• Apple's iPhone 8 to add 3D facial scanning to fingerprint unlock

    Apple is working on a feature that will let you unlock your iPhone using your face instead of a fingerprint. For its redesigned iPhone 8, set to go on sale later this year, Apple is testing an improved security system that allows users to log in, authenticate payments, and launch secure apps by ...

    POSTED 4 Jul, 2017 2 Comments

  • iPhone voice apps compared: Siri vs Google Assistant

    Google Assistant brings Google's AI smarts to the iPhone, but Siri is still better for Apple users. Some people think Google's virtual assistant beats Siri in reliability and capability. That may be true on Google's own devices, like the Pixel smartphone, but the Assistant is hobbled on the iPho...

    POSTED 19 May, 2017 0 Comments

  • Charge your iPhone on a Qantas flight without your USB cable

    Ever boarded a Qantas flight with your iPhone battery perilously low after a long day on the go, but didn't pack the necessary USB cable to recharge your iPhone during the flight? Of course you have. It's Murphy's Law: The Business Traveller Edition. You've probably also jumped onto a flight an...

    POSTED 3 Apr, 2017 6 Comments

  • First Look: Apple iPhone 7 has two cameras but no headphone socket

    Apple’s annual iPhone launch has pullback the curtains on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which will hit Aussie streets on September 16 alongside the new Apple Watch 2. As expected, neither of the 7 twins represents a massive leap forward from last year’s 6S series – the genera...

    POSTED 8 Sep, 2016 16 Comments

  • How to create an 'Unread' email folder for your iPhone, iPad

    TECH TIP | Smartphones are great for keeping on top of your email throughout the day, but if you’ve got several email accounts – as most people do – then you’d probably welcome a way to quickly see all new and unread emails from every account at a glance. That’s an ...

    POSTED 18 Aug, 2016 3 Comments

  • How 'low power mode' can cut your iPhone's global roaming costs

    TRAVEL TIP | Apple’s ‘low power mode’ on newer iPhones running iOS 9 is of course a great way to extend your phone’s battery life when out and about, but for business travellers, flicking it on while abroad can shave many megabytes – and therefore, dollars – fr...

    POSTED 17 May, 2016 4 Comments

  • How to save emergency medical information in your iPhone

    TRAVEL TIP | With today’s breed of smartphones practically focusing on everything other than making telephone calls, it should come as no surprise that Apple iPhones can double as your emergency contact card. That’s thanks to a nifty ‘Medical ID’ feature in Apple’s ...

    POSTED 11 Jan, 2016 4 Comments

  • Using the iPhone

    TRAVEL TIP | Crossing time zones isn’t the only way to interrupt a good night’s sleep – forgetting to switch your phone to silent while you rest, particularly when you’re less-than-awake after a 24 hour flight, can be just as disruptive. That’s particularly so in ci...

    POSTED 4 Jan, 2016 1 Comment

  • Apple's hidden iPhone software setting could hammer your data usage

    TECHNOLOGY | Apple's new iOS 9 software for the iPhone and iPad contains a hidden sting which could send your roaming data bill through the roof. Dubbed Wi-Fi Assist, it ensures your iDevice uses a 3G or 4G data connection instead of wireless networking if the WiFi signal is deemed to ...

    POSTED 1 Oct, 2015 2 Comments

  • 10 things you need to know about Apple's new iOS 9

    Launching towards the end of this year, Apple’s latest iOS 9 operating system for iPhones and iPads packs plenty of new features plus useful and time-saving tweaks to existing ones. Here’s what we're looking forward to. 1. Battery life gets a boost Nobody's going to argue with addi...

    POSTED 9 Jun, 2015 5 Comments


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