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Qantas to start Airbus A380 flights to Dallas from September

By Chris Chamberlin     Filed under: qantas, Airbus A380, Dallas Fort Worth

Qantas will begin flying its flagship Airbus A380 to Dallas/Fort Worth later this year, replacing the current Boeing 747-400ER aircraft used on the route.

From Monday 29 September, QF7/8 will go all-A380 to the hub of Oneworld partner American Airlines, while also bringing Qantas' First Class to Dallas for the first time.

The superjumbo's additional flying range compared to the Boeing 747 will also see the current Brisbane stopover on the home stretch between Dallas and Sydney axed, with the A380 flying non-stop on its return journey.

One wrinkle is that Qantas' daily flights to Dallas will be trimmed back to six days a week once the A380 takes over, with the new schedule dropping Tuesday departures from Sydney.

However, the A380 will step up to a daily serivce over the 2014-2015 summar holiday season, from December 9 2014 to January 20 2015.

Once in Dallas, Qantas passengers can connect onwards to more than 30 destinations across the United States, Canada and Mexico, with the Texas hub less than four hours from every major US city.

Qantas retains the title of the longest route by distance in QF7, with Sydney-Dallas a staggering 13,804km.

DFW airport is upgrading one terminal with three extra aerobridges to load passengers on the double-decker jet, while Qantas' partner Emirates is set to begin A380 flights between DFW and Dubai from October 1.

The London shuffle

Qantas' existing flights between Melbourne, Dubai and London will be retimed to make room for these extra A380 services.

Starting July 20 2014, QF9 will leave Melbourne at 10:55pm, stopping over in Dubai at 7:05am before landing in London at 1:40pm the next day.

On the return journey, QF10 is wheels-up from London at 1:30pm, landing in Dubai at 11:25pm. From there, it's touchdown in Melbourne at 8:55pm, one calendar day after take-off in London.

Read: Qantas' new QF9/QF10 timetable – is it better or worse for you?

“This schedule change unlocks more A380 flying time that we can use on the Dallas route, and now offers four times the number of onward connections to Europe because of the new arrival time of the Melbourne flight into Dubai" said Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

Qantas says the current mix of Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 flights from Sydney to Hong Kong will also face "adjustments", although the airline hasn't yet revealed whether the A380 will disappear from Asia entirely.

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1 on 7/5/14 by djcz

I'm happy to see the A380 jumping on to the route for the SYD-DFW and DFW-SYD Non stop on the return leg, but dissapoined as I live in Brisbane that there used to be 3 747ER daily at BNE but now Because of the DFW-BNE-SYD going along with the BNE-SIN become an A330, i Guess that just leaves BNE-LAX left with the 747ER. Would of loved to of seen BNE with a 2nd A380 member.

1 on 8/5/14 by curly

Noooooooooo! It is going to be sad to lose QF 8 from BNE. We had a very close working relationship her and I, those early mornings in the lounge before it got busy, the perfect timing for a business day in Sydney with well times onward connections and not forgetting those cheeky attempts at buying duty free booze. Take care dear seat 3F, or your new A380 equivalent, I will miss you.

1 on 8/5/14 by watson374

It was also, oddly enough, cheaper than the regular domestic flights in Economy.

1 on 8/5/14 by curly

Exactly, take that GST! $89 + 8,000 points (10,000 now) for a fully flat bed....Bliss!

1 on 8/5/14 by watson374


2 on 7/5/14 by jrfsp

sounds like "enchancement" of the SYD-HKG from A380 to A330 service or maybe 747?

1 on 7/5/14 by undertheradar

did some searching...looks like QF 127/128 will be 744 only TUES and WEDS.(traditionally lower peak days anyway)... remaining days still A380... no big deal in my opinion..the 744 will still have the A380 type of product.. Losing 28 F/C seats and 12 J/C a week may actually improve their yields on this route.... just my opinion

1 on 7/5/14 by Himeno

The QF site timetable has not been updated yet.

1 on 7/5/14 by undertheradar

i searched OCT,NOV,DEC2014..JAN,FEB,MAR,APR2015...multiple/random weeks in every month shows 744 tue-wed QF127/8..there are 2 747ERs coming off the DFW route (A380 style product)... and i am certain 2 more nonrefurbs are being retired this year (a better case for the refurbs being deployed on SYD-HKG)  

1 on 7/5/14 by hutch

Yes, I think the point being is QF has not loaded any changes yet. I read that the MEL/LHR, SYD/DFW are bookable from 14th May. We may know the A380 changes then, or perhaps sooner if QF enlightens David/Chris.

