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  • I always go to this lounge leaving Melbourne. Normally for breakfast, which they’ll happily serve at the window seats. It is showing some a little wear but after 11 years that’s hardly surprising. It’s excellent.

    Feb 09, 2018, 04.35 PM / Qantas first class lounge, Melbourne Airport

  • Folding wingtips?

    Feb 07, 2018, 03.42 PM / Boeing primes the 797 pump at Singapore Airshow

  • I've only flown 96 once since the 787 came online and we left from one of the gates in the main terminal building. Can't recall the number, it was one of the ones at the south (El Segundo) end of the building.

    Feb 05, 2018, 09.17 PM / Alan Joyce: Qantas won't rush on follow-up Boeing 787 orders

  • I’m with you on this. The current pod design, like on the Emirates 380, Singapore, and the Qantas 330/787 sacrifices real world pitch for width and aisle access. On the Qantas design when you recline te seat moves forward, loosing vital inches for taller folks like me. It’s very cla...

    Jan 20, 2018, 07.06 PM / What do you want to see in a business class seat?

  • Agreed. Had a 20 minute wait last week on a QF 787 flight from LAX while one person changed, preened and groomed herself. 45 minutes from landing.

    Jan 20, 2018, 06.59 PM / What do you want to see in a business class seat?

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  • I do LA-MEL pretty often and get classic upgrades around 1/2 the time. I’m platinum.

    Feb 18, 2018, 05.46 PM / QF Business class upgrades changing?

  • Can’t speak for that SQ fare type but I’ve used Amex travel several times as well as Expedia to book an Eva flight credited to my SQ Kris flyer account. No issue getting the miles.

    Feb 18, 2018, 05.14 PM / Earning Miles when booking thought AMEX Travel

  • You most certainly can walk into an AT&T store now and pick up a sim. It changed a couple of years back. But why would you waste up to 1/2 a day doing that when you can have the same thing delivered to your door before leaving home. Go AT&T for decent coverage. Avoid Sprint or T-Mobile if...

    Feb 16, 2018, 03.54 PM / Best deal for SIM card in USA (mainland and Hawaii) and Canada if possible

  • Originally Posted by JOE AND CAROL I am so fed up with people who bring on board a huge amount of so called hand luggage. Airlines need to much better at stopping this. I take only what is allowed or usually a bit less and unless I have a tight connection I check my luggage. Actually it’s...

    Feb 16, 2018, 03.42 PM / Cabin baggage

  • Originally Posted by ExLibris76 Yes, it is absurd and expensive for what it is, but I'm gladly paying up just to use those e-gates and avoid face-to-face processing with U.K. immigration. My standard treatment on regular journeys to London seems to be passive/aggressive at best and (more usually...

    Jan 20, 2018, 07.35 PM / Absurd UK e-Passport Rules

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