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Photo tour: Virgin Australia's new Boeing 737 with futuristic 'Sky Interior'

By David Flynn     Filed under: Boeing, Virgin Blue, Boeing 737, Boeing 737NG, 737NG, John Borghetti, Virgin Australia, Boeing Sky Interior

Virgin Australia is getting slick new aircraft to go with its slick new brand and image, rolling out the first of almost 60 Boeing 737-800 'Next Generation' jetliners sporting the futuristic 'Sky Interior' cabin.

Christened the 'Bondi Beach' (all Virgin Australia aircraft will be named after Aussie beaches), the 737-800 made its debut at today's launch and is the first of its kind in Australia

The cabin itself was created by Boeing and is based on the interior of the revolutionary Boeing 787 Dreamliner... so let's start the guided tour!

Dubbed the 'Sky Interior', it represents a major makeover for conventional aircraft interiors by embracing organic curves and soft colours to make the cabin lighter and brighter, as well as looking ‘softer’ and more spacious.

Inset light wells in the ceiling are finished in a soft sky blue to convey a greater feeling of space and comfort, with LED lighting which gently changes colour and intensity throughout the flight.

Hans Hulsbosch, Virgin Australia's Creative Director, told Australian Business Traveller that the LED lighting employed by the airline will be purple and white.

"It will be very bright when passengers are boarding, to emphasise the plane's spacious feel and create a welcoming atmosphere" Hulsbosch says.

"During take-off and landing the purple will soften to help reduce stress levels, and it will also be dim during the flight for a more relaxing feel, but will be turned up again when meals are served.

Gently sculpted sidewalls feature larger oval window surrounds (shown below) to let in more light.

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The overhead luggage compartments have been enlarged but a natty pivot-hinge design and upward-sweeping doors mean they take up less space above the passenger.

The 737-800 will contain a business class cabin with 8 deep-recline seats (two either side of the aisle) with 37 inches of legroom.

A colourful purple plexiglass dividing panel separates the business and economy sections.

Here's a closer look at the new business class seats. Note that the in-seat screens for the entertainment system have yet to be fitted.

Okay, the tour continues... we're walking, we're walking – and we're stopping, to check out the 168 'next generation' economy seats.

Each of these will also be fitted with a video screen for in-flight entertainment.

The seats use a slim-line construction to maximise legroom.

Even the toilet seems less claustrophobic!

Written by David Flynn, photographs by Dan Warne

This is just part of Australian Business Traveller's comprehensive coverage of Virgin Australia's launch day:


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1 on 4/5/11 by danwarne

I think the more spacious toilet might be an optical illusion of the wide angle lens I used to shoot those photos, sorry David!

1 on 4/5/11 by David

Hey, I didn't say it is more spacious, just that it seems more spacious! For me, best aircraft toilet I've ever used was first class on QF A380 - so large and bright, lovely toiletries and with a window!

1 on 4/5/11 by danwarne

window in an aircraft toilet? That -is- novel.

1 on 4/5/11 by danwarne

Of course, not as novel as the love-couch in Lufthansa's first class toilet...

2 on 4/5/11 by David

Well, it's not as if anybody is going to be watching you pee at 30,000 feet... which is why it struck me as one of those "Why didn't anybody think of this before?" things... it just makes the toiler space seem so much lighter and more open. And I can't believe we have filed so many amazing stories on the day of Virgin Australia's launch and I am commenting on toilets!!

2 on 11/5/11 by Chloeglow

have u flown every airline available to mankind? You must be rich or they must be overpaying you. Even still, hardly worth mentioning an A380 toilet on an article about a 737...

1 on 11/5/11 by David

Hi Chloegl - alas, I have not yet flown every airline nor even every aircraft, and if that day comes I'll fret that I have spent too much time flying in tin cans and not enough time on the ground enjoying myself!

Hence, I am neither rich nor overpaid - just a fan of smart design, and putting a window into an aircraft toilet is in that category. As is the exceptional loo on Lufthansa's A380 - check out our story on it at and let me know if you disagree that you'd rather spend a penny in this compared to the average aircraft lav! :)

2 on 5/5/11 by Des01

Looks just like the Virgin America cabin to me, including the plexiglass divide. i like it though.  

3 on 5/5/11 by trishwhite

do they have foot rests????

1 on 5/5/11 by danwarne

Not on the 737 in economy, no...


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