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Virgin Australia links up with Virgins America, Atlantic

By David Flynn     Filed under: Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Elevate, Velocity, Sir Richard Branson, Flying Club, Virgin Australia

The world's three Virgin airlines – Virgin Australia, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic – are joining forces via their frequent flyer programs.

Members of Virgin Australia's Velocity program can already earn points and credits when travelling on Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic flights and also trade their Velocity miles in on a ticket with their overseas siblings.

However, the same two-way 'earning and burning' deal now applies to members of the Virgin America Elevate and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club programmes.

The result is a global frequent flyer scheme which could allow very frequent flyers to consolidate their points across Virgin airlines and swap them for what would in effect be a round-the-world Virgin ticket.

"Virgin goes all the way!" proclaimed Sir Richard Branson, who create the Virgin mega-brand and holds a stake in each of the three airlines.

“Virgin got into the airline business three decades ago to offer great value and a brilliant experience. Today's travelers still choose Virgin for the same reason: because we do things differently. I am thrilled that we can now reward our loyal guests with the ability to fly around the world on Virgin."

(We'll spare you from the echo-chamber of choreographed statements from the heads of each Virgin airline.)


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1 on 20/3/12 by mrp

Be nice if there was a real round the world fare available using Virgin.

2 on 20/3/12 by johnnysfo

Hell yeah VIRGIN a real global airline connections;-)

3 on 20/3/12 by Al

I know it will never happen but I would LOVE to see a single Virgin worldwide airline (with true RTW ticketing) or more realistically a single Virgin frequent flyer program!

1 on 20/3/12 by sagidec

Agree that it's about time .. a single Virgin frequent flyer program where I can earn those points wherever I am in the world without restricted to just flights, hotels and car rentals but credit cards, shopping etc.

2 on 20/3/12 by tmsmile

Virgin Australia do offer a RTW ticket, however you do have to book via phone and not much details are available on the website. I do know that sometime ago that they previously put up prices and sample itineraries on the V Australia website a while back... Wasn't particularly cheap IIRC.

1 on 20/3/12 by mrp

Last time I checked they sold a cobbled together fare with Virgin Atlantic which wouldn't allow you to use the flight via Abu Dhabi nor could it get you across the USA with Virgin America or Delta. To be useful the round the world fare has to include their alliance partners.

4 on 20/3/12 by nicholas_yue

Does that mean I can book a Sydney-HK flight via the website ? Currently, that is not visible/avaiable.

5 on 7/10/12 by ACUTE MEDICINE

I have travel bussiness domestics with Virgin Australia..I loved it............from Canberra lounges/Melbourne/sydney .Ak..great way to chillax before your flight and aslo earn those status points


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