• Here are the best wines of the 2017 vintage from Bordeaux

    Bordeaux suffered from a terrible growing season in 2017, resulting in a small – though, in some cases, truly special – collection of wines. Severe frosts stretched over several nights in late April last year, with the worst frost in 26 years decimating vines and drastically redu...

    POSTED 27 Aug, 2018 1 Comment

  • Malaysia Airlines partners with high-speed TGV trains in France

    Malaysia Airlines passengers heading to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on the carrier’s flagship Airbus A380 can now connect onwards on high-speed TGV trains to destinations such as Lyon, Marseille and Strasbourg on a single airline ticket. Jetsetters will be able to check-in at their fir...

    POSTED 13 Oct, 2014 4 Comments

  • Why some international lounges in Europe are before passport control

    If you're flying around Europe, especially to the UK, make sure you know where the lounge is -- many of them are before passport control, and you might not be allowed back through to go to the lounge. It's all because of the Schengen system, where most of continental Europe has open internal bor...

    POSTED 1 Aug, 2013 4 Comments

  • A bow, a kiss or a handshake: how to greet overseas business contacts

    Customs and etiquette for meeting and greeting colleagues and counterparts from other cultures vary widely across the world. On the one hand, savvy business travellers find it useful to fit into other cultural situations. On the other, it's important to avoid cringeworthy displays of cultural in...

    POSTED 22 May, 2013 0 Comments

  • Air France chooses Cathay-style seat for new business class

    Air France will upgrade its aging business class to adopt Cathay Pacific's award-winning business class seats (based on the Zodiac Sicma Cirrus design) giving passengers a fully flat sleeping experience plus direct aisle access on its flights. The French flag-carrier will customis...

    POSTED 15 Jan, 2013 15 Comments

  • Qantas-Emirates alliance: how Germany, France flights will work

    If you're travelling to France or Germany after the Qantas-Emirates alliance comes into effect in April 2013, you'll have a raft of new one-stop flights opening up. Qantas is axing Frankfurt flights, cutting its ties with Air France and reducing its reliance on British Airways' Heathrow hub as i...

    POSTED 25 Sep, 2012 12 Comments

  • France's TGV high-speed trains: everything you need to know

    When travelling around France on business, the 320 km/h high-speed TGV trains are faster and more comfortable than flying between just about any pair of cities. With a TGV station inside Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport (and many other airports), you can be off the plane and onto the train in re...

    POSTED 19 Sep, 2012 0 Comments

  • Emirates: new flights and better seats to Europe and Africa

    In addition to its new Adelaide flights and plans to provide Perth travellers with a triple-daily schedule to Dubai, Emirates is also expanding the all-important European and African connections that Australians use. London (Heathrow), Barcelona, Madrid, Moscow, Lyon, Warsaw, Lusaka and Harare g...

    POSTED 9 Jul, 2012 2 Comments

  • New French law: breathalysers required in all cars, even rentals

    If you're renting a car in France, be warned: you need to check that a third piece of ostensible safety equipment -- a breathalyser -- is present, or risk a fine. Breathalyser kits are required in every French car as of 1 July 2012, though the fine for not having one won't be imposed until 1 Nov...

    POSTED 3 Jul, 2012 0 Comments

  • When are overseas businesses likely to be closed over Easter?

    Key supplier closed for business at Easter? Out of office reply saying your contact will be away for a week? Easter is a public holiday in many countries, and business trips to many countries are disrupted by absent counterparts and contacts. Planning around Easter is tricky for business travell...

    POSTED 30 Mar, 2012 0 Comments

  • PHOTO TOUR: stylish Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel suites, Paris

    Paris' Mandarin Oriental has unveiled its sumptuously decorated suites, following the hotel's opening earlier this year. If your budget swings to it, especially if you have the time to enjoy them, they look absolutely stunning. The Mandarin Oriental Paris is located at 250 Rue Saint-Honor&eacu...

    POSTED 2 Dec, 2011 1 Comment

  • TravelSIM slashes data roaming rates in Europe

    Australian global roaming SIM card firm TravelSIM has announced it has dropped its prices for data roaming in Europe by more than 70%. Previously, it was charging US$3.60 per megabyte in Europe, but now, it will only charge US$1 per megabyte. At current exchange rates, that's only 93c per megaby...

    POSTED 14 Jul, 2011 1 Comment

  • Tep Wireless offers affordable data roaming in Europe

    A UK-based data roaming company says it believes renting modems and smartphones will become as commonplace for international travellers as hire cars and flight bookings.   Tep Wireless provides business travellers visiting Europe with a rent-a-modem service so they can avoid huge data roami...

    POSTED 13 Jul, 2011 0 Comments

  • How to divert your mobile through Skype to avoid global roaming fees

    There's a golden trick that tech-savvy travellers have been using for years to avoid global roaming fees. Put simply, you divert your Australian mobile number to a Skype number, which in turn diverts to your overseas mobile number.  As a result, you avoid global roaming fees altogether. Y...

    POSTED 9 Jun, 2011 18 Comments

  • Abroadband: data roaming in 50 countries for 81c/MB

    The walls around global roaming costs continue to tumble down, with a new data roaming service available to travellers offering data at 81c/MB in more than 50 countries. The only catch? The SIM cards can only be delivered to European addresses at present, so it'll only be suitable for Australian...

    POSTED 8 Jun, 2011 2 Comments

  • Droam: Europe-wide data roaming for $88 a month

    If you're planning a trip to Europe, you might be wondering how to get internet access on the move cheaply without having to buy prepaid 3G SIM cards in each country. The answer? Droam -- a company that rents out portable 3G/Wi-Fi hotspots for use across Europe, with rates that simply cannot be ...

    POSTED 12 Apr, 2011 3 Comments

  • MaxRoam: cheap global roaming voice and data across Europe

    If you're travelling to Europe soon, you should check out the MaxRoam global roaming SIM card. It replaces the SIM from your Australian carrier, and gives you much cheaper phone calls -- and also relatively cheap internet access on your smartphone. The countries MaxRoam provides cheap global roa...

    POSTED 29 Mar, 2011 2 Comments

  • Unlimited roaming data in 32 countries: new service

    A new service is offering unlimited mobile internet access in 32 countries around the world for a flat daily fee — adding yet another nail to the coffin of telcos' inflated global roaming data fees. We've recently covered some solutions to the problem of high data roaming fees (typically $...

    POSTED 24 Mar, 2011 0 Comments

  • Jamaica to open 'Ian Fleming International Airport'

    New York's international airport (and the USA's busiest) is named after John F. Kennedy. Paris chose to honour French republican and president Charles de Gaulle. And Jamaica? It's set to open an international airport named for author Ian Fleming, who wrote all of the James Bond books on the tiny...

    POSTED 22 Nov, 2010 0 Comments

  • Sacre bleu: more airline strikes to hit France

    If you're jetting into France this weekend we strongly suggest you double-check your flights. French pilots and flight attendants are set to strike for four days, beginning this Friday November 5th. The full impact of the strikes on air traffic is still hard to predict, but going from previous...

    POSTED 1 Nov, 2010 0 Comments


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