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  • About time. I like travelling Finnair and HEL is such an easy airport to connect in. But the lounges suffered from chronic overcrowding during certain periods of the day. I've never seen a lounge with so many people actually standing while eating/drinking.The staff would do their best - I don'...

    Feb 15, 2019, 07.40 PM / Finnair to open new Helsinki business class, Platinum Wing lounges

  • I feel in two minds about it airlines excluding top tier FF'ers from certain lounges.On the one hand, it's awful when you've paid a bomb for a premium class ticket and the lounge is so packed you can't even find a seat.But on the other I find sometimes I question striving for OneWorld Emerald whe...

    Feb 12, 2019, 07.07 AM / The rise of the 'business class only' airport lounge

  • I agree. For a two hour flight i'm more than happy with a recliner. Even a three hour one, maybe even four hours. But in MH's case some of the routes they operate the 737 on are in excess of five hours (PER-KUL and KUL-DEL for example). Put simply, I just would not fly MH on those routes in J....

    Jan 10, 2019, 11.44 AM / Malaysia Airlines plans next-generation Boeing 737 MAX business class

  • Wow the pic at the title of the article is a blast from the past - the old BMI Diamond uniform.

    Jan 04, 2019, 04.13 AM / How to book a Star Alliance round-the-world trip

  • @ ian_sh: 'Crew are all of the most senior of BA '. The LCY-JFK flights are actually crewed by LGW based crews. LGW based crews are all pretty junior with a few exceptions. LHR cabin crew and LGW long haul cabin crew used to be on the same 'old' contracts up until around 2009. At that time sh...

    Jan 01, 2019, 02.25 AM / What it’s like to travel on an all-business-class flight

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  • Sorry if a little OT but kind of along the same lines....something that I find absolutely incredulous about domestic travel in OZ (well with QF anyway) and that i've not witnessed anywhere else in the world is the ability to get onboard an aircraft without once showing any form of ID. Which has ...

    Jan 01, 2019, 02.33 AM / Qantas is cracking down on illegal buying & selling of frequent flyer points

  • When I fly on Malaysian's A330's in J they have a pretty weird J class config.....there are 30 J seats in the forward cabin. On most aircraft the 30 seats would occupy the whole cabin between the front galley and the galley at doors 2. But on MH they've squeezed the 30 seats into a smaller area...

    Dec 16, 2018, 09.31 AM / Business class passengers using the economy loo?

  • JAL Apex suites. Direct aisle access for all. Forward facing. Very private. No silly rabbit hutches or crevices to fit your feet into.

    Oct 30, 2018, 07.13 AM / What is the world's second best business class?

  • Agree to a point guys. But in CX and QF's case at least they gave a decent amount of notice that the opening date wouldn't be met. And thankfully there were other decent alternatives in T3 also. The frustrating thing with MH is that since the closure for renovations they have been publishing a re...

    Jan 29, 2018, 09.33 PM / When are Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur lounges re-opening?

  • Hey folks,Does anyone have any insider info as to when the main MH lounges in KUL will re-open?Up until yesterday the Malaysia Airlines website had posted that the lounge would be closed from Oct 2017 - 29Jan 2018. I noticed today the 29Jan 2018 has now been removed and there is no 'end' date to...

    Jan 26, 2018, 11.26 PM / When are Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur lounges re-opening?

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