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We're having a break, but we'll be back in 2012!

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It's been a busy year for the team at Australian Business Traveller, so we're taking a small (and we think you'll agree, well-earned!) break over the Christmas-New Year period.

Of course we'll still be keeping an eye on our newsfeeds and will be ready to report anything which pops up as noteworthy for the business traveller.

Beyond that we'll be publishing on a reduced schedule, with a selection of 'Best of 2011' stories which you may have missed.

And we'll be back from Monday January 9, 2012, with our regular run of news, review, tips, strategies and more.

In the meantime: if you're flying, safe travels, and if you're staying on the ground for a change, enjoy your break.

Seasons greeting from the Australian Business Traveller team


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1 on 22/12/11 by julseo

Happy Holidays guys....! :)

2 on 22/12/11 by Al

That's definitely a well-earned break guys, good on you and thanks for all the great stories this year, I found AusBT when I was looking for information on Virign Blue's relaunch as Virgin Australia and you guys had SO much great coverage of this, I was blown away, so I bookmarked you and you've been part of my daily every day this year!

3 on 22/12/11 by AusFlyer

Merry Christmas... Have a good rest and I look forward to AusBT continuing to being primary source for business travel news in 2012! Enjoy your breaks!

4 on 22/12/11 by DK

Hey AusBT,

Thanks for all your help this year. Even though I travel economy, I always get the best advice on this website with my travels and airline bookings. Just wanted to check if you would have any info on the Qantas 767 that has been equipped with the Ipad trial. I'm flying up to Townsville from Sydney and have to transit through Melbourne, so I have two flights on 767. Guess it's worth a try to see if I can either try VH-OGH or the new domestic 737 product. Not sure if the odds are high though...

1 on 22/12/11 by David

Hi DK - I reckon it'll be a roll of the dice as to if you can catch the iPad-equipped OGH or not... ditto for the 737-800 with Boeing Sky Interior. Cross your figers when you make your booking!

1 on 23/12/11 by DK

sorry typo before - I'm transitting through BNE. Had a look at Qantas source and VH-OGH has only done two runs between SYD-BNE in the last month. Slim chance, but I'll have my camera ready and sure to post them up if luck is on my side!

5 on 22/12/11 by woganfan

Great advice and guideance guys, enjoy the Christmas break.  I fly Perth to Bangkok in business on Christmas day, will flick you an email letting you know what the service is like.

1 on 22/12/11 by David

Please do – I've always wondered what it would be like to fly on Christmas Day! I'd expect the airport to be rather quiet and the buzz on the plane to be pretty cool?

6 on 22/12/11 by Billichka

Keep up the good work in 2012!

7 on 23/12/11 by frenchglen

AusBT was such a brilliant idea, I love it when someone finds a niche and goes above and beyond meeting its needs! whenever I see qantas come up in google news, I go to to check further travel news/tips as it reminds me of ausbt. have a great christmas break! look forward to 2012 - please continue investigating/reporting etc, about qantas a380 wifi availability ;)


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