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  • Direct SkyBus from the airport to places that aren't the city is a pretty decent idea. St Kilda is fairly so-so as a hub, but I guess there's plenty of O&D traffic there. As someone who lives just north of the city it would be nice if I could catch a SkyBus without so much backtracking. Not ...

    Apr 15, 2016, 09.43 AM / Melbourne Airport SkyBus launches new St Kilda-Airport route

  • I assume that the operators have sucked a lot of politicians' dicks to get that sweetheart deal. Heck, there's even a PTV bus stop at the airport, for the infrequent 901 bus which goes to Broadmeadows station from which you can catch a train... a good way to save ten bucks if you've got a lot of...

    Apr 15, 2016, 09.41 AM / Melbourne Airport SkyBus launches new St Kilda-Airport route

  • Makes sense, if the space can be more profitably used for passengers than cargo. Can't say I'd particularly miss windows, especially on long flights. I know Lufthansa A340s at least have a downstairs toilet, which is actually pretty nice. Going for a stroll downstairs makes a nice change to the ...

    Dec 09, 2015, 11.07 AM / New aircraft design puts passengers into the cargo hold

  • And no doubt ten-abreast up the back.

    Dec 09, 2015, 09.35 AM / United Airlines: next-gen business class for new Boeing 777-300ERs

  • Everyone praises it to the moon, I'm not that enthused.  Everywhere is a long walk from everywhere through a neverending shopping mall. You gotta go through security at the gate, which sucks. And I find it hard to navigate because every direction looks the same.  Maybe I'm nitpicking,...

    Dec 08, 2015, 10.48 AM / A beginner's guide to transiting Singapore's Changi Airport

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