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LAN, TAM reveal new Airbus A350, Boeing 787-9 seats, cabins

By David Flynn     Filed under: LAN, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A350, TAM, LATAM

South America's LATAM Airlines Group, comprising Chile's LAN and Brazil's TAM, have revealed the cabin and seating designs for their shared Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleets.

It's the world's first look at an A350 cabin, ahead of the next-gen jet's commercial debut towards the end of this year with worldwide launch customer Qatar.

Together, LAN and TAM have ten Boeing 787-9s and 27 Airbus A350-900s on order, with both due to arrive from 2015 – and once you step inside, here's what you will see.

Arranged in a front-facing 2-2-2 layout, the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-9 business class seats convert to fully lie-flat beds.

LATAM's designs come from highly-regarded consulting firm Priestmangoode, which most recently crafted TAM's slick Boeing 777 first class cabin.

Read: TAM's slick new Boeing 777 first class is a living room in the sky

The new A350 and 787-9 business class cabins clearly share some of that design DNA, with Priestmangoode saying the palette of natural tones was inspired by South America’s colours and textures.

The new economy seats are, well, pretty much what you'd expect.

At least the slimline design and raised literature pocket should deliver a little extra room around the knees.

TAM will join the Oneworld airline alliance next week, and Australian Business Traveller will be attending the global press event in Brazil to bring you the latest news on that front.

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1 on 28/3/14 by sagidec

So pretty! Flown them within South America on their B767, A320 and A319. which are quite good ...

Hope they replace the B767 between SYD-AKL-SCL with this.

That route is just plane old...

1 on 28/3/14 by KG

They fly an A340 between SYD-AKL-SCL, not a 767!

2 on 28/3/14 by Chris_PER

Looks great.  Although Y couldn't look any more uncomfortable with those seats.

3 on 28/3/14 by George

"TAM will join the Oneworld airline alliance next week".

As a QFF I used to enjoy reading about new oneworld airlines, as they expanded the Qantas network, and allowed me to attain/maintain status more easily. 

Now as a QFF with the "enhancement" and "simplifications" annouced yesterday there appears to be very little point in flying on a oneworld partner airline, as you'll earn HALF the status credits! 

(That is not at all to disparage this article, and the very fine work David and his team does covering options for Australian travellers, but more a general comment that the previous appeal of these flights and partner airlines to Australian travellers was the common oneworld system, which Qantas seems to want less and less to do with). 

4 on 28/3/14 by Serg

I cannot get how window pax can get out from his/her seat when it in “up” position (very first pic). But I even more curious how one can get out when both seats in sleep position (5-th pic inside body of article).

1 on 28/3/14 by P.B.

It looks like there's *just* enough space to place your footing in between the seats - but I expect there'd be a lot of hopping and crawling over the seatmate a la QF Skybed and similar 2-seat configs.

2 on 28/3/14 by spudseamus

I concur ! Looks a lovely seat but how to get out from the window at my leisure ? I have yet to see anything better than 1-2-1 with staggered window seating .

1 on 28/3/14 by watson374

Solution: below the overhead lockers, attach monkey bars so the window passenger can swing over the aisle passenger.

1 on 29/3/14 by AB__CD

Solution: give out free diapers.

2 on 31/3/14 by Jason

American passengers will need a forklift thought ;-p

5 on 28/3/14 by FrequentFlyer

Will there be any IFE in economy? That could make a for a damn long flight from SCL to SYD if these planes replace the current A340 and you're in econ!

1 on 5/4/14 by Alvin

Yes, there will. The last two pictures, as said in the press release, are of LATAM's new A320.

6 on 28/3/14 by Michael

Awesome first class lounge - love it!!! Bring on the A350 to Australia!

7 on 28/3/14 by eminere

When in bed mode it looks like the window passenger will have to leap over their aisle seatmate.

8 on 29/3/14 by Alvin

Ummm...the last two pictures are of the A320 right?


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