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Virgin Australia: 15% bonus on credit card frequent flyer points

By Chris Chamberlin     Filed under: Virgin Australia, Velocity Frequent Flyer

Virgin Australia is dishing out 15% more Velocity Frequent Flyer points on credit card transfers this month, which could take you to your next free flight or business class upgrade even sooner.

The deal gets even sweeter if you're sitting on a solid pile of credit card points – transfer them to Velocity now and you'll earn that 15% bonus on the lot.

But not every bank is on board – it's available only with American Express Membership Rewards, ANZ, Westpac, St. George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA.

Absent from the list are CItibank, Diners Club, the Commonwealth Bank and Suncorp, although these card issuers were part of a similar 10% bonus points deal that ran in May.

Also excluded are direct-earning credit cards such as the free American Express Velocity Escape card and the Virgin Money Velocity High Flyer Card, unless an accountholder has been personally invited to participate in a similar promotion.

If your credit card is one of the Chosen Ones, here's what you'll earn with the 15% bonus on points transferred to Velocity until November 30:

  • AMEX Membership Rewards Ascent and Ascent Premium
    • 1 MR point = 1.15 Velocity points
  • AMEX Membership Rewards Business Ascent
    • 3 MR points = 2.3 Velocity points
  • ANZ Rewards and Business One Rewards
    • 2.25 Rewards points = 1.15 Velocity points
  • David Jones American Express
    • 2 David Jones points = 1.15 Velocity points
  • St. George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA
    • 2 Amplify points = 1.15 Velocity points
  • Westpac Altitude
    • 2 Altitude points = 1.15 Velocity points

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1 on 6/11/14 by KG

Not related to transfers, but I have a Virgin Money (Citibank issued) Virgin Platinum credit card and got an email stating I am getting double points in November on spend. Capped at 20K though, still nice!

2 on 6/11/14 by bmc

I will be waiting to see what happens with the SQ/VA points swap deal.  Not sure if I should send my Westpac points to SQ or VA

1 on 6/11/14 by KG

bmc - Is the Westpac points conversion the same of SQ and VA? I would say SQ points will be the more valuable ones (i.e. transferring from SQ to VA would yield more points). Should Westpac to SQ vonversion be similar to Westpac to VA the former would be the way to go. Unless you want to redeem on EY or any of the other VA partners.

1 on 6/11/14 by Michael

It depends on the destinations. KF points are only useful when you redeem with SQ metal. Their Star Alliance redemption is close to useless as they don't allow back tracking. So for a city that doesn't have direct flight, or connecting flight in one direction, you will need to book 2 separate ticket.

Sometimes back tracking is unavoidable due to political reasons. The perfect example is Israel. No Arab airlines would fly to Israel so your only option is route through Europe, with IST being the closest Star hub. KF would not allow me to book BNE to TLV via IST because IST to TLV is back tracking, even though it was the most direct route with *A.

(That said, VA won't get me to Israel either as EY is an Arab airline! But I can still fly to Amman and drive to Israel...)

3 on 6/11/14 by Colin

The Amex Velocity Escape Card is included in the 15% spend bonus.  I have the flyer on my desk.

The blurb states: "Thank you for being a loyal card member ..... All you need to do is spend on your American Express Velocity Escape Card, American Express Velocity Gold Card or American Express Velocity Platinum Card to ear the extra Points. Enjoy!

1 on 6/11/14 by Colin

Just realised I must have been one of the "invited 100's"

4 on 6/11/14 by gippsflyer

Thank you VA, as I have a bunch of points with AMEX that will benefit.

To others, with more of an interest for VA status credits, may I flag that they tend to have these bonus promotions before a Status Credit for points offer (that require you to have a threshold in the tens of thousands to qualify), so you may just want to hold onto those points for now.


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