• Will your next iPad be the new downsized iPad Pro?

    As expected, Apple unveilled a smaller iPad Pro overnight. And while we're not buying into the company's hype that this is "the ultimate PC replacement," the souped-up 9.7 inch iPad Pro will certainly see many conventional earlier-model iPads put out to pasture. Apple has in effect dropped the o...

    POSTED 22 Mar, 2016 6 Comments

  • iPad Pro: Apple supersizes the tablet

    TRAVEL TECH | With the overnight launch of the iPad Pro, Apple is hoping that the next big thing in tablets will be – well, big. 12.9 inches big, to be precise. That's only slightly less than the screen size of the 13 inch MacBook Air (which is in fact 13.3 inches measured on the di...

    POSTED 10 Sep, 2015 25 Comments

  • 10 things you need to know about Apple's new iOS 9

    Launching towards the end of this year, Apple’s latest iOS 9 operating system for iPhones and iPads packs plenty of new features plus useful and time-saving tweaks to existing ones. Here’s what we're looking forward to. 1. Battery life gets a boost Nobody's going to argue with addi...

    POSTED 9 Jun, 2015 5 Comments

  • In-flight reading: iPad, Kindle, magazines or a good book?

    So you're off on (another) business trip. You've settled into your seat on the plane, with many hours stretching ahead of you. You reach into your carry-on bag and pull out – what? An iPad? A Kindle? The latest issue of your favourite magazine, or a book? It certainly seems that books, at...

    POSTED 24 Sep, 2014 9 Comments

  • Get Qantas, Virgin Australia points when you buy Apple iPhones, iPads, iTunes content

    As of this week Apple customers can now earn either Qantas or Virgin Australia frequent flyer points when buying iPhones, iPads, MacBook laptops and iMac desktops, along with iTunes content such as movies, music and apps. So why not pocket some frequent flyer points with your next Apple pur...

    POSTED 15 Aug, 2014 6 Comments

  • How Apple's iPad shaped a world of tablet-toting travellers

    TALKING POINT | A certain date slipped by last week without any recognition, let alone fanfare. April 3 marked four years since the Apple iPad made its debut, and it’s difficult to imagine any piece of technology in recent years that’s had a greater impact on the business travel...

    POSTED 7 Apr, 2014 8 Comments

  • Microsoft Office for iPad is free (kinda) and ready to download

    TRAVEL TECH | Microsoft's Office suite has finally reached the iPad, with an iOS version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint launched overnight and now available as a free download. Yes, 'free' – as long as all you'll be doing is reading documents. (Microsoft says this also includes making ...

    POSTED 28 Mar, 2014 7 Comments

  • Google offers free Quickoffice app for iPhone, iPad and Android

    If you're often hit by the headache of working with Microsoft Office documents on your iPhone, iPad or Android-powered device, Google is about to get you smiling again. The online supremo is now offering its Quickoffice mobile app, which let users create, view and edit Microsoft O...

    POSTED 20 Sep, 2013 0 Comments

  • American Airlines pilots swap paper for iPads

    American Airlines pilots have ditched 18kg of manuals for a single iPad, with every cockpit in every AA plane now sporting an 'electronic flight bags' featuring Apple's all-conquering tablet. Similar to the system which Qantas is working on with Airbus's suite of iPad cockpit apps, which wi...

    POSTED 25 Jun, 2013 1 Comment

  • Video: American Airlines puts Apple iPads in the cockpit

    American Airlines is swapping volumes of flight manuals for a single iPad as the airline rolls out the first of its 'electronic flight bags' featuring Apple's all-conquering tablet. Similar to the system which Qantas is working on with Airbus's suite of iPad cockpit apps, which will be inst...

    POSTED 22 Mar, 2013 0 Comments


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