Virgin Australia increases business class cabin baggage allowance

Virgin Australia increases business class cabin baggage allowance

EXCLUSIVE | Business class passengers travelling on Virgin Australia domestic and short-distance international flights can now take advantage of a more generous cabin baggage allowance, as can Velocity Gold and Platinum frequent flyers booked in premium economy or economy.

What is the carry-on allowance?

From January 24 2019, these guests can bring two 7kg, 105cm bags into the cabin (that’s 14kg in total) plus a personal item like a laptop satchel or a handbag without falling afoul of the airline’s carry-on baggage rules, which have become heavily enforced in recent times.

Previously, passengers could still bring two 105cm bags on board, but only up to a combined total weight of 7kg – that’s an average of just 3.5kg per bag when travelling with two bags – which saw many frustrated business travellers forced to check-in their carry-on at Premium Entry or the boarding gate.

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Virgin's move brings it into line with Qantas for business class passengers and top-tier frequent flyers on domestic trips, although Qantas has long offered the same allowance 2x7kg carry-on bags plus a personal item for all passengers, regardless of cabin class and frequent flyer status.

However, passengers without a shiny Velocity Gold or Platinum card flying premium economy or economy still face that 7kg total weight limit, again being an average of only 3.5kg per bag when carting along two bags.

In a related change, Virgin Australia also now provides the option of travelling with a single, larger bag measuring up to 115cm and weighing up to 7kg – mirroring Qantas' existing rules once more – whereas Virgin's previous policy technically limited the size of all carry-on bags to 105cm.

Virgin Australia business class passengers on international flights to Hong Kong and Los Angeles could already previously travel with 2x7kg cabin bags, with this change extending that allowance to business class travellers across the airline's entire network.

Australian Business Traveller has contacted Virgin Australia to confirm whether the improved carry-on baggage allowance also applies to Gold- and Platinum-grade members of partner airline frequent flyer programs, and will update this article when a response is received.

Chris Chamberlin
Chris Chamberlin is a senior journalist with Australian Business Traveller and lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, a theatre ticket and a glass of wine!


  • Steven Beale


    24 Jan, 2019 08:53 pm

    Wow. If Qantas had any sense they would look at upping the weight for business/plat/gold to 10kg. Im heading to Hong Kong via Sydney and have my roll on on at 7kg and a laptop bag at 2.5. I would rather pack my lap top in the 1 bag and have just that to worry about 1 roll on
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  • L Mck


    24 Jan, 2019 08:57 pm

    The overhead bins are full enough! If you are in the second half of the plane boading its hard to find space. Happy for plats & business to receive extra weight in a single bag
    Member who gave thanks


  • henrus


    24 Jan, 2019 09:15 pm

    This change also increases the size allowed for all passengers.

    Previously it was a 7kg bag with the dimensions of 48cm x 34cm x 23cm

    Now it's one 7kg bag with the dimensions 56cm x 36cm x 23cm or two smaller pieces 48cm x 34cm x 23cm (with 7kg total allowance for economy or 7kg per bag for Business, Gold, Platinum).
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  • Chris Chamberlin


    24 Jan, 2019 09:26 pm

    Hi Henrus, indeed: we’ve just simplified the numbers (56+36+23=115cm, of which you can bring one bag, or 48+34+23=105cm, for two bags).

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  • Dean


    25 Jan, 2019 12:15 am

    Have to say, I love that ABT called out Virgin on its weird allowance in that other article mentioned above, and within a matter of months Virgin updated its rules to stop being worse than Qantas, at least for those who fly a lot where it’ll make the most difference. I’m sure plenty of people also started whinging too when the scales came out at the boarding gate recently, but nice to see some sanity prevailing!

    (Hey ABT, while you’re at it, can you do something about Virgin still making people pay for soft drinks on most flights? Even the US airline’s don’t do that and they’re not exactly known for their service!)
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  • StuParr


    25 Jan, 2019 06:18 am

    Thanks to ABT for calling this out and to VA for seeing sense in making the change.
    Member who gave thanks


  • UpUpAndAway


    25 Jan, 2019 08:41 am

    I've never ever seen any of these rules enforced other then in LA with Qantas
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  • John Phillips

    John Phillips

    25 Jan, 2019 03:30 pm

    Never had any onboard weight restrictions applied by QF at all. Used to fly SYD-LHR-LAX (BA)-SYD at least 8 times a year, and multitude of domestic.
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  • Martin Doyle

    Martin Doyle

    25 Jan, 2019 07:28 pm

    I prefer to not to carry so much on board but I guess that's because I don't need the kitchen sink.

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  • Russjking


    25 Jan, 2019 09:32 pm

    7kg plus laptop bag is enough for carry-on.
    It gives everyone a fair chance with the overhead lockers.
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  • Gary Topping


    26 Jan, 2019 09:10 am

    The thing that annoys me with virgin, is the fact that each bag in E/Y is limited to 23 kgs when connecting to international B/C where I,m allowed 40 kgs, with a maximum of 32KGS on each piece. Travelling to Italy for four months I usually have 1 bag at 30kgs to check. On the domestic leg I have to pay $70 for the weight over 23kgs. I really don't want to check two bags. VA does not have the ability to purchase extra Kgs. They need to address this issue.
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  • OzDino


    26 Jan, 2019 10:04 am

    Where does the 7kg limit for carry on come from? On the cheap airlines eg Ryanair it's 10kg and Easyjet, no limit. I was once told by a BA ground attendant to remove my laptop and carry it (no bag) because my carry on was over the limit. Once on board I asked the flight attendant what do I do with my laptop and she responded "put it in your bag if there's room" ?!?
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  • Jarrod  Graetz


    27 Jan, 2019 06:55 am

    I flew with VA 3 times this week and had my carry on bag weighed for the first time..
    MEL - SYD - bags not weighed
    SYD - BNE - bags not weighed
    BNE - SYD - bags weighed, and as a platinum member was told that 'we only got the email this week about your 2x7kg limit but it must not exceed 7kg per bag' (mine was 8.5kg).
    10kg per bag would be much more handy.. It's hard to limit it to 7kg
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  • Clancy


    28 Jan, 2019 10:10 am

    Ha...I know that I'm in the wrong and if my carry on is ever weighed properly I'm in trouble. Roll on 10kg plus camera gear + computer etc 10kg+, total potentially >20kg depending on where I am going and for how long.

    Why use carry on? Way too much time over the last 30 years spent trying to find lost luggage, and smelling bad waiting.

    Lets be realistic, the 7kg is there to stop people moving home, state or country from trying to stuff all their belongings and worldly possessions into the overhead lockers.

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  • Richard  Hancock


    30 Jan, 2019 02:26 pm

    VA were very diligent in weighing my carry on luggage at LAX 2 years ago when flying premium economy.
    Flying last year with Etihad economy, my carry on weighed in at 6.9kg at check in at Sydney airport, I commented to the check in agent how it was just under the weight limit, he said not to worry as they don't enforce the weight limit unless the bag weighs over 10kg. Nice!
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25 Jun, 2019 12:18 pm


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