2 on 7/5/14 by madge

744 used for HKG would be 4-class (to include F) so these would not have the A380 product.

1 on 7/5/14 by Himeno

There are only 2 4 class 744 left, and they are due to be retired soon.

3 on 7/5/14 by hutch

Yeah, I think once the timetable is changed this will drop. Old mate Watson may know, but I calculate QF has saved 1 x A380 by retiming MEL/DXB/LHR.... they need more than one to do SYD/DFW 6 times weekly.

1 on 7/5/14 by undertheradar

1 from LHR and 1 from HKG ...and dont forget that there are 12 A380 and 9 744 refurbs all playing their role in their respective networks..coming and going and resting all over the place..its not as straight forward as '1 plane from goes there'

1 on 7/5/14 by watson374

Shoutout noted, hutch! Thanks for the mention.

I suspect that they get more than one A380 back in terms of flying hours, with them being able to reslot the flight diagrams. It's now become an MEL turn, with the aircraft most likely doing a SYD-DXB-LHR-DXB-MEL-DXB-LHR-DXB-SYD diagram.

It's too complicated for me to work out right now, though.

1 on 7/5/14 by Alvin

If the new A330 suite rolls out we (HKG) might get the Business Suite from Sydney as well...(I'd actually prefer this over the A380!)

2 on 7/5/14 by hutch

Welcome Watson. I can't help but think you work for QF scheduling as this basically what you have been saying!

Interested to see how QF goes with the 2hr turn-around at MEL for QF10 into QF9. Shall be tight.

1 on 7/5/14 by watson374

Haha, I don't actually work for QF in any capacity. I'm just a Silver member who happens to have an unhealthy interest in how aviation works. I happen to like timetables. (And lounge access, racking up points for that magical redemption, and other more "normal" frequent flyer addictions.)

In any case, that prediction was basically the running one. It allows the best spread of flights given only two are left, and via DXB doesn't have the same scheduling constraints that via SIN did (i.e. the problems of night departures arriving too early in the morning).

It's tight, but it should be doable. They've managed to do a two-hour turn at HKG before; the summer schedule had an arrival of 1745 and a departure of 1945. Tight, but I think they can do it.

3 on 8/5/14 by curly

Since they have an odd number of  planes (5) it will have to operate as you say. QF 1 will arrive at 5am and this will become QF 10 leaving at 1330 so about 8 hours on the ground. QF 9 gets in after lunch and becomes QF 2 that night.... I think.

3 on 7/5/14 by Andy B

It's about time someone at Qantas made a smart decision.

4 on 7/5/14 by P.B.

Finally, news I actually wanted to hear from Qantas! As much as I like the 744ER it was just not an apt choice for the route. Non stop DFW-SYD is a nice perk too

1 on 7/5/14 by Mackenzie

Will seats still have to be blocked off in economy to make the diret flight???

1 on 7/5/14 by P.B.

I'm curious too if they do have to block seats, but considering that there's a 1000km distance between the two A/C types, load issues wouldn't be as drastic?

1 on 7/5/14 by RK

I read, albeit on a pilot's rumour network, that 100 seats would need to be blocked off on the return leg.

1 on 7/5/14 by undertheradar

i think the amount of 'cargo' underneath may also influence the outcome as well.. im guessing there's lots of planning/balance involved on 'where' the total weight is distributed.. in cabin v under cabin!! eg..high cargo flights may lead to more 'empty' seats and could change from flight to fllight... just my opinion

5 on 7/5/14 by RK

This is a smart move by Qantas. However, I'm a massive fan of the 747 so I'm pleased my upcoming flight to Dallas is on the 747ER. Flights by the Boeing 747 are becomign rarer and rarer around the world.

6 on 7/5/14 by TheRealBabushka

A couple of things:

  1. "On the return journey, QF10 is wheels-up from London at 1:30pm, landing in Dubai at 11:25pm. From there, it's touchdown in Melbourne at 8:55pm – two calendar days after departing London" Is this correct? It's only two days later if QF10/QF2 departs LHR in the evening and arrives MEL, SYD early morning. The total flight time is just under 24h (including transit). Since 13.30h GMT is roughly 23.30h AEST, you would get in only ONE calender day after departing London. Am I wrong?
  2. QF9 is now leaving at the more sensible time 2255h - Hoorah! Will the Qantas First Lounge be open till 2300h? (I wish I may, I wish I might....). That would be fantastic for the CX, MH and QR flights leaving at that time!

