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  • I travel in and out of Canada into the US often, the so called pre-clearance arrangements are nothing more than allowing airlines flying into of the US to use domestic gates when they arrive at their destination.  Nothing to do with increased security levels, if anything the level of checkin...

    Jul 01, 2017, 03.06 AM / Qantas, Virgin Australia flights to USA face tighter security

  • interesting. How, I wonder, will the system will know if you're in economy or business?  Seems to suggest they can link the system to the passenger manifest, else do you simply need to enter a non-economy seat number or some such thing?  I can't imagine they have the ability to physical...

    Jun 07, 2017, 06.27 PM / Emirates now offers free inflight WiFi in business, first class

  • Yeah but Qantas likely wouldn't want to put an A330 onto any of those flights.  

    Jun 02, 2017, 03.41 PM / Emirates axes Sydney-Auckland Airbus A380 flights

  • Spot on.  There are reasons to go to places like Singapore and Los Angeles irrespective of flight routes.  

    May 27, 2017, 09.29 AM / In the ultra-long haul, 'hub' airports may be left behind

  • So I don't fly to London but do LAX-Melbourne regularly.  So some December it'll be a straight option, 787 or 380.  For me 380 every time albeit the seats are really Himalayan these days.  For all the hype a 787 is really not much different to a 777 to me.  Nothing especially ...

    May 27, 2017, 09.21 AM / Qantas quizzer: will you fly to London via Dubai or Perth?

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  • Originally Posted by fallingflat : I'm on the verge on hitting platinum (right before my expiry date as well), but moving to London next month. Is it worth pursuing platinum before I leave? I plan on doing a bit of travel throughout Europe and the rest of the world in the next year... La...

    Jul 21, 2017, 03.58 PM / Is Qantas Platinum that much better than Qantas Gold?

  • The SFO lounge is not big and access to non-platinum or centurion card holders can be denied if its full. However they keep seats reserved and free for centurion card holders. 

    Jul 14, 2017, 08.17 PM / Lounge access in the USA

  • With the level of development on that side of Melbourne and long travel times across the city this is a logical initiative. Makes much more sense than Avalon ever did. 

    Jul 09, 2017, 02.48 AM / Thoughts on the proposed 3rd Melbourne airport?

  • LAX is much better than it was a few years back. The upgrades to TB have really worked, last trip in from Australia (May) I was in the car 30 minutes after arriving at the gate. With checked bag and on a paper visa, so I can't use the kiosks.  BTW, Australians living in the US can use Global...

    Jul 09, 2017, 02.41 AM / Options for flights to Dallas, other than Qantas

  • Qantas 1st is all about the bed. Their 380 business seats urgently need replacing, but the 1st class beds are super comfortable. 

    Jun 19, 2017, 02.58 PM / SYD - LAX First or Business?

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