EU Compensation Claim Success Stories

By jch | May 07, 2019, 06:34 PM
I had a 17 hour delay to my Rome to Abu Dhabi flight last Friday and just missed the second possible connection to Jakarta resulting in a 15 hour layover. I was provided a hotel room and two meals for each flight.

As a result of arriving a day late in Jakarta, I had to push back my Singapore Airlines flight back one day to Sydney. It was booked as discounted business and to rebook on a higher fare class would have been ~$1,500, so I played it safe and chose a premium economy with a $550 change fee.

I've put in a claim for the rebooking fee on my credit card insurance and have submitted all the itinerary details to Etihad, including a letter they gave me confirming the delay was caused by a technical fault.

Has anyone had success claiming compensation for the 600 euros which is payable under EU law for major delays on long haul flights or do you generally have to get an agent/laywer involved to see results.

Appreciate the collective wisdom.
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By MattJelonek | May 07, 2019, 08:16 PM
I've had a success! Try Air Indemnité, register and they're very helpful via email when you submit a claim. They will keep emailing you so they do and will do their job.
Euro 600 was paid to me, of course the total amount was higher but they (Air Indemnité) take a cut for the claim, argument etc with the airline. Funnily enough my EY flight from CDG was cancelled/delayed a whole 24hrs plus hotel was given to me by the airline.
So I highly recommend Air Indemnité.
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John Harley

By highflyer | May 08, 2019, 02:09 AM
I had a flight cancelled with AA from Barcelona to NY, and was re-routed via Madrid on Iberia. As a result, i arrived in NY approx 7-8 hours later. I had to email AA a couple of times, and hound them a bit on social media, but in the end i got compensation of 600 Euro in Aussie dollars. (I also emailed the AESA in Spain, and got a reply back from them too, so not sure how maybe that assisted in getting a reply from AA). From my first initial email to actual compensation, it took 2 months.
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By X | May 08, 2019, 09:45 AM
I have received multiple payments from different airlines over the years. It would be helpful if you could give further details of the reason for the delay to help us understand if you are eligible for EC261.

I don't recommend using online claim companies as they don't have any additional means to achieve an outcome and take a cut of the money. (Usually a third of your compensation).

This is opposed to official dispute resolution companies which don't charge fees, and I'm a huge advocate of. A list can be found here.
It's worth noting that Etihad doesn't subscribe to any of these programs.

In my experience, Etihad guest relations department is incredibly slow and have a policy of ignore until it goes away. I hate when people go immediately to social media to shame, but in my case, it was the only way I got a response.
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