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  • Have traveled to Australia twice a year for 13+ years. During my time in Australia I had time for significant exposure to the culture of the country, as well as the city of Sydney. These travels also qualifies me as somewhat of a hotel rat so to speak.  With this said, and after reviewing al...

    Dec 10, 2016, 04.23 AM / Sydney Ritz-Carlton hotel set to soar at The Star

  • Took a look at AUE reservations BNE to AUE. F/C was mostly booked for the day of travel I selected. So crunched the numbers for a different view.  8 F/C pax generate a gross of $66,688.00 per flight. The 28 B/C already on aircraft will stay on aircraft so is not a financial consideration at ...

    Nov 08, 2016, 07.01 AM / Etihad Airways axes first class on Brisbane-Abu Dhabi flights

  • MRKPK:  Sorry mate, I never said or even implied that the tax was secret. In fact I pointed out that it was just another tax masquarading as a fee.  And in terms of Reserve Banks, and unless the land down under has a complete different dialogue than the rest of the world, a Bank does on...

    Jul 09, 2016, 08.29 AM / Qantas hikes credit card booking fee for business, first class flyers

  • Excuse me mates: From my viewpoint the conversation appears to have gotten off in the weeds a bit in an attempt to justify the increase in the cost of flying. For myself, I did not have to go much further in the article than the part that reads, " changes were made in response to new rules announ...

    Jul 09, 2016, 12.39 AM / Qantas hikes credit card booking fee for business, first class flyers

  • " My good lady wife" Love it.  Much like the first time I heard being "gobsmacked" during a trip to the UK.  Regional cultural colloquialisms are great. Eminere, you may consider getting out more. In any event, what caught my attention in this article was the statement, "11 abreast T/C ...

    Dec 13, 2014, 03.08 AM / Emirates expects Airbus A380neo update mid-year

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