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Cathay Pacific adds extra daily Hong Kong-London Heathrow flight

By John Walton     Filed under: cathay pacific, business class, Premium Economy, london heathrow

Cathay Pacific is boosting its connections to London with a fifth daily flight from Hong Kong to Heathrow, with the airline's popular new business class and premium economy cabins on offer.

The new CX 238/239 return is set to make more seats available on morning departures from Hong Kong and evening flights from London. Each flight departs around 15-20 minutes after the existing CX257/254 flights.

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Business travellers will welcome another step towards Cathay's new business class and premium economy being available on all flights to London from Hong Kong.

The airline is using a Boeing 777-300ER plane with the airline's newest cabins on board. Only the CX252/255 flights will see a Boeing 747 with the old business class.

Travellers who prefer an overnight flight from Australia and then a productive day between Hong Kong and London will find CX239 useful. The flight leaves Hong Kong at 1025 and arrives in Heathrow at 1615 — a quarter of an hour after the previous Cathay flight.

On the return, CX238 is a handy fifteen minutes later than the previous last flight out of London. It leaves at 2235, arriving into Hong Kong at 1720. You'll still make the swift connections on CX111 (or QF128) to Sydney or CX135 (or QF30) to Melbourne.

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1 on 15/2/13 by spinoza

"Only the CX252/255 flights will see a Boeing 747 with the old business class."

The CX256/257 also uses the 744 on certain days of the week. 


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