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Cathay Pacific brings back First Class on new Boeing 777-300ERs

By David Flynn     Filed under: cathay pacific, Premium Economy, Boeing 777, Boeing 777-300ER, first class

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Cathay Pacific will reinstate first class on selected long-range Boeing 777 services this year.

The HK flag-carrier previously opted to remove the first class cabin from some Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in order to accommodate its all-new Premium Economy service, which will debut on March 1st.

“We can confirm that the aircraft to be deployed on our Toronto service starting March 2012 will consist (only) of Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class” a spokeswoman for the airline told Australian Business Traveller late last year.

However, speaking in Seattle at the launch of Cathay Pacific's first Beoing 777 fitted with premium economy, the airline's Chief Operating  Officer Ivan Chu told Australian Business Traveller that a a four-class Boeing 777 with first, business, premium economy and economy would be introduced to service New York "and in time, Los Angeles, London and Chicago and sometimes Tokyo.”

The new aircraft will contain six ‘mini-suites’ in the small but swish first class cabin, 53 seats in business class, 34 in premium economy and 182 of the revised economy seats.


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1 on 6/1/12 by toby777


2 on 6/1/12 by am

They never 'got rid' of it. They will still have some 77W's configured with J/W/Y, but this is simply the loading of the new F/J/W/Y config which was always going to happen...

1 on 6/1/12 by David

In the sense that they dropped first from selected 777s in order to accommodate J/W/Y (Cathay codes for business, premium economy and economy, respectively - for those who're wondering what's with the alphabet soup!), first was ditched.

1 on 9/1/12 by am

But they're still going ahead with the 3 class J/W/Y config, are they not? This is just the loading of the new 4 class configuration, which will emerge alongside the new three class one?

1 on 9/1/12 by David

Yep, that's right - so they'll have the three-class (sans first) and the four-class alongside one another.

3 on 10/1/12 by Al

Has CX ever flown this first class to Australia? I've only been on a few CX flights from Sydney to HK and back but none of them have ever had first class.


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