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Virgin Blue no more: ‘Blue’ to be dropped from new name

By David Flynn     Filed under: Virgin Blue, V Australia, John Borghetti

Virgin Blue will drop the ‘Blue’ from its name when it unveils a new brand within the next four months.

The move is a cornerstone in Virgin Blue CEO John Borghetti’s push to take the airline up-market and win more of Australia’s business travel market.

Hans Hulsbosch, Virgin Blue’s creative director and the man behind the new image, told The Australian that while the Virgin brand would continue to anchor the airline, Blue would no longer be part of the brand.

“There is a name change and that will be exciting” said Hulsbosch, who previously redesigned Qantas’ corporate identity and modernised the iconic flying kangaroo logo.

The new name will also unify Virgin Blue’s three international arms of V Australia, Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue.

However, exactly what the new brand will be remains literally up in the air.

Virgin Australia is the front-runner, as it leverages the powerhouse Virgin name.

The only catch is that Singapore Airlines, with its 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic, has the final say over use of the Virgin name on international routes (hence why none of Virgin Blue’s three overseas services carry the familiar Virgin moniker).

That said, there’s also an outside chance that the association between Virgin and the big red stylised V could be strong enough – and sufficiently reinforced by advertising – to make V Australia the new unified brand for domestic as well as international services.


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