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Virgin Australia's new ad campaign: what's your opinion?

By David Flynn     Filed under: Virgin Australia

Airline advertising campaigns seem to bring forward very passionate reactions from travellers – Qantas' promise that "You're the reason we fly" and its new corporate soundtrack by Silverchair's Daniel Johns didn't seem to leave many people sitting on the fence.

With Virgin Australia's latest campaign now in full throttle, Australian Business Traveller would be remiss if we didn't ask readers for their thoughts.

The flagship of the campaign is this TV commercial, which was filmed on the salt plains of Western Australia and we're told features many of Virgin Australia’s own employees.

It's an upbeat number with Aussie vocalist Megan Washington stylishly crooning the Gershwin's swinging jazz standard S'Wonderful under the hand of Les Gock (also behind Virgin's debut 'Now you're flying' ad and, yes, guitarist for '70s Aussie glam rockers Hush).

Virgin Australia says the campaign "celebrates the different elements of the airline that contribute to the Virgin brand experience."

It certainly puts the focus on the airline's people, a team which Virgin Australia chief John Borghetti has consistently singled out as a make-or-break factor in the airline's success in challenging Qantas.

What do you say? Love it, like it, looking around for the mute button? Click to vote in our completely unscientific survey or share your thoughts below!


About David Flynn

David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


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1 on 8/10/12 by chrisjrn

I'm confused as to why they spend 39 seconds of the 60-second ad showing off the aircraft, only to point out that the people are more important.

2 on 8/10/12 by driley28

I'll quote Two and a Half Men "You can put a tuxedo on a goat, but it is still a goat".  Virgin Blue is still a quasi LCC, offering poor service in Business and economy.  I flew VB from MEL to OOL (in economy to OOL and business to MEL) a few months ago and hated it.  The only reason I flew them is I will not fly JQ and QF do not fly there.  I am proud to fly Qantas and embarrassed to fly Virgin Blue.

1 on 9/10/12 by Mat

i agree with driley. i'm still not convinced by virgin's service. you can 'sex' it up as much as you like (typical richard branson style) but in the end i still prefer qantas. 

3 on 8/10/12 by Al

I like it! It's very "Virgin", very positive and upbeat. And much more clearly an advertisement about an airline than the Qantas one, which doesn't show any planes and if you changed the last line of the voiceover could be for anything.

1 on 8/10/12 by tronixstuff

I concur with you Al. VA have come a long way since their Virgin Blue days, and in such a short period of time. They still have some work to do, but  they're meeting the challenge head-on. The latest QF ad with the whining noise is just ... terrible. If I was the reason QANTAS flies, they'd bring back Melbourne to Newcastle. Meh.

1 on 8/10/12 by JBH

Agreed. I like it too.  puts a little bit of that glamour back into flying.

4 on 8/10/12 by AusFlyer

I'm not fussed by it. It didn't immediately grab my attention but when I watched it I liked it. I just didn't think there is anything spectacular about it and it doesn't make me go "ooh.. .must book my next trip on Virgin". (Although the Qantas ad doesn't do that either... in fact I find most airline ads don't make me rush to book on them).

The best airline ad in my opinion is the Singapore Airline ad that just focuses on the Singapore Girl passing through different places and around different people. That is an elegant and simple ad that I enjoy watching each time I see it. Whereas I already ignore both the Qantas and Virgin ads now.

1 on 8/10/12 by Al

Is that the one where she picks up the kid's teddy bear when it falls out from his backpack? Or are you meaning the older 'classic' commercials which just show the lovely SQ ladies in avriopus cities and settings?

1 on 8/10/12 by AusFlyer

Actually I think SQ has only ever done great commercials. The Singapore Girl is so iconic that the ads always say so much without saying too much. :-) 

5 on 8/10/12 by Peter

It's very much the style of Richard Branson's typical media stunts, which is why I hate it. The chauvinistic undertone suggest to me they have the impression they're the only airline in the world... There's plenty I'd rather fly if they could grace Australian domestic airspace. Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines for example.

6 on 8/10/12 by am

It's not too bad, but it definitely feels like a low budget copy of the iconic Virgin Atlantic ads!

7 on 8/10/12 by curtisj

I think it's great Virgin uses their own staff in their advertising! Virgin employees clearly love their job and love the airline and it shows, the staff are always friendly and want to make difference which is why I chose not to fly with any other airline within Australia unless absolutely necessary. Well done VA.

8 on 8/10/12 by diverboy

I like the ad campaign and with all advertising there are those that will not. With respect to Virgin as a company I have flown them exclusively throughout Australia since 2008 and seen a huge difference.

JB's partnering strategy has seen me fly Singapore twice this year and next week I am off to the states with VA. Keep up the good work. For those folks who love QANTAS keep enjoying flying with them - horses for courses.

9 on 9/10/12 by Daniell

I wonder if the 'on duty' Virgin FA on my last Ool-Mel sector, who was sprawled across three seats in the last row, watching movies and eating, whilst the cabin was ignored and the toilets filthy, is one who featured in the advertisement? Or the Purser who didn't venture once into economy, and then seemed surprised when I brought the lazy crew attitude to her attention? 

1 on 9/10/12 by tronixstuff

Just get their names, flight details and email VA. 

2 on 19/10/12 by Chloeglow

Clearly Daniell you have no idea about how it all works. So the so called "on duty' FA may not have been "on duty" and could have been on what they call "rest", hence why he or she would be entitled to sit and eat their "lunch" like you would during your break. Unfortunately they do not get the luxuries of venturing outside to do so. Could you imagine that??? Or the latter, she could have been a crew member not on duty for that flight at all and merely just flying from one destination to another? Oh And the aircraft has dedicated crew for different cabins. Even on domestic. So business caters for business class and economy for economy class. Just the way QF does it too ;)

10 on 22/11/13 by Waller

The new Australian advert is terrible!! Why pick cheesy, want to punch his head in actors? So so so so annoying.


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