Velocity Frequent Flyer membership 'review date': how does it work?

By leahcimabi | Jul 17, 2017, 08:39 AM
Morning all.
My wife has to get a further 20 status  credits to upgrade to Gold (before November). We have a local trip booked in early Sept that will get her over the line (with 90 status credits). And then an O/S trip booked in October. The Q is - one she hits the magic mark, does this then start a new review date? Do 70 of the 90 status credits go toward maintaining next years goal of 400 credits? And because the O/S trip is before the review date, will they also go toward the 400 credits required to maintain the gold?
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Yvan J Drake

By mcglynp | Jul 17, 2017, 10:37 AM
The first leg of your domestic trip that puts you over the top will reset the review date, assuming you have done enough actual VA trips. All subsequent credits go towards retaining.    Just keep an eye on how long it is taking for flights to to turn up in your activity statement.
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Michael Abi

By readosunnycoast | Jul 19, 2017, 03:20 PM
Are you certain of that?  I was under the impression that you only started accumulating once your "new year" had commenced (which is your anniversary date). If for example you earned say 2900 SC in one year, it would not automatically qualify you for the next three years.
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By leahcimabi | Jul 26, 2017, 05:44 PM
Wouldn't have thought that it would qualify you for the next three years, but should qualify you for the following year!?
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By brinkers | Jul 26, 2017, 11:56 PM
If your wife is currently silver, then when 20 Status Credits lands to push her to Gold, you will move up to gold, and your year to renew gold will begin (so, you get a new renew date)

Which of the 90 Status Credits will apply to the new year will depend somewhat on the flight dates and earnings of the various flights that make up that 90. Keep in mind that they calculate upgrades to levels on a day by day basis, things don't move up levels in the middle of the day.

The October trip will be in the new year, so these will count toward renew of Gold (remembering you will have a new review date for Gold, the old Silver one will no longer be relevant)

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By Tom-125 | Jul 27, 2017, 07:35 PM
Some of these posts aren't quite right I don't think. 

Status is determined daily using status credits earned in the previous 12 months. You need 500 SCs to earn Gold for the first time, 400 to maintain it, and 1000 to move from Gold to Platinum. The review date is only relevant for retaining status, not achieving the next level (until you get to Platinum).

As an example, with your wife's example and assuming:

- Your local trip is made up of two sectors of 45 SC each, with the outbound trip on 5 Sept

she has 480 status credits in the 12 months to 4 Sept, all of which earned from 1 Jan to 4 Sept.


- On the 5th Sept she earns 45 SC, bringing her to 525 and triggering Gold

- Her new review date will be 6th Sept 2018, and she must earn 400 SC in the 12 months prior to retain gold. The extra 25 (45 from the flight less the 20 needed) are not counted towards this as they are 12 months + 1 day. However the return trip for 45, and the overseas trip will be counted.

- Each night they assess her for platinum. Because I've assumed that all her status credits were earned after 1 Jan, she has until 31 Dec to earn 1,000 and reach Platinum. This will include the 480 she has already, the 90 from the local trip, and all SC associated with the overseas trip.

It is based on the date flown, not the date processed. I've sailed close to the wind before and the system didn't calculate it properly as it was on a partner airline that took a while to come through, however a polite email to the support team fixed it for me.

You also need to get all 8 VA sectors in before (or as) you trigger the next level, otherwise you end up with "lost" status credits when it comes to assessing the retention year (but not for moving up a level).

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