Qantas first lounge, then found it on sale at a local bottle shop and grabbed a half-dozen!

1 on 22/4/13 by KG

Please mail me your local bottle shop! Which Torbreck was it? I am guessing "The Steading"? Another good one is the Rockford Basket Press (although I might have had that one on an EK flight in F)

1 on 22/4/13 by David

It was the Torbreck 2010 Woodcutter's Shiraz - snared it from Vintage Cellars on Atchison Street, Crows Nest.

I've discovered quite a few great drops courtesy of the Qantas first lounge!

1 on 22/4/13 by KG

Forgot the woodcutters, great drop as well! I will drop by my local Vintage Cellars to see if I can snag some on special.

Best discovery courtesy of QF for me is Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc des Blanc ;)

19 on 22/4/13 by Daniell

Thanks, KG.

Just a tip too. I am fortunate enought to be able to book and commence my travel on Qatar Airways in London. The return J fare from here, Lhr-Doh-Mel is usually (approximately) 2,800 pounds or approx $4,500 Aussie. The last time I checked fares ex Australia it was $7,000 return. Huge difference for the same flights depending on what country you're booking it in! 

1 on 22/4/13 by KG

Thanks for the tip, I am as fortunate as you ;)

I actually always originate in AMS (or sometimes ex anywhere in Europe where airlines have specials, I happily take a feeder flight). AMS has great EK specials, so that has been my carrier (unfortunately not able to book under QF codeshare as yet as when I try it triples the price of the flight).


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