• Boeing partners with Aerion to accelerate AS2 supersonic business jet

    Boeing is putting its weight behind efforts to develop a next-generation supersonic jet and start shuttling business travellers from A to B, fast. The move marks Boeing’s return to supersonics since the ill-fated Boeing 2707, for which several airlines – including Qantas &ndas...

    POSTED 7 Feb, 2019 2 Comments

  • Boom expects first supersonic test flight this year

    Supersonic startup Boom plans to begin test flights this year ahead of a commercial debut for its needle-like Overture jet in 2023. With an array of Silicon Valley investors tipping a fresh US$100m into Boom’s bank account, the company aims to send its XB-1 demonstrator into the skies be...

    POSTED 8 Jan, 2019 13 Comments

  • Supersonic Qantas jet would have flown to Singapore in three hours

    It’s the Concorde-beater which could have let you fly between Sydney and Singapore in under three hours on a supersonic Qantas jet – less time than it’d take to travel from Sydney to Perth. And given the time difference, you’d leave Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane after bre...

    POSTED 2 Jan, 2019 0 Comments

  • Bremont's Supersonic watch contains an actual piece of a BA Concorde

    Watches may ostensibly serve to tell the time, but their ticking heart is really more about telling a story – and this new collaboration between Bremont and British Airways has quite the story. The limited-edition Supersonic watch contains part of a Concorde. Yes, an actual slice of a fu...

    POSTED 25 Oct, 2018 3 Comments

  • New supersonic engine ready for faster-than-sound private jets

    General Electric has completed its initial design for the first commercial supersonic aircraft engine in decades, a major hurdle for developing private planes and, perhaps eventually, jetliners that fly faster than the speed of sound. The twin-shaft, twin-fan design will slash travel times by ho...

    POSTED 16 Oct, 2018 0 Comments

  • Boeing wants to blast past the Concorde with ‘hypersonic' jet

    London to New York in two hours? Sydney to Europe in five hours? That could be the schedule for business travellers from the late 2030s if Boeing’s plans for ‘hypersonic’ commercial travel take wing. Bigger than a conventional private jet but smaller than a Boeing 737, the slee...

    POSTED 28 Jun, 2018 7 Comments

  • NASA's 'X-plane' supersonic jet promises more zoom, less boom

    An experimental supersonic 'X-plane' developed by NASA will take flight in 2021 with a top speed of almost 1,600km/h but create a sound "about as loud as a car door closing," the agency promises. Business jets are expected to be first adopters of the design, a prototype of which will be construc...

    POSTED 5 Apr, 2018 1 Comment

  • Aerion's AS2 supersonic private business jet gets a boost

    Aerion's plans to launch a supersonic business jet could pick up speed following a joint venture with Lockheed Martin to build the a private jet that flies faster than the speed of sound. It’s the first time Aerion, backed by Texas billionaire Robert Bass, has sought outside financi...

    POSTED 18 Dec, 2017 0 Comments

  • Japan Airlines shows supersonic ambition by backing Boom jet

    JAL has become the second airline to back the Boom supersonic jet startup, with a US$10 million investment and the option to buy as many as 20 of the 'next-gen Concorde'  aircraft. Boom plans to build a commercial supersonic jet with 45 to 55 all-business class seats that cru...

    POSTED 5 Dec, 2017 3 Comments

  • Qantas CEO says supersonic flights can’t go the distance

    Given the fierce rivalry between Qantas and Virgin Australia, it should have been predictable that once Virgin CEO John Borghetti voiced his confidence in a supersonic future, Alan Joyce would share a contrary view. “We would have been very keen to have supersonic aircraft, but there is a ...

    POSTED 27 Oct, 2017 16 Comments

  • Virgin Australia CEO Borghetti bullish on supersonic Boom flights

    Virgin Australia chief John Borghetti feels the need: the need for speed. Supersonic speed, as it turns out – and he reckons we'll have it ready for commercial flights inside of ten years. While Qantas, Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines, alongside Airbus and Boeing, push the envelope ...

    POSTED 4 Oct, 2017 0 Comments

  • Can the supersonic Boom jet beat the Concorde's economics?

    Ask a harried air traveler about the basics of modern flight, and you’ll probably elicit surprise when they discover commercial airplanes fly only as fast as they did in the 1950s. Given the range of aerospace advances in the past half-century, plus the technological leaps in almost every ...

    POSTED 25 Sep, 2017 6 Comments

  • From Sydney to Hong Kong in less than four supersonic hours?

    Want to zip from Sydney to Hong Kong in barely four hours? That's not only less than half of the nine hours usually needed for this trip, it's also quicker than it takes to fly between Sydney and Perth. The founder and CEO of supersonic startup Boom has cited routes like Sydney-Hong Kong as ide...

    POSTED 6 Jan, 2017 16 Comments

  • Get ready for Virgin Supersonic as Richard Branson backs Boom jet

    UPDATE | The return of commercial supersonic flights is one step closer following this week's reveal of the Boom XB-1 'supersonic demonstrator' in Colorado, USA. Backed by Brit billionaire Sir Richard Branson, who has an option to buy the first 10 of these next-gen Concordes, this mockup 'B...

    POSTED 18 Nov, 2016 24 Comments

  • Concorde auction: score some supersonic swag for your office or home

    You may never have flown in the revolutionary Concorde, but here's a chance to bring a bit of the supersonic bird into your life as a piece of bragworthy bric-a-brac for your office or home. "What's this?" asks a visitor. "Oh, that's just the machmeter from a Concorde, a little something I pi...

    POSTED 13 Sep, 2016 2 Comments

  • 'Spike' private supersonic business jet aims for 2018 take-off

    'Fly faster, do more' – that's the new mantra for supersonic travel, and if US-based Spike Aerospace has its way business travellers could once again be jet-setting faster than the speed of sound as early as 2018. But unlike the famous Concorde supersonic cruiser grounded in...

    POSTED 4 Feb, 2014 3 Comments


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