• Boeing 797 will be a mid-sized mass-market jetliner

    Right now, the Boeing 797 is a ‘paper plane’ – a concept existing purely in hand-drawn sketches and digital pixels. But the aircraft manufacturer could greenlight its next-gen jetliner as early as next year, with first commercial flights in 2025. Boeing will position the 797 b...

    POSTED 12 Mar, 2017 18 Comments

  • Photos: Inside a Boeing 787 private VIP jet

    Why settle for a pint-sized private jet when you can have one of the world's most advanced commercial jetliners parked in your hangar? That's clearly the philosophy of one very well-heeled flyer who has bought a Boeing 787 as his (or her) private jet.  It's a bespoke version of the Dream...

    POSTED 28 Dec, 2016 22 Comments

  • Photos: Apple, Qantas designer Marc Newson's private Boeing jet

    If you're going to plonk down the mega-dollars for a private jet, why settle for an off-the-rack interior when you can have one of the world's foremost designers create a bespoke cabin? Marc Newson – best known among the flying fraternity for his work on the Qantas Airbus A380, and now hel...

    POSTED 30 May, 2016 10 Comments

  • Virgin Australia begins countdown to new Boeing 737 MAX jets

    Boeing revealed its new 737 MAX jet overnight, with Virgin Australia set to start flying the fuel-efficient jet in 2018. Designed as a replacement for the Boeing 737-800, which is the domestic workhorse of both Virgin Australia and Qantas, Boeing claims the 737 8 MAX will be sip 20% less fuel th...

    POSTED 9 Dec, 2015 9 Comments

  • Boeing patents 12-across business class seating

    Is Boeing set to put the squeeze on high-paying passengers? A US patent application filed by the aircraft manufacturer reveals a radical new design for business class seating which could stack as many as 12 travellers into a single row. The 'high-density' arrangement would rely on aircraft...

    POSTED 30 Nov, 2015 41 Comments

  • Boeing Sky Commuter 'flying car' prototype sells for over $70,000

    That private jet will seem so passé if you could park Boeing's Sky Commuter flying car in your garage. Looking like something from The Jetsons crossed with Battlestar Galactica (the shiny and silly '70s version, not the gritty 2004 reboot) – and a dash of Th...

    POSTED 6 Jul, 2015 7 Comments

  • Boeing 747-8 to become the new Air Force One

    Boeing's 747-8 will become the next generation Air Force One, with two of the highly modified jets due to fly around 2021.  The Pentagon confirmed the decision overnight, according to The Wall Street Journal, and will see the retirement of the US President's current Boeing 747-200 plan...

    POSTED 29 Jan, 2015 21 Comments

  • Boeing’s new ‘Space Bins’ offer 50% more storage

    Unveiled today, Boeing's new ‘Space Bins’ could give travellers 50% more storage space than the current ‘Pivot Bins’ found on Qantas' and Virgin Australia's newer Boeing 737 aircraft. Capable of squeezing in six bags per locker – up from the Pivot Bins’ four &...

    POSTED 11 Jul, 2014 4 Comments

  • Beyond the Dreamliner: Boeing's vision for commercial space travel

    Boeing is getting into the space race with a next-gen capsule which provides a sneak peek into the future of commercial space travel. American astronauts are set to take the reins of Boeing's CST-100 Crew Space Transportation vehicle in early 2017, beginning with simple test flights bu...

    POSTED 13 May, 2014 3 Comments

  • The best seats on a Boeing 777? Try the upstairs bunk beds!

    The best seats on a Boeing 777 might not be at the pointy end of the plane – they could in fact be the 'secret' bunk beds nestled upstairs above the economy section. Welcome to the compact crew rest cabin in Boeing's long-range 777-300ER, where flight attendants can stretch out and sleep b...

    POSTED 27 Dec, 2013 12 Comments


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