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Photos: British Airways' Airbus A350 Club World business class prototype

By David Flynn     Filed under: business class, British Airways, Airbus A350, design

You've already seen our scoop on British Airways concept for its next generation of Club World business class seats, due for the Airbus A350 and potentially other members of the BA fleet.

Read: Is this British Airways' next-gen Club World business class seat?

That report was laden with drawings from BA's UK patent application – but now we've gone one better, with photos from a companion Request for Grant of a Patent document (GB1400219.0).

These show an assortment of mock-ups of the Club World concept which match the earlier drawings.

To recap: BA's patent reveals a herringbone-style layout which gives each passenger direct aisle access plus an oversized seat that's closer to a one-person couch.

In fact, BA's mock-up artwork calls it a sofa rather than a seat, and we wouldn't be surprised if the final product – should this design come to fruition – was marketed as the Club World Suite.

Here's the seat itself.

Right away you can see how the sofa curves around in a manner that's unlike any business class seat in the air today.

Passengers would adopt a forward-facing position for the taxi, take-off and landing stages of the flight. Note how the video screen faces the passenger so that movies can be viewed on a 'gate to gate' basis.

Swivel around in the seat and swing out the dining table when it's time to get to work..

... or when it's time to eat.

The middle seats in this 1-2-1 arrangement can be used for shared dining if you're travelling with a friend.

This image shows a secondary location for the dining table.

An infill section of the sofa swings up to create a continuous surface between the seat and the ottoman so you can stretch out...

... or grab some shut-eye.

A draw slides out from under the ottoman where you can stow personal items such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, wallets, amenity kits and perhaps even a small purse.

You can revisit our original article below for oodles of sketches from the original patent application.

Is this British Airways' next-gen Club World business class seat?

We've got the full set of images from the patent application for what could be the new Club World business class seat, created for British Airways by London firm PriestmanGoode. So what does BA have up its tailored sleeve? Read more...

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1 on 25/8/14 by moa999

Not sure about the padding in a seated position. A couch cushion for a multi-hour flight.

And no massage function.

1 on 27/8/14 by TheRealBabushka

Agreed. The cushion will get worn out very quickly.

2 on 25/8/14 by henrus

In some of the images it looks as if its not a fully lie flat bed

3 on 25/8/14 by Bizflyer

The foot space look extremely small and the seat still doesn't look very comfortable if I fly ow it will still be with cx 

4 on 26/8/14 by reeves35

Very innovative and stylish.  It's good to see BA following SQ and EY into unique solutions for J Class.  

5 on 26/8/14 by nixjet

IMHO it tries too hard to "look" comfortable (using a lightly framed model elegantly slumming propped up with pillows to provide support....) to detract from the fact that it's not as practical as it makes out. 

In my experience people seem to like armrests on either side - call me old fashioned.  They like a seat that has symetry and support on both sides - because our bodies are symetrical.  Wide seats, yes.  Additional cushions and pillows, yes. True lie-flat without 'curling', yes. Travelling side by side with a companion, yes.

Sorry, but this seat on the face of it fails to live up to the hype - the proof will be in the testing i guess.....

6 on 26/8/14 by Viscount

The unit would certainly save on weight, with no electric motors, wiring, switches etc..

A simple lift up flap for bed mode. 

I'm sure that model is a child with a wig. 

7 on 26/8/14 by itchyfeet

Goodness me, you people are never happy :)

1 on 26/8/14 by radiC00l

Agreed @itchyfeet.

I seem to recall a recent thread with most people compaining about the  current Club World seating.

I personally think it will be a good improvement. Aesthetically a big improvement on the current setup

2 on 27/8/14 by TheRealBabushka

Perfection is a hard act to follow ;)

8 on 27/8/14 by dinkydie

Folks, remember that these pictures are from a patent application. They are supposed to demonstrate how the seat works and what makes it unique enough to claim a patent. Tthey do not necessarily show the seat's true size or proportions.If these were real pictures I'd be concerned about the length of the seat in flat mode. Airlines usually use petit models to create an illusion of space and the BA model barely manages to stretch her legs. Otherwise I have to say: wow! I love the look and feel of that seat! The sort of classy look you'd usually find on Cathay or Singapore and certainly a welcome departure from their current once-innocative but long-outdated coffins.

9 on 27/8/14 by Jason

Hates off for thinking outside the box on this one BA... but I still feel this looks more style of substance.  The seats do NOT look comfortable. You can't recline and it looks awkward trying to seat forward facing.

10 on 15/9/14 by planemad

I think it's a great improvement form their present J class!

11 on 8/12/14 by lind26

It just seems very cramped to me

12 on 21/5/15 by Moksh

Good God! Its Atrocious!  For someone with Claustrophobia its going to be a nightmare! Please fix this!


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