• Paklite unveils new 'Altitude' luggage range

    Paklite’s new ‘Altitude’ range of hard-shell suitcases have hit the streets and skies, with both cabin and checked bags now on sale. All bags come in both Cool Copper and Gun Metal metallic finishes – making them easier to spot at baggage claim – while the 115cm, $2...

    POSTED 27 Mar, 2015 2 Comments

  • Leader of the carry-on pack: top tips for travelling light

    There's nothing like the freedom of flying with only one or two carry-on bags as your travel companion. No checked luggage to slow you down. No waiting at baggage carousels or having your bags head to Hawaii when you're in Hong Kong. You can walk straight off the plane, out of the airport and b...

    POSTED 16 May, 2014 6 Comments

  • In search of the perfect carry-on bag

    Business travellers put a lot of thought into picking the perfect carry-on bag, and that's as it should be. For the frequent flyer, the right hand luggage lets you zip through security, make an overnight trip without the time-consuming hassle of checked bags – and keep your gear safe ...

    POSTED 29 Apr, 2014 19 Comments

  • Travel tip: how to safely pack wine in your luggage

    One of the many joys of travel is the opportunity to sample new wines and bring back some bottles of the best for yourself or friends. We've been known to pick up a top bottle of Argentinian Malbec or French Côtes du Rhone while on a business trip, and after much trial and error (especiall...

    POSTED 2 Jan, 2014 8 Comments

  • How to pack like a pro: roll some clothes, fold others

    Since the suitcase was invented (and certainly since business travellers have tried to squeeze everything they need into a carry-on sized one), packing to avoid wrinkles has been top of the list. Rolling certain types of clothes rather than folding them helps to save space in your luggage -- and...

    POSTED 15 Aug, 2012 3 Comments

  • Five top pieces of travel gear we rate in 2012

    Every so often  at Australian Business Traveller we take a look at the bits of travel kit we take on the road, and share them with you. Here's a mid-year round-up of the five pieces of gear that have made my travels in 2012 faster, easier, and smoother so far. Now some of this isn't n...

    POSTED 8 Aug, 2012 4 Comments

  • Save time when packing: keep essentials in your carry-on at home

    Hate packing? We'll let you into a secret: so do we! That's why the Australian Business Traveller team is always on the lookout to make one of business travel's more frustrating tasks faster, easier and with less faff. One of the tricks I'm very fond of is never fully unpacking. Don't...

    POSTED 25 Jun, 2012 6 Comments

  • Malaysia Airlines changes bag rules, set to join oneworld in Q4

    Malaysia Airlines says its plans to join the oneworld airline alliance are firmly on track, with MAS spokesman Ismadi Yusuff confirming to Australian Business Traveller that the airline "will join oneworld in Q4." MAS also highlighted that its flights have been added to the onewor...

    POSTED 17 May, 2012 3 Comments

  • What to look for when buying a carry-on bag

    Business travellers put a lot of thought into picking the perfect carry-on bag. That's as it should be. For the frequent flyer, the right hand luggage lets you zip through security, make an overnight trip without the time-consuming hassle of checked bags (especially if you pack efficiently)...

    POSTED 22 Feb, 2012 7 Comments

  • Australian airlines' carry-on baggage limits - and what they mean

    Confused by how much hand luggage you can take on an Australian airline? Or trying to find out what "115cm bag plus personal item" means? We've updated our handy reference guide for the major Australian airlines (Qantas and Virgin Australia, plus Jetstar, Rex and Skywest), explaining the limits ...

    POSTED 10 Feb, 2012 6 Comments

  • Air NZ goes low-cost carrier with "seat only" domestic fares

    Air New Zealand is going low-cost carrier as its trans-Tasman "Seats to Suit" offering spreads to domestic fares, with entry fares losing checked luggage and being restricted to only 7kg of carry-on baggage. From 29 November, the basic fare will lose 23kg of checked baggage allowance, and you'll...

    POSTED 28 Nov, 2011 0 Comments

  • Useful or useless: do packing cubes help with your carry-on bag?

    Packing cubes are lightweight mini-cases that sit inside your existing hand luggage. The idea behind them is that you just open your carry-on and pull out the packing cube you need (for shirts or trousers, say) rather than having to dig through your entire case. Your clothes are also somewhat pr...

    POSTED 19 Aug, 2011 0 Comments

  • World's lightest carry-on luggage

    It comes as a surprise to many travellers when they first weigh their cabin bag empty -- the average heavy-duty nylon business wheel-aboard weighs about 5KG! That leaves a piffling 2KG for the contents of the bag, given Qantas and Virgin Australia's weight limit of 7KG. It then becomes obvious ...

    POSTED 20 Jul, 2011 3 Comments

  • Suitcases and bags: two wheels or four?

    If you want a fiery debate along the lines of Holden vs Ford or Windows vs Mac, host a barbeque with some frequent travellers and bring up the issue of two wheel vs four wheel roller bags. You may be surprised by the strength of the responses. Some people really resent those who aren't licensed ...

    POSTED 18 Jul, 2011 5 Comments

  • In the USA? How to avoid checked bag fees in the land of the luggage charge

    If you're surprised by the amount of stuff that people bring with them on a plane in the USA, here's the reason why: on just about every airline, there's a charge to check even your first piece of hold luggage. No wonder US "road warriors" roll their trusty wheeled luggage down the aisle (and ov...

    POSTED 30 May, 2011 2 Comments

  • Top tips to reduce the risk of lost luggage

    Sooner or later, everyone travelling on business has their luggage lost. While airlines are generally getting better at keeping track of your bags, there are some steps you can take to avoid the inconvenience and frustration of lost baggage. Before you leave home Try to fit your luggage into a ...

    POSTED 27 Apr, 2011 5 Comments

  • How to pack your carry-on like a flight attendant

    We've recently written about the virtues of rolling your clothes to save space in luggage, but nobody has illustrated this as well as flight attendant Heather Poole. Poole, who has worked for an unnamed major US airline for 14 years, flying back and forth between New York and Los Angeles (where ...

    POSTED 11 Apr, 2011 1 Comment

  • How to use contact lens holders to carry small amounts of liquids, gels and creams

    Heading away for a short business trip and frustrated by how much of your carry-on luggage your liquids bag is taking up? Use a contact lens holder to take only a bit with you for a short business trip. Contact lens holders are leakproof, light and compact. That makes them perfect for transporti...

    POSTED 29 Mar, 2011 1 Comment


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