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  • The only real problem I see is the layout of the toilets but other than that it looks like a good Premium Economy product. Standard legroom, above-standard width, cradle recline and generous seat amenity. Not revolutionary but certainly an upgrade over the current product..I admit I am not a fan ...

    Feb 23, 2017, 11.10 AM / First photos: Qantas Boeing 787 premium economy seats

  • "No airline (to my knowledge) today has lie flats on a 737."United and Delta both have BE Parallel Diamond seats on a 757, which has the same cabin width as a 737.Even BE Apex suites could fit on a 737 (just). 

    Feb 18, 2017, 03.46 PM / Virgin Australia hints at new Boeing 737 domestic business class

  • Premium transcon services on narrowbody flights, kind of like AA's A321T subfleet? That would be very cool and innovative. You could even fit Virgin's "3.5 class" arrangement from international flights onto the jet (The Business, Premium, Economy Space Plus, Economy). I wonder though... will...

    Feb 17, 2017, 12.18 PM / Virgin Australia hints at new Boeing 737 domestic business class

  • SQ probably wanted the additional capacity. The A350-1000 is around 365 pax, the 777-9 is about 400 pax. That said, I would've wagered on the A350-1000 myself. Perhaps SQ will order -1000s as well to serve routes that don't need the 777-9s capacity but do need more than the A350-900s?

    Feb 10, 2017, 02.41 AM / Singapore Airlines orders Boeing 777-9 plus more 787-10s

  • "A tightening of entitlements for federal politicians will see the 'Gold Pass' travel card scrapped immediately, despite the protestations of some Coalition MPs who are perhaps eying their own retirement in the not-too-distant future."Surely it isn't only Coalition MPs who complained about t...

    Feb 07, 2017, 10.16 PM / Government axes lifetime free flights for former politicians

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  • Virgin's results are rather sad; they're a good airline and competition is healthy for the aviation market. I honestly don't know how Virgin can 'fix' themselves but I do think an obvious problem they have, and even they recognize having it, is that they have an excessively complicated fleet...

    Feb 18, 2017, 01.40 PM / What's your take on today's Virgin Australia results and announcements?

  • From what I know, Virgin's domestic operations are pretty profitable; its the international ops where they are getting hammered. Correct me if I'm wrong here.The 737 Max is thus arguably not really necessary just yet. They have relatively new 737-800s so that puts them on parity with QF. They can...

    Feb 17, 2017, 02.14 PM / Virgin 737 MAX delay

  • Originally Posted by DBPZ : It has been 5 months since HNA bought some share of VA, but no substantial link was established between VA and the subsidiaries of HNA, like code-sharing flights, mileages earning and lounge access. Will HNA eventually kick in or the interest is only on the capital in...

    Nov 29, 2016, 04.29 PM / When will Virgin's HNA partnership kick in?

  • Apparently one of the un-refurbished A330-200s is going to the Australian government. Another may be going back to its lessor.At least that's what I've heard. If anyone wishes to correct me I welcome it. 

    Nov 22, 2016, 12.59 AM / Qantas Airbus A330 upgrades

  • Originally Posted by Himeno : The 787 isn't "designed" for 9 across at all. The majority of airlines (all but JL now) have decided to install 9 across instead of the 8 across the aircraft was designed for. Boeing's own diagrams show the 787 with a 9-abreast layout, with 18" aisles and 17.2" seat...

    Nov 16, 2016, 12.45 PM / Qantas 787 Economy Seat Width: Number Fudging?

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