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  • If I was going F or J I'd rather have one long flight where I can get comfortable rather than be interrupted mid-way, have to de-plane, drag all my stuff off with me, find something to do for 2 hours, then go through security and mill around at the gate with 300 people then re-board.If I was stuc...

    Mar 13, 2018, 12.16 PM / Qantas wants four classes, 300 passengers in ultra-long range jets

  • Maybe I'm being overly optimistic, but if you're an airline running 757s and 767s across the Atlantic, and Boeing comes along and offers you a plane with similar capacity, longer range and lower fuel burn / cost per pax I think the accountants would jump at it, 2-3-2 in Y or not.Plus the twin-ais...

    Feb 08, 2018, 08.20 AM / Boeing primes the 797 pump at Singapore Airshow

  • The 797 looks like it could be a real dark horse for Qantas - there's a lot of routes into Asia that would seem to be an ideal fit.

    Feb 08, 2018, 07.59 AM / Qantas begins daily Melbourne-Denpasar (Bali) flights

  • True - that balancing act is probably why it has taken so long to replace the 757. My understanding is that the extra range over the A321 gives airlines in the US the option of point-to-point flights further into Europe (and visa versa) - for example Dallas-Paris or Chicago-Rome. The 787-10 is st...

    Feb 07, 2018, 09.01 AM / Alan Joyce: Qantas won't rush on follow-up Boeing 787 orders

  • patrickk - last I saw Boeing was talking around a 9,000 klm range for the 797, which would happily do most parts of Asia from the eastern capitals

    Feb 06, 2018, 09.05 PM / Alan Joyce: Qantas won't rush on follow-up Boeing 787 orders

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  • At the risk of resurrecting an old thread - I have the same issue on iPad - article reads fine but comments are displaced to the right off the screen and cant be read.

    Dec 11, 2017, 07.59 AM / iPad issues

  • I think British Airways runs PE from Brisbane to London (via HK) as well. As GregXL mentioned you can go Cathay, with the option to go Virgin Atlantic from HK if you prefer

    Nov 06, 2017, 11.58 AM / Singapore Airlines premium economy, Brisbane to London

  • Qantas going down the Airbus route would mean they could pick up "regular" 350-900s or even 350-1000s as 747 replacements rather than waiting for the 777-x. The Dreamlines only carry 236 people and that might be a little too thin for some routes.

    Aug 21, 2017, 12.40 PM / Qantas to convert remaining A380 orders to A350-900ULR?

  • When you think about the Qantas experience with "ordering ahead" for the A380 and the 787, I can see why they'd go for a proven model (350ULR) third time around, rather than gamble on what the 777-X may or may not do, and any potential delivery delays.

    Aug 21, 2017, 12.32 PM / Qantas to convert remaining A380 orders to A350-900ULR?

  • Originally Posted by RealKid : I think you're missing the obvious. "Like a Virgin."  On Repeat.  The whole flight. Love it!.However if people wanted just a little more variety, they could always intersperse it with "Higher with You" by The Screaming Jets

    Jun 02, 2017, 12.29 PM / Virgin Australia boarding music

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