• Using the iPhone

    TRAVEL TIP | Crossing time zones isn’t the only way to interrupt a good night’s sleep – forgetting to switch your phone to silent while you rest, particularly when you’re less-than-awake after a 24 hour flight, can be just as disruptive. That’s particularly so in ci...

    POSTED 4 Jan, 2016 1 Comment

  • Virgin Australia launches new iPhone app

    Virgin Australia's latest iPhone and iPad app is everything you'd expect from the airline, and goes way beyond the 'latest deals' nature of its Flight Specials app. Travellers can track their upcoming flights, see their Velocity Frequent Flyer points and status credits balance and even call fo...

    POSTED 16 Dec, 2015 13 Comments

  • Apple Pay launches in Australia: what you need to know

    Australian iPhones and Apple Watches can now virtually replace physical American Express credit cards following the launch of Apple Pay in partnership with American Express Australia. It’s as simple as linking your compatible iPhone or Apple Watch with your American Express-issued card and...

    POSTED 19 Nov, 2015 11 Comments

  • Buy an iPhone 6, get Qantas & Virgin Australia frequent flyer points

    UPDATE | The Qantas Mall and Virgin Australia Velocity eStore purchase conditions for shopping with the Apple Store have been amended since this article was first published, and now prohibit customers from earning frequent flyer points on the iPhone 6 Plus. Qantas and Velocity Frequent Flyer poi...

    POSTED 10 Sep, 2014 9 Comments

  • Get Qantas, Virgin Australia points when you buy Apple iPhones, iPads, iTunes content

    As of this week Apple customers can now earn either Qantas or Virgin Australia frequent flyer points when buying iPhones, iPads, MacBook laptops and iMac desktops, along with iTunes content such as movies, music and apps. So why not pocket some frequent flyer points with your next Apple pur...

    POSTED 15 Aug, 2014 6 Comments

  • Qantas adds live updates of flight details, delays, to Apple Passbook

    IN BRIEF | Qantas has updated its Passbook mobile boarding pass system to include real-time notifications of changes to their flight. Once you've completed mobile checkin for your domestic Qantas flight – sorry, this doesn't cover international services – and added the digital p...

    POSTED 11 Feb, 2013 2 Comments

  • Google Maps app for iPhone now available for download

    Google Maps for the iPhone is now available for download, allowing owners of the iPhone 5 – along with earlier iPhones which have been updgraed to Apple's iOS 6 – to replace the much-maligned Apple Maps with the familiar and more trusted Google software. Google Maps was pre-install...

    POSTED 13 Dec, 2012 6 Comments

  • Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines to support Apple Passbook

    Qantas and Virgin Australia now support Apple’s Passbook app for their mobile boarding passes, but what about the other airlines which fly in and out of Australian skies? British Airways is already known to be planning to add Passbook support to its online checkin system, while a spok...

    POSTED 6 Dec, 2012 5 Comments

  • Qantas adds Apple Passbook support for iPhone 5 mobile checkin

    Qantas is joining the growing number of airlines backing Apple's Passbook technology for mobile boarding passes. Starting today, Qantas travellers who complete domestic check-in on their iPhone will be able to add their mobile boarding pass to their Passbook app. Just follow the mobile c...

    POSTED 27 Nov, 2012 10 Comments

  • Turn your iPhone 5, iPad Mini or iPad 4G into a personal 4G-WiFi hotspot

    Need a quick hit of wireless Internet for your laptop when you're out and about? Here's how to set up a "personal WiFi hotspot" – also known as 'wireless tethering' – on your iPhone 5, 4 or 4S. You can also create a personal hotspot on the 'new iPad' (aka iPad 3) if you're ...

    POSTED 13 Sep, 2012 7 Comments

  • How to get a US iTunes account in Australia

    Any seasoned traveller knows that you can't rely on any airline's inflight entertainment system to actually be working on the day you fly, or to be stocked up with things you haven't seen.  And forget about watching hotel TV, at $20 per movie. A much better option is to bring your own ente...

    POSTED 20 Jul, 2012 20 Comments

  • iCloud for business travellers: your essential guide

    Apple's new Cloud service is now live, with support for your iPhone, iPad and both Windows and Mac computers. Part of the iOS 5 upgrade for iDevices, iCloud is a free service that provides 5GB of storage on Apple's servers, and will keep your computer in sync with as many iPhones and iPads as yo...

    POSTED 14 Oct, 2011 0 Comments

  • Abroadband: data roaming in 50 countries for 81c/MB

    The walls around global roaming costs continue to tumble down, with a new data roaming service available to travellers offering data at 81c/MB in more than 50 countries. The only catch? The SIM cards can only be delivered to European addresses at present, so it'll only be suitable for Australian...

    POSTED 8 Jun, 2011 2 Comments

  • Travel tech: how to use iPhone Visual Voicemail while overseas

    If you're using the iPhone's "Visual Voicemail" feature while overseas, you may have discovered that it doesn't work if you turn off data roaming. The reason is that Visual Voicemail cannot be accessed via Wi-Fi, only through the mobile network's data roaming connection -- which you've wisely di...

    POSTED 30 May, 2011 1 Comment

  • How to: save passwords in Safari on the iPad/iPhone

    Is it driving you nuts having to remember all your usernames and passwords when logging in to websites on the iPad? What sort of a "magical, revolutionary" device doesn't have password autofill, you might wonder. It's one of the most common criticisms of the iPad and iPhone -- and it's an especi...

    POSTED 20 Apr, 2011 1 Comment

  • How the iPhone's 'visual voicemail' can save money when you're travelling overseas

    This week Telstra became the second Australian mobile carrier to offer Apple's 'Visual Voicemail' for iPhone, following Vodafone's introduction of the service almost two years ago. Telstra is copping plenty of flack for its decision to charge $5 per month for Visual Voicemail (which it calls Mes...

    POSTED 25 Mar, 2011 1 Comment

  • Top 5 features of today's free iPhone 4 update for business travellers

    Apple released its iOS 4.3 software update for the iPhone 4 today. It offers a surprising number of extra feature for business travellers at no additional cost. Here are the top five: #1 Personal hotspot With the new update, you can turn your iPhone 4's mobile internet connection into a Wi-Fi...

    POSTED 10 Mar, 2011 0 Comments

  • ROUNDUP: Best iPhone 4 battery cases

    Need more battery life for your iPhone 4? We've reviewed three of the top cases to find which is best. The iPhone 4 is better than its 3G and 3GS siblings in terms of battery life, but it's still nowhere near enough for a traveller. The standard battery lasts about eight hours, which is just en...

    POSTED 28 Feb, 2011 0 Comments

  • Telstra doubles Next G plan data allowance

    If you're a business customer of Telstra's Next G network, a surprise is heading your way — a doubling of your data allowance. Existing Telstra customers have been receiving SMSes similar to: "To thank you for being with Telstra, we have doubled your $19 Mobile Datapack allowance from 1Gb...

    POSTED 18 Feb, 2011 0 Comments

  • Reviewed: Singapore Airlines iPhone app

    Singapore Airlines has joined the increasing list of airlines with iPhone apps. The new app, which also works on the iPad and iPod Touch, will allow travellers to check flight schedules, book flights, select seats, check in and manage their KrisFlyer frequent flyer accounts. After spending some ...

    POSTED 15 Feb, 2011 0 Comments


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