LHR AA Arrivals or BA Galleries Club

By ZQN Fan | Oct 27, 2018, 10:29 PM
I am flying into LHR on QF9 in J with an onward connection with BA. My stop over is several hours so I’m after a suggestion on which option is better for a good breakfast and shower - clear immigration and use the AA arrivals lounge first and then a landslide transfer to T5 or stay airside and head straight to T5 Galleries Club. I will have hand luggage only. Thanks
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By djtech | Oct 27, 2018, 11:37 PM
The AA arrivals lounge is smaller than BA's seating wise but given that QF9 is one of the first flights in Heathrow that shouldn't be a problem.

Although both have the usual hot breakfast buffet with hot and cold items, American's lounge offers a la carte dining which you can order from and the menu is wide with options like smashed avo on toast and smoked salmon tartine. Though both lounges have showers, American airlines' lounge has 30 shower suites compared to the few available in the galleries lounge. Plus, AA offer a valet pressing service that might be helpful for you if you need a crisp jacket to get started that day.


AA arrivals lounge is superior mainly because of those 30 shower suites available, which will be huge for you if you are coming from a long flight. Buffet is far superior with restaurant style a la carte dining at AA. If your priorities are breakfast and shower as you mentenioned above, AA certainly hits all your boxes.

As always, allocate plenty of time for switching terminals and getting through security.

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By mern2001 | Oct 28, 2018, 08:40 AM
Hello ZQN fan. There's a few details missing in your post. I'm assuming that your BA flight will be domestic and that it will leave from terminal 5? I assume you have some status, or are flying towards the pointy end? In which case, I asked a similar question a few months ago: See:

and got some very helpful suggestions. While the bulk of the advice was to stay airside. I actually cleared immigration at terminal 3, got the train to terminal 5 and then went to the BA lounge in terminal 5. As you are most probably aware, both the Heathrow Express and the Tube are free - but you need an Oyster Card for the Tube. The advantage of going outside the terminal is that QF9 is one of the very first planes to arrive at LHR. Assuming it's not late and you have a seat that allows you to get off quickly, you can get through immigration with virtually no-one there. If you get to Terminal 5 quickly via train, the story is the same. So, plenty of time for a shower/coffee/whisky..
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By ChrisCh | Oct 28, 2018, 08:28 PM
You don’t need an Oyster for the Tube or free train between terminals: you can either get a free ticket at the kiosk or simply tap a contactless credit card to get in and out, and you won’t be charged for an inter-terminal transfer.
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By Ourmanin | Oct 29, 2018, 01:48 PM
ZQN Fan, ChrisCh is right. You don’t need an Oyster Card between terminals (although the Heathrow express into London is anything but free, it’s outrageously expensive). One other thought, you don’t say how long your layover is, but if you have enough time then the option to leave the airport and go somewhere local (say Windsor or even London) does exist. Obviously this does depend on your thinking and layover time. In my view none of the lounge options you’ve laid out are worth spending an inordinate amount of time at. So that may be an option worth considering.
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