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Virgin Australia reveals refreshed seats, cabin for Boeing 777

By David Flynn     Filed under: Boeing 777, Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia's fleet of international Boeing 777s are getting a tip-to-tail make-over, with the first refreshed 777 taking to the skies today.

All business, premium economy and economy seats have been updated with extra padding, new fabric coverings and headrests.

There's fresh carpet on the floor and newly curtain dividers between the cabins – and on the outside, a whole new paintjob to erase the old 'V Australia' brand.

Virgin says the Boeing 777 redesign "will bring a fresh and contemporary new look to the fleet, consistent with that across the Virgin Australia domestic network."

Led by Virgin Australia’s Creative Director, Hans Hulsbosch, the new designs are inspired by the ceiling and flooring “leaf” designs in the Virgin Australia lounges, and have been created exclusively for the 777 fleet.

Virgin Australia Group Executive of Product and Guest Services, Martin Daley said the redesigned international fleet would deliver exceptional style and comfort for guests along with a fresh and contemporary look and feel renowned across Virgin Australia domestic aircraft.

The rest of Virgin's 777 fleet will be refreshed throughout this year.

Virgin Australia is also tipped to fit new lie-flat business class seats to two new Airbus A330s which join its domestic fleet this month – read out report here.

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1 on 12/4/12 by AirportAddict

David, will the business class stay the same?

1 on 12/4/12 by chrisjrn

Nope, there's also a subtle change being made to the Business seats -- see if you can spot the pattern:


2 on 12/4/12 by David

AA: nope, that also gets a make-over. Virgin was unable to supply high-res images of this, so I've inserted the lower-res pic into the article now - the colour looks like a dark grape or aubergine, with a simple 'overlapping leaf' pattern which IMHO is the more elegant design of the three seats.

2 on 12/4/12 by AusFlyer

Wow... they are really ugly seats! The fabric looks like the interior of a cheap car! Time for a new Creative Director!

3 on 12/4/12 by Virginfly

What Are they thinking? U.G.L.Y

4 on 12/4/12 by skyhawk

The old PE seats, in the deep, dark leather looked much more attractive. Hopefully these just don't photograph well, and are nice in person...?

5 on 13/4/12 by willb2107

Does virgin have any plans for international lounges? Seems kind of odd to improve the whole experience but to not have any lounges. I guess the whole 'let everyone else do the flying' is really shining through. 

1 on 13/4/12 by David

No plans for international lounges.

Jogb Borghetti's scheme is to use partner airlines to create a 'virtual international network' rather than invest Virgin's money in their own planes and lounges.

That means you have access to the lounges of partner airlines (eg SQ, Etihad, AirNZ) at respective airports.

1 on 13/4/12 by chrisjrn

The problem here, is, of course, that the lounge access rules are an absolute shambles.

As a Velocity Gold or Platinum member, in Sydney, for instance, you can use the Air New Zealand lounge if you're flying on Virgin Australia to New Zealand, the USA, or Abu Dhabi; but not if you're flying to Pacific Islands or Bali.  You can use the lounge if you're flying Air New Zealand, but not if your ticket terminates in the Pacific Islands...

And what if you're flying Etihad -- if you fly on a VA codeshare, you're allowed to use the lounge if you're flying Economy, but not if you're flying on an EY code... Likewise for Hawaiian Air etc.

It really makes the "convenience" argument amazingly poor when compared with Qantas' arrangement: If you're on a OneWorld airline, you can use a Qantas lounge.

1 on 13/4/12 by AirportAddict

They need to join Star Alliance. Would solve a world of problems and clear up a heap of confusion.

2 on 13/4/12 by StuParr

It appears with the mish mash of rules, they want you to fly on VA codes with their international partners. This way they receive their part of the income.

They really need to simplify the rules though. The short haul international is the most complex, there must be a better way.

6 on 13/4/12 by Al

No accident that business class looks best by far, the further down the planer you go the cheaper and more gaudy the seats look!

7 on 13/4/12 by airtraveladdict

I have to say the old PE leather seat looked alot nicer but it wasn't very comfortable.

So hopefully the new PE seat has extra padding and cushion and will be more comfortable. I don't care what color scheme, fabric choice, cartoon drawing, scribble they have on seat covers as long as the seats are comfortable.

1 on 13/4/12 by airtraveladdict

Also I think Virgin Australia should rethink their PE meals and follow in the footsteps of Cathay Pacific, BA and Air New Zealand and offer a main course choice from the business menu.

8 on 13/4/12 by gavin_y

Is it me or do the images look like they have been photoshopped, from Y+ to Y the fabric just looks really fake and the design is just urgh.

I prefer the old materials used in V Australia instead, however J class is an improvement, the pattern looks more pleasing. So would we see the B777 seats used in the new A330s?


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