Qantas: new Singapore, Hong Kong lounges next year, LAX by 2014

Qantas: new Singapore, Hong Kong lounges next year, LAX by 2014

Qantas is pushing back the opening of new lounges in Singapore and Hong Kong airports to sometime next year, with Los Angeles not due for completion until 2014.

Although both lounges were previously slated to lay down the welcome mat by the end of this year, a Qantas spokeswoman confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that "We will be opening new lounges in Singapore and Hong Kong in 2013."

The airline declined to share any further details, citing the ongoing work on its “Asia strategy given the announcement of the intended Emirates partnership (subject to regulatory approval)”.

Update: Qantas to open new Singapore lounge on March 31

Qantas has previously stated that the Singapore, Hong Kong and LAX lounges will be modelled along the same lines as Qantas' highly-regarded First lounge in Sydney, and its smaller Melbourne sibling, with a contemporary design by Marc Newson and a Neil Perry menu, although no word if this will include table service for meals or remain as a DIY dining with a plate-around service for selected dishes. 

Hong Kong was expected to see a new Qantas First class lounge, although as first reported by Australian Business Traveller, the Singapore’s twin first class and business class lounges are due to be replaced by a single enhanced business lounge.

As for its LAX lounges, Qantas tells Australian Business Traveller these will open in two stages across the next two years: “the first phase of the new Business Lounge in Los Angeles in late 2013, followed by the opening of the new First Lounge in Los Angeles in 2014.”

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  • KG


    4 Dec, 2012 11:01 am

    Disappointing and frustrating. Qantas is really nothing more than a domestic airline with an international low cost operation. It would not surprise me that by the time they now intend to open the lounges the routes and destinations are not even served anymore by QF (ok, slightly exaggerated but you get the point). Seriously thinking of switching loyalty to EK, VA or BA (if they re-instate EC in Australia). the latter has the advantage of being part of OW, thus giving benefits when flying a OW carrier. Things could improve however if the private investor group get their say and focus on International expansion again....

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  • sdwylie


    4 Dec, 2012 12:12 pm

    KG - I think your view of an "International low cost operation" might be a little overstated... I'd dare say you wouldn't find many examples of "low cost operations" with business and first class offerings, lounges throughout the world, tiered frequent flyer programs etc...

    The current lounges might be a little dated, but they're still better than most around.

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  • KG


    4 Dec, 2012 12:23 pm

    I think it was clear from my post that indeed it was a little overstated (obviously) and not to be taken word by word. What I mean is that if you look at it, QF only flies their top product to LHR, LAX and HKG. Their refurbished 747's are ok, but not more than that. Look at BKK, they serve it with a tired A330, same goes for CGK, PVG and MNL. The competition is moving ahead and investing and all that QF does is minimising their investments in the international arm as they are loss making (I on the other hand believe in Kenynisian economics). Referring to your "they operate lounges throughout the world", I dare say they rely on their OW partners to provide the comforts of lounges (LHR is BA now, will be EK come march, LAX is BA, SIN will be BA and I am willing to bet they will use the CX lounges in HKG once they have the commmercial sorted). Not saying that is a bad thing, just saying that QF is not a true global airline and the alternatives are plentiful. Don't get me wrong, i like QF and love their premium offering and lounges in Australia, but if I want to go somewhere I cannot rely on QF getting me there.

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  • LoveToFly


    4 Dec, 2012 12:22 pm

    This is disapointing, I am flying back to Europe with QF through and back in F, I was hoping to have the new lounge to relax in. If I had known the QF Singapore lounge problem would be still here (over crowding and such) I would have chosen a different carrier.

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  • AusFlyer


    4 Dec, 2012 01:27 pm

    Last time I flew through Singapore on Qantas I used the CX lounge which at that time was fine. Maybe you should try that....

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  • LoveToFly


    4 Dec, 2012 01:29 pm

    Thanks AusFlyer, might give that one a look.

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  • Austline


    4 Dec, 2012 12:57 pm

    Agree another disappointing announcement from QF, one wonders why the delay- strange comment ;Asian strategy announcement, do they have a strategy?

     With the announcement of all a330 weekdays to Perth, the JQ seating in J with a cover over the middle seat, dated skybeds on the Asian services, the withdrawal of Fra services and proposed reduction in Sin services with no F class, coupled with this lounge announcement one has to wonder does QF have any good news.

     I am a loyal QF platinum flyer but beginning to feel uncomfortable, while I would stay with OW I am looking at moving my flying to CX and BA to Europe.


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  • am


    4 Dec, 2012 03:39 pm

    The LAX lounges are heavily influenced by the ongoing contstruction works at TBIT. Nobody can blame QF if their openings have been pushed back a couple of months because of local delays.

    The SIN/HKG delays are disappointing though. Hopefully we won't be left hanging until the very end of next year. Personally, I'm happy to wait a few of months into next year if it means a bigger/better combined lounge with Emirates (in Qantas style though, please), but not till November/December.

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  • RG1


    5 Dec, 2012 07:49 am

    The delays to lounge refurbs and tinkering with routes and operating aircraft are making me question my loyalty to QF for international travel.

    I am now wondering if we will see the A380 pulled from HKG and replaced with a J/Y+/Y aircraft and the F lounge refurb scrapped a la SIN. 

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  • 11sjw


    5 Dec, 2012 08:57 am

    Scariest word in the Qantas vocabulary "enhanced."  :-)

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24 Jan, 2018 02:48 am


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