1 on 7/5/14 by moa999

And some Jetstar flights eg JQ23 to NRT plus the later NZ services JQ171 CHC, JQ217 AKL

2 on 7/5/14 by Chris

Hi TheRealBabushka,

It's one calendar day indeed (already fixed).

Qantas has also advised that the Melbourne First lounge will remain open late into the evening to cater for QF9.

1 on 7/5/14 by TheRealBabushka

Thanks Chris! Fantastic news about the lounge!

2 on 7/5/14 by Himeno

Will it close for a period between QF93 and QF9?

7 on 7/5/14 by peteshep

I was also wondering about the F-lounge ... also good for the MEL-NRT JQ flight which leaves at 10:30 ... I was very disappointed to realise that in Sept when on that flight the lounge would not be open late enough, but hopefully this changes things!

1 on 7/5/14 by TheRealBabushka

Gosh! If they do keep the lounge open, I hope they're not going to pare down on the food offerings in the lounge.

Perhaps I'm being silly but I've always figured that the First dining options are quite fancy because they only really need to offer food for QF9 pax (and the odd few OWE on the CX and MH afternoon flights). All other QF international flights leave in the morning, where presumably the margins for serving breakfast is much, much lower.

If the lounge stays open for longer: More mouths to feed = Crappy food?

1 on 7/5/14 by Joshb

Potentially - probably labelled something Perry-esque like 'Supper Menu' or 'Light Bites' though. I wouldn't envisage crappier food but narrower options that don't require significant man power to produce.

Surely they make money off of passengers on non QF operated flights that use the lounge? I always assumed so and is why CX give you a printed invite to the lounge, so they can easily track the passengers using it etc.

1 on 7/5/14 by Himeno

CX gives printed invites for their own lounges. Even though you don't need the invite itself to get into the lounge.

8 on 7/5/14 by moa999

Interesting also that QF will commence A380 operations into DFW two days before EK - so QF will get more of the presss.

Smart media move.

1 on 7/5/14 by hutch

Good photo op for EK/QF big birds next to each other (if there at the same time?)

1 on 7/5/14 by TheRealBabushka

On AA's home turf no less. The humanity!

2 on 7/5/14 by Himeno

QF has joint ventures with both AA and EK. EK has been trying to get codeshares with AA for a while. Maybe there could be a joint photo op with EK and QF A380s and an AA 77W with an announcement of bringing AA into the EK/QF deal.

Or maybe an announcement with up to 5 aircraft (depending on timings, QF A380, EK A380, AA 77W, BA 747, QR 77L) to bring EK into oneworld.

1 on 7/5/14 by watson374

The PR opportunities! The mind boggles.

Does Dallas/Fort Worth have any landmark suitable for a double-A380 flyover as was seen over Sydney Harbour in March 2013?

1 on 8/5/14 by Matthew

Cowboys Stadium perhaps.

2 on 8/5/14 by spinoza

Grassy Knoll? George W Presidential Library? :)

9 on 7/5/14 by jrfsp

The fleet utilisation will be greatly improved. Only downside is arrival time into MEL is pretty limited for onward connections.

Does QF have any of the improved HGW models (I think BA got the first), or were they all too early? I wonder what the weight penalty difference would be on the route??


10 on 7/5/14 by RK

It's great to see a good news story about Qantas in the media with everyone posting positive comments! Let's hope these SYD/DFW and MEL/DBX/LHR changes are the start of a new chapter for QF International.

11 on 7/5/14 by hutch

Glad that they finally made a decision on this... it appears to be a good decision too.

12 on 7/5/14 by Broderick

Im no airline guru by any means but could there be an option in the future for Qantas to use DFW as a stop-over point to LHR (and visa-versa) just like ANZ does with AKL-LAX-LHR?

1 on 7/5/14 by TheRealBabushka

Why would they want to do that?

DFW/LHR is one of the prime sectors for AA and BA. It would be a bit silly to muscle in.

In the process you torture your passengers by putting them on one of the loungest routes to London. Unless your passengers were all points-hungry frequent flyer masochist :p

1 on 7/5/14 by Fonga

If a good connection at DFW was scheduled, it would only be two hours longer than QF1. Two legs of 15hrs 25mins and 9hrs 10mins with a two hour stopover. But agreed, leave that sector to BA/AA. It's a good business model to dominate the route into a partner hub and utilise their network capacities for onward connections in a bigger market.

