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  • Expert Flyer looks like a great tool. Would it still work with alliances and code shares? That is, say if I spend SQ points on an LX flight or VA points to NZ?

    Apr 14, 2017, 11.50 AM / ExpertFlyer: your secret weapon for finding frequent flyer award flights

  • So perhaps I've missed something or not read something, but is the AusBT universe suggesting this is either:a. US Homeland Security responding to a threat with a short term, (albeit irritating,) measure.b. US airlines trying to regulate/legislate themselves out of having to compete with the ME3.c...

    Mar 22, 2017, 09.47 AM / USA bans laptops, tablets, Kindles on selected US-bound flights

  • Still don't get why more airlines don't do a paid annual lounge policy like Qantas Club.I still think AC do it the best. Two or three levels of membership, one being Canada Only, one being North America Only and a Worldwide option.That means for, (off memory,) $600 CAD, you can get access to 'any...

    Mar 21, 2017, 03.44 PM / Etihad Airways now lets you pay your way into its airport lounges

  • So basically Netflix and Spotify will get the credit cards of all Qantas flyers who aren't already subscribers? (As you need to enter that info to get the free 30 day trial).I'm not saying it's not a cool partnership, it just looks like Netflix and Spotify struck gold as far as acquiring customer...

    Feb 21, 2017, 03.41 PM / Inflight streaming: Qantas hooks up with Netflix, Spotify, Foxtel

  • Just remember that the gent who originally coined the phrase now get's paid $360,000 per year + a $93,000 'retirement allowance' (not a pension cause that's a bad word) all tax free. People like Joe 'the age of entitlements is over' (except for me) Hockey, chose this lifestyle knowing what i...

    Feb 08, 2017, 09.23 AM / Government axes lifetime free flights for former politicians

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  • Has anyone had any experience using ExpertFlyer to see award availability for either code share or alliance partner flights. For example, if I've got VA points to burn and want to get a ticket on DL from NYC to MIA, would it show me availability for those cashing in DL points, or VA points too?

    Apr 14, 2017, 01.01 PM / ExpertFlyer for Searching Code Shares and Alliances

  • Does anyone know how exactly the new partnership between Qantas? I think it's brilliant marketing for Netflix/Stan/Spotify as if, (as suspected,) you need to sign up for the 30-day trial with each, they will get the credit card details of every Qantas passenger and once the flight is over, those ...

    Mar 22, 2017, 09.54 AM / Qantas's New Buddies Netflix, Spotify and Stan

  • Just wanted to see if anyone can help remind me when the twice a year '15% bonus VA points on transfers' and/or '15% off the number of points needed' usually happens?I've got some American Express 'Ascent' points to burn.

    Feb 08, 2017, 04.32 PM / 15% Transfer Bonus and 15% Discount Bonus

  • Should be a good service through from Australia to HKG and onto TLV. Did you hear any news on pricing? Or launch specials?It is an amazing place, (regardless of your political or religious orientation, which I won't go into here for obvious reasons). 

    Feb 01, 2017, 02.52 PM / Cathay Pacific services to Tel Aviv (TLV)!

  • I was recently asked a question I thought I'd check in with the AusBT universe to see what everyone's thoughts were. What is the best use for airline points? (I ask this primarily as lowest tier VA and QF flyer). I know the worst option is rumored to be goods from the Qantas/VA store.

    Jan 30, 2017, 04.00 PM / Best use of points?

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