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does anyone have any idea what one world flight there will be Singapore-Europe once Qantas is officially in bed with Emirates?

Posted on 20/1/13 Filed under: Route Planning

does anyone have any idea what one world flight there will be Singapore-Europe once Qantas is officially in bed with Emirates? Us few but nevertheless significant travellers based in Darwin would prefer not to have to fly 4 hours in the wrong direction just to get on a QF or Emirates flight.......


8 Answers

1 on 20/1/13 by FrequentFlyer

As I'm aware, British Airways will still be flying from SIngapore to London after the Qantas changeover and Qantas will still be flying from Singapore to Frankfurt for a little while longer, but the difficulty will lie in getting to Singapore. If you don't want to swap in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, etc, your only option will be Jetstar, you will have to fly JQ to Singapore and then swap to BA to Heathrow or QF to Frankfurt. Hope this helps

2 on 20/1/13 by SaltyJ

I may be mistaken Frequentflyer, but I think Silk Air fly from Darwin to Singapore.

1 on 20/1/13 by FrequentFlyer

Yes, I think they do operate that service, but I don't believe any OneWorld carriers codeshare this service

3 on 20/1/13 by chrisjrn

British Airways will fly to Heathrow, and Finnair will fly to Helsinki.

4 on 20/1/13 by David

Yes, getting QF or BA to Singapore and then Finnair to Helsinki - with one more hop to most elsewhere in Eruope - are both good oneworld options, as is the suggestion of Jetstar or even SIlkAir to Singapore.

5 on 20/1/13 by FrequentFlyer

Yes, my mistake- Helsinki with Finnair also! But the real difficulty that i find in this question is travelling with a OneWorld carrier to get to Singapore, without having to backtrack to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane etc... in which case there is only one reasonable option- Jetstar, which unfortunately on most flights isn't even a widebody plane.

6 on 20/1/13 by SaltyJ

I think aow is more concerned about the Oneworld options from Singapore to Europe (which have been mentioned) once Qantas/Emirates alliance kicks off and Qantas fully moves out of Singapore as its hub. If I interprit the question correctly, wanted to know about these options rather than catching a flight from Darwin to say Sydney, to then get a QF/EK flight to Europe via Dubai, wasnt so concerned with Oneworld options from Darwin to Singapore, but your Jetstar advice does cover that!

7 on 20/1/13 by TheRealBabushka

@aow, If I understand the subtext of what you're saying (and I may be wrong on this):

Your concerns are about flying DRW/SIN (JQ) then connecting SIN/LHR (BA) or SIN/HEL (AY). At the moment DRW/SIN is operated by JQ, which is technically not part of Oneworld. Consequently you may not be able to obtain flights on JQ/BA or JQ/AY on a single booking and as a result will be forced to backtrack to SYD or MEL to fly to Europe?

1 on 21/1/13 by FrequentFlyer

Thank you, this is a better explained rendition of what I was trying to say.

8 on 21/1/13 by Peter

If you're willing to fly a little further than SIN, there'll be Malaysian Airlines from KUL from February 1st. Unfortunately I don't believe there's a direct DRW-KUL service anymore after AirAsia cut this service.

From Bangkok, there's Royal Jordanian, BA & Finnair.

There's also airberlin from HKT (Phuket) and of course, Cathay Pacific out of HKG (though this is out of your way).


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