• A bow, a kiss or a handshake: how to greet overseas business contacts

    Customs and etiquette for meeting and greeting colleagues and counterparts from other cultures vary widely across the world. On the one hand, savvy business travellers find it useful to fit into other cultural situations. On the other, it's important to avoid cringeworthy displays of cultural in...

    POSTED 22 May, 2013 0 Comments

  • What power point plug do I need around the world?

    Business travellers cart a fair amount of electronic kit with them these days. Between laptops, BlackBerrys, iPhones, cellphones, PDAs, tablets and even portable projectors and printers, there's a lot to plug in and charge up. But how do you know if your plug will fit — or if it's even saf...

    POSTED 28 Oct, 2011 2 Comments

  • How to survive a red-eye flight in economy

    Red-eye flights leave late, arrive early, cross several time zones and don't give you enough time for a proper sleep. Whether it's Perth to Sydney, Los Angeles to Washington DC, or New York to London, these overnight flights are a one-way ticket to exhaustion -- especially when you're trave...

    POSTED 21 Feb, 2011 0 Comments

  • How to use your Australian iPad 3G in the USA

    Using your iPad 3G in the US is by far the easiest way to get connected while you're out and about there. Apple designed the iPad to be an unlocked device to be used with any prepaid 3G provider, so you won't run into any of the artificial roadblocks put up by US networks to stop people from usin...

    POSTED 4 Nov, 2010 1 Comment


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