Getting the most from the ANZ Rewards credit card program

Getting the most from the ANZ Rewards credit card program

ANZ partners with a variety of frequent flyer programs to let its cardholders earn points on every credit card transaction they make, from Virgin Australia Velocity to neighbouring Air New Zealand Airpoints right through to Cathay Pacific Asia Miles and even Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer.

Members of the program simply swipe their ANZ Rewards credit card whenever they can to notch up reward points, which can then be converted to the airline frequent flyer schemes above.

(Qantas Frequent Flyer isn’t a transfer partner in the ANZ Rewards program, so if your loyalty lies with the Roo, take a look at ANZ’s Frequent Flyer Black, Platinum or Classic cards instead.)

Australian Business Traveller looks at how ANZ Rewards works, how you can earn credit card points and turn them into frequent flyer points, and even ways to earn bonus reward points.

ANZ Rewards 101

ANZ reward points can be earned via the bank’s personal Rewards Black, Rewards Travel Adventures, Rewards Platinum and Rewards Classic cards:

Although ANZ no longer issues American Express cards to new customers, earn rates across its suite of Visa products have recently been improved.

ANZ Rewards Black is the pick of the bunch for frequent flyers with two reward points given per dollar spent up to $5,000 per month and then one reward point per dollar thereafter on spends made from August 5 2017.

Next in line are both the ANZ Rewards Platinum and ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures cards, providing 1.5 reward points per dollar spent up to $2,000 per monthly statement period and then 0.5 reward points per dollar thereafter: also as of August 5.

ANZ’s entry-level Rewards Classic card instead piles up one reward point per dollar spent on the first $1,000 of monthly charges and then 0.5 reward points per dollar thereafter, again from August 5.

Prior to that date, all four of these cards award points at the higher rate on all transactions, with no monthly ceiling: so grab an ANZ Rewards Black card now, for instance, and you’ll earn two reward points per dollar spent on your entire monthly total until August 4.

Hot tip: Cardholders charging purchases to a Rewards Black Visa as of early August could be earning up to four times as many points per dollar than when using the entry-level Rewards Classic card (up to 2/$1 on Rewards Black versus as little as 0.5/$1 on Rewards Classic): so if you’ll be making good use of your card, the Black-level card could be the best fit.

ANZ Rewards: earning frequent flyer points

While you may be earning up to two ‘reward points’ per dollar spent, you’re not actually earning two frequent flyer points, which can be a little confusing for newcomers to the program.

Instead, those reward points can be converted into airline frequent flyer points when you’re ready to fly at the following rates:

  • 2 ANZ reward points = 1 Virgin Australia Velocity point
  • 3 ANZ reward points = 1 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer mile
  • 3 ANZ reward points = 1 Cathay Pacific Asia Mile
  • 200 ANZ reward points = 1 Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollar ($1)

Here’s how that looks on a per-dollar-spent basis across ANZ’s range of Visa rewards credit cards.

Rewards Black (now, and up to $5,000 per month from August 5): 1 Velocity point, 0.66 KrisFlyer miles, 0.66 Asia Miles, $0.01 in Airpoints Dollars

Rewards Black (monthly spend >$5,000 from August 5): 0.5 Velocity points, 0.33 KrisFlyer miles, 0.33 Asia Miles, $0.005 Airpoints Dollars

Rewards Platinum & Rewards Travel Adventures (now, and <$2,000/month from August 5): 0.75 Velocity points, 0.5 KrisFlyer miles, 0.5 Asia Miles, $0.0075 Airpoints Dollars

Rewards Platinum & Rewards Travel Adventures (spends of >$2,000 from August 5): 0.25 Velocity points, 0.167 KrisFlyer miles, 0.167 Asia Miles, $0.0025 Airpoints Dollars

Rewards Classic (all spend until August 5 and then <$1,000 per month): 0.5 Velocity points, 0.33 KrisFlyer miles, 0.33 Asia Miles, $0.005 Airpoints Dollars

Rewards Classic (monthly spend >$1,000 from August 5): 0.25 Velocity points, 0.167 KrisFlyer miles, 0.167 Asia Miles, $0.0025 Airpoints Dollars

Again, you’ll need to convert your ANZ reward points into frequent flyer points, with the figures above taking into account the bank’s current earning rates, caps and conversion rates.

Note that different rates may apply to some existing customers, so if you already have an ANZ Rewards credit card, check with the bank or refer to your monthly statement to see how many points you’re earning.

Converting ANZ reward points to frequent flyer points

Swapping ANZ reward points for airline frequent flyer points is relatively straightforward: just head to the ANZ Rewards website, choose your preferred frequent flyer program and click ‘transfer now’:

The only catch: you’ll need at least a minimum number of reward points in your account before you can initiate a transfer with some airlines, being 3,000 reward points for Asia Miles and Airpoints; and a much higher 6,000 reward points for KrisFlyer.

With Virgin Australia Velocity, the minimum conversion is just two ANZ reward points – or you can opt-in to ‘ANZ auto-redemption’ to have your points automatically swept across to Velocity every month where your ANZ Rewards balance is at least 3,000 points.

Given these varying minimums, here’s the smallest number of airline frequent flyer points you can convert in one transaction: useful if you already have some points in your frequent flyer account and just need a few more to book your desired reward flight.

Virgin Australia Velocity: 1 Velocity point (manual conversion from 2 ANZ reward points) or 1,500 Velocity points (auto-redemption from 3,000 ANZ reward points)

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer: 2,000 KrisFlyer miles (converted from 6,000 ANZ reward points)

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles: 1,500 Asia Miles (converted from 3,000 ANZ reward points)

Air New Zealand Airpoints: $15 Airpoints Dollars (converted from 3,000 ANZ reward points)

ANZ Rewards: earning bonus points

ANZ partners with many businesses to offer bonus points over and above those you’d normally earn on any given transaction, and which can be converted into frequent flyer points in exactly same way.

For the most part, those bonus points are earned via the ANZ Bonus Points Mall.

Much like the Qantas Points Online Mall or the Velocity eStore, clicking through the ANZ website when shopping online can deliver bonuses of up to 10 ANZ reward points per dollar spent, atop your usual points haul.

You’ll earn the most points when shopping with brands like Adidas, ASOS, Charles Tyrwhitt and David Jones, with a lower number of points on offer at websites such as Apple, Dell, eBay and Microsoft, and when booking Etihad Airways flights.

Many more stores take part in the program too, so be sure to visit the Bonus Points Mall whenever making an online purchase to see if extra points can be had.

Until August 5, a selection of businesses are also offering bonus ANZ reward points on ANZ credit card purchases (without needing to shop via the Bonus Points Mall) such as Stamford Hotels and Resorts and Prouds the Jewellers.

This includes payments made in-person at participating businesses, although this particular bonus partner program will cease on August 5, with ANZ instead providing all bonus points when shopping via the Bonus Points Mall.


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