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  • Re: the HKG route as a whole... Qantas now prefers smaller planes (A330) flying more often, rather than one giant plane (A380) arriving infrequently.This allows them to offer more services to business travelers, who appreciate having a selection of services throughout the day to choose from. This...

    Oct 08, 2017, 01.09 PM / QF MEL-HKG flight No more 747s?

  • Qantas is retiring two B747's next year, followed by three more in 2019. This will leave just six B747-400ER's in the QF stable, which they currently use for North American flights. You will never see the red roo B747's on the HKG route again.The A330-300's currently used for intra-Asia flights a...

    Oct 08, 2017, 01.00 PM / QF MEL-HKG flight No more 747s?

  • It's very hit and miss all over the world.I've never consistently experienced receiving my priority-tagged checked baggage first on the carousel, except when arriving into LAX domestically on AA! Every time... always the first bags to come out!Imagine my surprise... This is perhaps the only thing...

    Sep 28, 2017, 10.50 AM / Do "Priority" luggage tags get luggage delivered quicker?

  • Yes, you will be downgraded one tier at a time if you have insufficient status credits. In your case, you will drop from Platinum to Gold. This tiered downgrade practice is commonly known as a "soft landing" among many frequent flyer programs.In fact, it features in Virgin's program T&C's:22....

    Sep 06, 2017, 02.16 PM / Unlikely to make Platinum Status

  • Originally Posted by mspcooper : @ Russell, sorry, what does WP stand for? Hi mspcooper,The "WP" acronym is frequent flyer community shorthand for QFF Platinum. Literally, the acronym stands for "W*nker Platinum". Importantly, it's not a term of insult; it is used as a form of good-natured, self...

    Jul 16, 2017, 08.53 AM / Is Qantas Platinum that much better than Qantas Gold?

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