Which begs the question why Qantas doesn't fly all Australian sectors to Dubai and leave it to Emirates to provide the onward connections. Both airlines win. As it is, Emirates flies a lot of metal into and out of Australia and exclusively for QF customers in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane heading to Europe/ME. Shouldn't that be Qantas? Or do they lack the a/c? I can understand EK flying into Sydney and Melbourne and providing greater scheduling choice, but why has QF ceded home markets to them in other state capitals? The demand is obviously there.


1 on 7/5/14 by hutch

Having to go through US customs when not going to the US is something I will avoid.

13 on 7/5/14 by dingogav

Is another A380 used for return leg from LHR, as QF9 arrives 10mins after departure of QF10?

1 on 7/5/14 by Otchiman

The aircraft that operates QF1 will operate QF10.

The aircraft that operates QF9 will then operate QF2.

1 on 7/5/14 by Otchiman

Found this that explains how to aircraft routing will work:

The new schedule, from July 20th, retimes the Melbourne services and means aircraft will fly a six day W pattern originating in Sydney. The aircraft schedule will be follows:

QF1 Sydney 1550 – Dubai 0035+1QF1 Dubai 0215 – London Heathrow 0645

QF10 London Heathrow 1330 – Dubai 2325QF10 Dubai 0115+1 – Melbourne 2055

QF9 Melbourne 2255 – Dubai 0705+1QF9 Dubai 0905 – London Heathrow 1340

QF2 London Heathrow 2125 – Dubai 0720+1QF2 Dubai 0920 – Sydney 0510+1.

14 on 7/5/14 by driley28

I am flying on 1st August on QF 9.  New flight time outbound is not good for me, but flight home on QF 10 is fantastic.  Will have to go via SYD on the way out.

15 on 7/5/14 by Martin

Does this mean QF may shift the B747-400 ER back to the SYD- SFO Route?

1 on 7/5/14 by watson374

nope nope nope

2 on 7/5/14 by Himeno

QF is far more likely to send 747s to VCV then back to SFO.

QF returning to SFO would likely have to wait until they get some 787-9's (if they ever do).

1 on 7/5/14 by hutch

Yep, the DFW planes will take over a non-refurb 747 route and hence allow those birds to fly off to heaven.

16 on 7/5/14 by somethingy23

Forgive me for sounding immature but... YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Finally Qantas has gotten something right by seeing America as its savior. Coming back non-stop is the cherry on top but bit of a shame that its not daily (we cant have everything right?). Also kudos on the LHR timetable changes, I t hink that the timings are great for dubai and london arrival ex melbourne, especially for tourists. Better than landing in melbourne at 5 in the morning or dubai in the middle of the night.

1 on 7/5/14 by Himeno

I'd prefer to get off QF8 in BNE then SYD...

1 on 8/5/14 by Robert

Me to.

1 on 8/5/14 by curly

Me three! :)

17 on 7/5/14 by Himeno

Anyone else notice that they used VH-OQF for the announcement video?

18 on 8/5/14 by spinoza

Wonder if there is any chance this will reduce fares on this route. I have noticed DFW fares being consistently higher than LAX even though a lot more people seem to fly through LAX. Maybe the increase supply of seats will mean slightly lower prices.

Or maybe due to lack of direct competition they will continue to charge a premium..

1 on 8/5/14 by Michael

I'll agree It would be nice if they would lower the fares to DFW, considering in the most recent sale it was $1300 to LAX and $1600 to DFW. But, the times I have flown it the 747 has not had a seat free, i'm one of those people who would rather do customs in DFW and then only tough it for an hour or two to most east coast cities.

Considering the alternative is landing in LAX, then taking either a 5-6 hour flight on AA to the east coast, or taking that 5-6 hour flight and then another connection **shudders**.

1 on 8/5/14 by watson374

Y'all know full well that if QFi can charge $1600 to DFW and leave almost completely full, they will continue to do so. It's a monopoly route with excellent connecting feed at both ends, and from the business perspective it is a godsend.

It ain't getting cheaper.

19 on 8/5/14 by tabs

Will F class pax have to use the AA Admirals Club lounge? 

1 on 8/5/14 by Robert

Yes as Qantas does not operate their own lounge,and has no future plans to do so.

20 on 9/5/14 by iamwill

Doing DFW return via BNE in Aug Sep for the 3rd time and love that i get the 747. As someone else has said, these flights are becoming as rare as. In the bubble up stairs in the private feeling business class over and the 3A back. Did this trip about 2 weeks after launch on a 747 and great that i finish up 3 weeks before they go to A380.


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