December's top five Virgin Australia Velocity credit card offers

December's top five Virgin Australia Velocity credit card offers

2017 is almost over but there's still time to stake your claim to a bounty of bonus Virgin Australia Velocity points, offered across a range of new credit cards from American Express, Citibank, NAB and Virgin Money.

To be precise, there's exactly 650,000 Velocity points on the table across these top offers alone, with up to 150,000 bonus Velocity points to be had from a single business card application, or up to 80,000 bonus Velocity points alongside a new personal credit card.

Here's what's topping the charts this December, and how to get those much-deserved bonus points into your frequent flyer account!

1. American Express Platinum business, personal charge cards

Bring your business a little Christmas joy with AMEX's offer of 150,000 bonus Velocity points on its Platinum Business Card – but even if you're not an entrepreneur, you won't miss out thanks to an offer of 80,000 bonus Velocity points with the personal version of the same card, the AMEX Platinum Charge Card.

Business owners need to apply by March 29 2018, spend at least $5,000 on purchases within the first three months and pay a $1,500 annual fee, unlocking 150,000 Membership Rewards Ascent Premium points which can be converted to Velocity at a 1:1 rate.

Or, when applying for the personal card, a lower spend of $1,500 is required within the first three months to receive 80,000 Membership Rewards Ascent Premium points, on-par with 80,000 Velocity points, aside a $1,200 annual fee.

Depending on where you spend, you can also earn up to three Velocity points per dollar charged to the personal Platinum card (such as at most Australian restaurants), and up to two Velocity points per dollar spent on the Business Platinum Card (such as on airfares for employees and hotel bills).

2. Virgin Money's Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card

For earning points where AMEX isn't accepted, Virgin Money's Velocity High Flyer Visa Signature credit card clocks in at $289/year with up to 80,000 bonus Velocity points on the side, credited to your account over a five-month period.

It works like this: apply by January 31 2018 and in each of the first five months, if you've spent at least $3,000 on the card in that month, you'll get 16,000 bonus Velocity points – up to 80,000 points in total at the end of month five, from a total minimum spend of $15,000.

You can also earn one Velocity point per dollar spent up to $8,000 per month and 0.5 Velocity points per dollar spent thereafter, excluding government and government-related spend which attracts no points at all, such as on payments to the ATO.

Virgin Money's entry-level $129/year Velocity Flyer Card is also offering up to 60,000 bonus Velocity points, with 20,000 Velocity points earned in each of the first three months when at least $1,500 has been spent on purchases that month.

3. American Express Business Explorer, Citi Prestige Visa Infinite credit cards

Next up, a tie between the American Express Business Explorer Card and the Citi Prestige Visa Infinite credit card, which both offer the equivalent of 75,000 bonus Velocity points to new customers.

You'd earn those points from AMEX (100,000 Gateway points, converting to Velocity at a 4:3 rate) when applying for the Business Explorer Card by March 29 2018 and spending at least $3,000 within the first three months, while also earning up to 1.5 Velocity points per dollar spent, as 2.0 Gateway points with a 4:3 conversion.

(Note that the Business Explorer Card is different to the personal AMEX Explorer Card, which offered 50,000 Gateway points (37,500 Velocity points) as a sign-up bonus until January 29 2018, but which now offers 100,000 Gateway points, equal to 75,000 Velocity points.)

Over at Citibank, 150,000 bonus Citibank Rewards points on its $700/year Citi Prestige credit card – worth 75,000 Velocity points after a 2:1 conversion – for customers who apply by January 21 2018 and spend $3,000 on purchases within 90 days of card approval.

4. Citi Visa Signature credit card

Another entrant from Citibank this month is the Citi Signature credit card, with a reduced $199 annual fee in the first year (normally $395), and an offer of 60,000 bonus Velocity points for eligible new customers.

Again, you'll need to apply by January 31 2018, spend at least $3,000 on purchases within the first 90 days and swap the 120,000 bonus Citibank Rewards points you'll receive for 60,000 Velocity points (2:1 conversion), although most purchases earn a low 0.5 Velocity points per dollar spent (except government payments on which no points are earned at all).

5. American Express Velocity Platinum Card, NAB Rewards Visa Signature

For a more impressive earn rate on your everyday spend, the American Express Velocity Platinum Card churns out 1.5 Velocity points per dollar on most purchases (0.5/$1 on government payments), while the NAB Rewards Visa Signature gives an improved 0.625 Velocity points per dollar spent on Visa charges.

Not to mention, both cards are currently offering 50,000 bonus Velocity points – credited directly to your Velocity account in the case of AMEX, and awarded as 100,000 bonus NAB Rewards points on the Signature card, which you can convert to Velocity at a 2:1 rate to achieve the same outcome.

As always, you just need to meet the spend criteria. On the American Express Velocity Platinum Card, it's as easy as applying, paying a $375 annual fee and charging at least $1,500 worth of purchases in the first three months... and if you spend over $50,000/year on the card, you'll also receive a bonus 100 Velocity status credits in your account!

NAB's deal comes sans status credits, but if you do apply by February 25 2018 and spend at least $3,000 on everyday purchases within 60 days of account opening, you'll also get the equivalent of 50,000 Velocity points, as above.

Chris Chamberlin
Chris Chamberlin is a senior journalist with Australian Business Traveller and lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, a theatre ticket and a glass of wine!



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